AEW has already created their own identity in the wrestling business in a relatively short time. There are many questions heading into the new company starting the national television deal on TNT with hopes of competing against WWE. Things have worked out well so far with the Dynamite weekly show finding success and the live PPVs usually receiving strong buy rates.

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One aspect of AEW that has helped them separate themselves from WWE is their unique presentation of wrestling. AEW has already created a few of their own match stipulations different from anything in WWE or elsewhere. The concepts ranged from instant success stories to fans wondering what would happen with the execution. Find out which ones hit the mark the strongest with each unique stipulation ranked in order.

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8Blood And Guts

AEW Blood and Guts

The Blood and Guts match stipulation was one of the biggest announcements in AEW’s short history, but the match, unfortunately, has yet to happen. AEW announced the match of The Elite vs the Inner Circle for the week that saw the pandemic shut live shows down, canceling all plans.

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It was an obvious attempt of creating their own version of the War Games match that Cody’s father, Dusty Rhodes invented back in WCW. The match will likely debut at some point in the future when live crowds are back, but there is no frame of reference for how it will go just yet.

7Tooth And Nail Match

Britt Baker vs Big Swole in a Tooth and Nails match

The rise of cinematic matches saw AEW getting into the swing of things with their version of it. One of the more recent instances of this featured Britt Baker and Big Swole having a Tooth and Nail match filmed in the dental office of Baker.

The match was originally planned for the preshow of All Out 2020, but fans demanded it on the main show. It opened the PPV with a solid mix of comedy and intense action. AEW will likely never utilize this exact stipulation again given how specific it was, even if it did entertain for the time.

6Broken Rules

Matt Hardy vs Sammy Guevara

Matt Hardy’s Broken Rules match stipulation created a real sense of danger for better or worse. The scary fall from Hardy led to fans wondering about his safety since he looked concussed. Hardy finished the match with lots of criticism from fans and people in the industry towards AEW.

Sammy Guevara was the opponent of Hardy and took the loss in the strange match. Matt likely hopes to have another shot at creating this match stipulation with a full story being told. Time will tell if the Broken Rules match returns to AEW if Broken Matt is his character of choice.

5Mimosa Mayhem

Chris Jericho loses the Mimosa Mayhem match

Chris Jericho has a history of coming up with creative new matches for each company he has worked for. The Mimosa Mayhem match was the most unique one yet with Jericho using his love of the bubbly and Orange Cassidy’s love of orange juice for their blowoff match.

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Both wrestlers attempted to throw each other into a container of champagne and orange juice as one of the ways to win. The silliness associated with the match blended comedy and their intense rivalry ending with Cassidy scoring the biggest win of his career as a top act for AEW.

4Casino Ladder Match

Brian Cage wins the Casino Ladder match

The Casino Ladder match was the second casino related theme used for a match stipulation in AEW. Twenty-one wrestlers would enter the match at different intervals with five at a time in four different groups. One final wild card joins the match last with a huge advantage.

Brian Cage was the wild card wrestler who entered last and won the ladder match at Double or Nothing 2020. The mystery element provided more fun to the already dangerous ladder match dynamic. AEW will likely bring this match back in the future when the timing makes sense given the depth of their roster.

3Cracker Barrel Clash

Joey Janela after the Cracker Barrel Clash

Cracker Barrel sponsoring AEW led to them having a huge influence on one match at All Out 2019. The hardcore match saw the term Cracker Barrel Clash used with extra weapons around the ring for Joey Janela, Darby Allin, and Jimmy Havoc.

All three wrestlers made the most out of their weapons for one of the most violent matches in AEW’s short history. Havoc ended up winning the match with all three wrestlers looking strong by the end of it. The use of the actual barrels added some fun for a match that had the audience on fire.

2Casino Battle Royal

Adam Page wins the Casino Battle Royale

The Casino Battle Royal was one of AEW’s first new match stipulations they introduced in 2019. Tony Khan clearly had an idea in mind with the blackjack theme for the inaugural Double or Nothing. Twenty-one wrestlers entered in groups of four exactly like the ladder match.

However, things were even more hectic with the battle royal mayhem. The unpredictability of such a match made the stipulation more beneficial here. AEW has run this match three times with it likely returning in 2021 at the same annual PPV since it connected each time.

1Stadium Stampede

The Elite wins the Stadium Stampde match

Blood and Guts being postponed meant that AEW was forced to find a new stipulation for the big Inner Circle vs The Elite match. The Stadium Stampede was introduced as an idea of the two teams fighting all offer TIAA Bank Field with nothing off-limits since the Khan family runs the venue.

Both teams left it all on the field literally with the match setting a new standard for cinematic matches in AEW. Everyone shined in the instant classic match that ended with The Elite scoring their biggest win as a group. If there are future matches between two feuding factions, the Stadium Stampede may return since it was a smash hit in its debut.

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