The storyline between Murphy and Rey Mysterio’s daughter Aalyah could carry on into the end of the year and possibly beyond, according to a report from also claiming Seth Rollins will be taking time off from WWE.

Rollins lost a No Holds Barred match to Rey on SmackDown this Friday which is believed to have marked the end of his feud with the masked veteran. The publication reports Rollins will be staying home for several weeks so he could be with Becky Lynch, who will soon give birth to his baby.

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Rollins’ departure will not affect the other storylines currently in play and the one involving former disciple Murphy and Aalyah is expected to last until the end of December or January as it’s been drawing lots of viewership.

It’s also been suggested that Rollins will be part of the story whenever he returns.

“The storyline is not expected to wrap up at least until the end of December or January because those segments are drawing strong numbers along with Sasha Banks’ segments,” reports. “By January (or perhaps sooner), Rollins should be back to get back involved with whatever they have planned for the Mysterio family and Murphy.”

Aalyah & Murphy Love Story Real life photos and video online


The Feud Is Over

Rollins’ feud with Rey appears to be over. “I think that definitely sealed this final chapter,” the latter said after picking up a win on SmackDown this week.

Rollins is expected to stick around until Survivor Series, after which he will take some time off. Becky recently showed off her baby bump via social media and is expected to give birth in December.

Aalyah & Murphy Love Story Real life photos and video online