AJ Lee has launched a GoFundMe campaign in a bid to raise $25,000 for NAMI, a mental health awareness charity that has helped her greatly.There is a women’s revolution raging on in WWE right now and it has naturally tempted many of the female Superstars from the past back to WWE and professional wrestling. Despite the litany of names that have returned there are some who still have not. There are the ones who can’t such as the late Chyna, we have still seen no sign of Victoria or Gail Kim, and also AJ Lee has not reappeared.

There are likely a number of reasons as to why AJ Lee hasn’t returned to WWE over the last few months, even for a cameo appearance. The former Divas’ Champion left WWE and retired from wrestling partly due to injuries so may not even be able to return to the ring, plus she is currently promoting her book Crazy Is My Superpower so her plate is naturally pretty full right now.

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Despite having a very busy schedule Lee has recently added something else to her itinerary, raising money for mental health awareness charity NAMI. The former WWE Superstar has launched a GoFundMe campaign and is aiming to raise $25,000 for a charity that is clearly close to her heart and one that has helped her to manage her own bipolar disorder.

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Aside from the feeling that you’re doing something good for people who need it, if you donate certain amounts via Lee’s GoFundMe page then you will earn personalized rewards from AJ herself. Those rewards range from a tweet from Lee if you donate $25 all the way up to a comic book shopping trip with her if you have the means to contribute $5000.

At the time of typing this the campaign is doing pretty well. The running total is currently at a little more than $4000 after just five days of donations. For those of you with $5000 to spare that means nobody has donated enough yet to get that shopping trip with the former champion. Plus you will of course be doing a great thing for an extremely good cause, a cause that affects 60 million Americans as AJ Lee points out on her GoFundMe page.

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