AJ Lee was one of the most influential women’s wrestlers ever. She came into WWE and immediately started to change how women’s wrestlers were perceived. She went on to win 3 Divas Championships and had the second-longest reign ever. She was also a huge reason for the women’s revolution.RELATED:Trish Stratus Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About photos and videoOver the years multiple backstage stories about AJ Lee have been told and even more came out in her autobiography, Crazy Is My Superpower: How I Triumphed By Breaking Bones, Breaking Hearts, and Breaking The Rules. Find out more about AJ Lee’s WWE tenure with these 10 following unbelievable backstage stories.

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AJ Lee Hottest WWE Bio, Age, Career, Real Life evolution Real Life

10She Starved Herself So She Could Tryout With WWE

AJ had to overcome many obstacles in both her career and life and one of those was saving enough money to just tryout with WWE. AJ revealed in her autobiography that her WWE tryout cost $2,000 to participate in and it took everything she had to put that money together.

To save the money, AJ skipped meals and basically lived off of rice. Her sister, who she was living with at the time, also helped her by putting more money towards rent. Eventually, she was able to put the money together and ended up receiving a contract when she attended the tryout.

9She Was Told By The Head Of Talent Relations That She Wasn’t Attractive

When AJ first joined WWE, she instantly started to go against the status quo and that didn’t sit right with management. She revealed in her book that during her time on the game show version of NXT, she was called into the Head Of Talent Relations office and was essentially told (in a more disrespectful way) that she wasn’t attractive enough.

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This was meant as a slight on her marketability as a performer because she didn’t dress and act the same as the current Divas in the company. Soon after, she was eliminated from the show despite having the highest number of fan votes each week. Telling her this is clearly very inappropriate, and this line of thinking is something that AJ helped change.

8She Made Big E Believe That He Injured Her

During her book tour, AJ told a great story that happened during her time with Big E in WWE. On the way down the ramp for his first main roster match, Big E, who was unaware AJ was beside him, accidentally hit AJ in the chest when he violently swung his arms.

Big E was really torn up about it when they got backstage. He profusely apologized to AJ and was on the verge of tears. That’s when AJ decided to rib him and let him think that he shattered her sternum. Obviously, that was done all in good fun and they remain good friends to this day.

7A Writer Pitched For Her To Have A Storyline With Dean Ambrose

Throughout her time with WWE, AJ had many storylines with many different male wrestlers. But one that never came to fruition was a storyline pitched by former writer Kevin Eck. Eck revealed on his podcast that he pitched for AJ and Dean Ambrose to become a couple.

The pitch was for AJ to be committed to a mental institution where she would meet Ambrose. They then would make their returns, revealing that they are a couple, and create chaos upon the WWE roster.

6She Had Heat With The Bella Twins

One of AJ’s most infamous moments in WWE, was when she took aim at the cast of Total Divas in a savage promo on the August 26th, 2013 episode of Monday Night Raw.

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The Bella Twins, who were unaware AJ would be cutting the promo, took issue with her over it and once they got backstage, Brie confronted her. Nikki fired back in a promo that ended up being edited out of SmackDown. They continued to trade very personal jabs, and in an interview, Nikki even blamed AJ for the audience turning on her.

5She Called Out Stephanie McMahon On Twitter

On-screen, AJ had issues with Stephanie McMahon, which eventually lead to a memorable confrontation between the two in the ring. But, AJ also had issues with her behind the scenes.

After Stephanie tweeted out a statement of support of women’s equal rights, AJ responded saying that it was a hypocritical statement. AJ tweeted that despite having record merchandise sales and being in some of the highest-rated segments in WWE, the women receive a fraction of the time and money that the men get. Stephanie was reportedly furious with being called out and it was Vince McMahon who convinced her to respond cordially.

4She Was Taken Off TV After Refusing A Storyline

One of the craziest stories from AJ’s book was when she revealed that she was punished for turning down a storyline that made light of mental illness. The pitch was for AJ to participate in wacky skits where she would hallucinate, kiss a leprechaun, and dance with dinosaurs from outer space.

AJ and her family have dealt with mental illnesses their entire lives and she refused to take part in a story where it would be made light of. After this, AJ was taken off TV for several months which she believed was punishment for her refusal to take part in the storyline.

3 The Michelle Beadle Incident

Backstage at the Tribute to the Troops 2013 event, AJ was involved in a highly publicized incident with Michelle Beadle. Beadle at the time was good friends with AJ’s husband CM Punk. When Beadle and Punk bumped into each other backstage, Beadle called Punk a disrespectful name.

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Upon hearing this, AJ jumped in to defend Punk. Telling her to not be disrespectful to him. After this incident, it was leaked and became well known. Both Punk and Beadle have shared their versions of the story in the past.

2She Decided To Retire After WrestleMania 30

In 2015, AJ shocked the wrestling world when she announced her retirement. Many speculated that this was because of ongoing tensions between her husband CM Punk and WWE, but she revealed in her book that that was not the case.

After she defeated the entire Divas Division at WrestleMania 30, AJ decided that she accomplished all that she wanted to in WWE. She ended up sticking around for 1 more year before wrestling in her final match at WrestleMania 31.

1Vince McMahon Personally Contacted Her To Appear At Evolution

When the first-ever all women’s PPV was announced in 2018, AJ’s name was instantly brought up by many fans as a dream name to appear. According to reports, Vince McMahon also wanted AJ to show up for the inaugural event.

Vince personally sent a message to AJ, saying that she would be welcome to make an appearance at Evolution. Obviously that never happened, as AJ is happily retired and has found a lot of success since leaving the company.

AJ Lee Hottest WWE Bio, Age, Career, Real Life evolution Real Life