CM Punk was seemingly on top of the wrestling world when he walked out on the business the day after The Royal Rumble 2014. Upset at injuries piling up and the direction of the company, he retired from in-ring competition. Throngs of fans still chant his name over six years later.RELATED:Trish Stratus Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About photos and video

His wife A.J. Lee finished out her WWE contract in 2015 and retired from the industry as well. The couple have been married six years and despite maintaining fairly private lives, have each continued to make their mark with fans. Here are five things AJ Lee has done since retiring and five things CM Punk is up to.

AJ Lee Hottest BIO pictures and video Bio, Age, Career, Real Life


10AJ Lee – Wrote A Book

As many superstars realize throughout the course of their career, their journey to the ring interspersed with their real life story usually makes for big time business. One of the first things that AJ Lee did after leaving the business was write her autobiography, “Crazy Is My Superpower.” The story of the former Divas champion was a New York Times Bestseller and opened up Lee to the world of writing.

9CM Punk – Joined UFC

Эй Джей в черном

Punk’s wrestling character’s in-ring offense was a quasi-form of MMA. So, it came as no surprise that the next chapter of Punk’s fight sports career was signing with UFC.

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While plenty of UFC purists balked at the idea and knew that Punk was going to lose (which he did), signing him brought more eyes to the product and he put in the work and the effort. Which is more then most people would do.

8AJ Lee – Comic Book Writer

After “Crazy Is My Superpower” leapt to the top of the charts, AJ kept her writing career going strong. Following in her hubby’s footsteps, AJ has also went into the foray of comic book writing. She has teamed up with actress Aimee Garcia (Dexter, Lucifer) to write a comic based on GLOW for the popular Indie imprint, IDW. The writing pair have also collaborated on a Dungeons And Dragons comic book series.

7CM Punk – Married A.J. Lee

Punk might have been contractually still a part of the WWE, on his wedding day but he was done back in January. While “Ape,” as Punk affectionately called her might have still been working, he sure wasn’t when the pair got married on June 23, 2014. Coincidentally or not, depending on who you believe; it’s also the day that CM Punk (in)intentionally received his Pink Slip.

6AJ Lee – Spokesperson

Throughout her entire career, AJ was portrayed as being a completely mentally unhinged. It helped to get her over with the crowd and helped to inform the title of her book. But as it turned out crazy is really AJ’s superpower. She would become a spokesperson for NAMI – The National Alliance On Mental Illness since 2017 and she has written pieces for their website detailing her own struggles and letting people know that they’re not alone.

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5CM Punk – Acted In Movies

Эй Джей Ли

As wrestlers, the boys and girls are larger than life and generally act out as bigger versions of themselves at the very least. CM Punk is no different. Also being part of the multimedia WWE empire affords the Superstars a chance to be in movies as well.

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Punk also got this opportunity and extended past his in-ring career. The Iconoclast starred in 2019’s Girl On The Third Floor, a supernatural haunted house flick.

4AJ Lee – Acted In Movies

Anything that Punk could do, AJ could do better, right? That’s how the old song goes anyway. The Soska Sisters, known the horror world as The Twisted Twins cast both Punk and AJ in 2019’s remake of David Cronenberg’s Rabid. The couple both are in the film as Billy and Kira, respectively.

3CM Punk – Backstage

Эй Джей Ли

The thought of CM Punk ever stepping back into a WWE ring is an “Ice Skating In Hell” type of moment. That day still hasn’t and might not ever happen, but the Devil was reaching for a blanket back in November 2019, when it was announced that Punk was going to be one of the talking head guest panelists on WWE Backstage. His contract was with Fox, but it still brought eyes to the new WWE show. Unfortunately the series was cancelled by FS1, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

2AJ Lee – Launched Scrappy Heart Productions

Lee’s writing partnership with Aimee Garcia has yielded some fruit. But perhaps it’s biggest is yet to come – only recently the duo have launched a production company.

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Scrappy Heart Productions, according to the press release, is dedicated to creating diverse stories that can make you laugh, cry, and post face-palm emojis at. The company has a development deal with Disney and who knows what kind of stories they can tell with The Mouse House behind them.

1CM Punk – Tell-All Podcast

Aj Lee страстный

On January 27, 2014 CM Punk walked out of the WWE. He remained silent for months and then right before Thanksgiving 2014, he unleashed another pipe bomb on the world. He came to Colt Cabana’s Art Of Wrestling Podcast and detailed the nightmare he’d been living in that caused him to walk out of the company. Several days later he announced joining UFC.

AJ Lee Hottest BIO pictures and video Bio, Age, Career, Real Life