AJ Lee remains an extremely popular figure in professional wrestling years after leaving WWE to retire from the ring. The unlikely success story saw AJ proving that she could get over when finally receiving an opportunity on television. Lee held her own in storylines with huge stars like John Cena, CM Punk, and Daniel Bryan to get more time.RELATED:Brie And Nikki Bella News Baby photos and video online GIF

WWE trusted AJ to win the Divas Championship and have a historic record-breaking reign. The end of Lee’s time in WWE came about a year after her husband CM Punk left in ugly fashion. Fans are always holding out for AJ to return since she still looks to be in ring shape. Her Instagram page shows the best insight into Lee’s life today after leaving wrestling. Find out more about AJ with the best Instagram posts from her page.

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10Hanging With Batman

Aj Lee с сексуальной спиной

The post-wrestling career of AJ Lee has seen her working on new projects outside of the ring. Lee works on a lot of projects with her close friend and business partner Aimee Garcia, remembered for her roles on The George Lopez Show, Lucifer, and Dexter.

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The two friends appeared at DC Comics Headquarters for a meeting and found a cool spot for an ideal photo opportunity. Batman is still the most popular DC character, so it makes to have a massive figure in the offices.

9Returning To The Gym

Эй Джей Ли

AJ Lee has been vocal about her battles with depression throughout her wrestling career and beyond. 2019 saw Lee battling with it and going longer than expected without a trip to the gym due to those struggles.

The return to her workout routine saw AJ excited about getting back to her usual life. Lee has always been in great shape for her wrestling career and clearly likes to maintain that since retiring from the ring. The legendary Divas Champion always made her time at the gym count for an impressive physique.

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8Best Friends Forever

Фотосессия Aj Lee

The friendship between AJ Lee and Kaitlyn saw them instantly bonding together during their time in WWE. NXT’s all-women season saw them standing out along with Naomi as the three ladies with main roster potential.

Their careers intertwined with a memorable feud showing their best work and starting Lee’s legendary Divas Championship reign. AJ’s Instagram post from 2017 showed them hanging out when eating pizza as they have remained close after wrestling.

7Birthday Fun

Фотосессия Aj Lee

The free time for a wrestler leaving WWE and returning to a more traditional life will make things we enjoy even more valuable for them. AJ Lee and just about every wrestler to have a long run with WWE likely have missed celebrating many birthdays due to their schedule.

This Instagram post showed Lee having a wonderful time celebrating turning 32 back in 2019. AJ and her husband CM Punk both seem to prioritize enjoying small moments like that after each left WWE.

6Newest Wizard?

Эй Джей Ли

AJ Lee has been vocal about her nerdy interests throughout her career and life after wrestling. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is one of the top attractions at Universal Studios and one of the most desired experiences for any fan of the franchise.

Lee went all out for the trip by getting the robe and wand at the theme park. Harry Potter is among the biggest franchises and the park clearly provides a dream experience for any diehard fan.

5Big Hug From Big E

Фотосессия Aj Lee

Big E started off his main roster run working with Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee in an unofficial faction. Lee and Big E had more chemistry than either did with Ziggler, and they both created a friendship that is still strong today.

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The 2017 book signing tour of AJ saw Big E surprising her at one of the locations. This fun photo shows the two friends reuniting in surprise fashion. Big E and AJ still have a close friendship to this day with nothing but kind words for each other.

4Comfort Time

Эй Джей Ли в черном платье

Life is hectic for most people in the grind of a job that requires a lot of time and effort. Everyone has their own way to recharge the batteries and unwind when things get a little overwhelming or difficult to keep up.

AJ Lee posted a photo of her ideal end to a tough schedule in the form of comfort snacks. The foods in question feature Ben & Jerry’s ice cream along with a bag of the peanut M & M’s candy. Everyone can relate to the joy that Lee is experiencing here.

3Halloween Fun

Эй Джей Ли

AJ Lee showed off one of the best Halloween costumes when choosing one of her favorite video game characters. Most gamers love Chun-Li from the Street Fighter franchise, but Lee took her love to another level.

Halloween 2017 featured AJ going all out with the perfect Chun-Li costume from the outfit to the accessories. Lee was very happy with the results and even called Chun-Li the strongest woman in the world.

2#1 Fan

Эй Джей Ли

The release of the autobiography Crazy is My Superpower: How I Triumphed by Breaking Bones, Breaking Hearts, and Breaking the Rules was a huge post-WWE success for AJ Lee. Not only did the book become a bestseller, but her book tour was a smash hit as well.

AJ’s husband CM Punk made his way to one of the signings and was in some of the photos from the event. Punk has always been supportive of Lee and wanted to go the extra mile on this day at a memorable signing.

1Quality Time With Bayley

Эй Джей Ли

AJ Lee and Bayley formed a friendship in WWE despite not working on the same roster. Bayley was making her name in NXT while AJ was the top star of the main roster’s women’s division. They became close when Lee visited NXT.

Their friendship reached the point of AJ thanking Bayley in her Slammy’s speech and wearing a Bayley shirt in her last WWE match. Bayley and Lee remained close and have hung out a few times throughout the years as shown in this heartwarming picture.

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