Alexa Bliss is engaged to Ryan Cabrera. The singer/songwriter proposed to the WWE Superstar exactly one year after they first met.A few months ago, fans questioned Alexa Bliss as to who the mystery man was in some of her social media posts. Turns out it’s singer/songwriter Ryan Cabrera. The two have been dating for a while and as of this weekend, they’re engaged. Cabrera revealed the news on Instagram, as did Bliss who posted a shot of the moment her new fiancé popped the question.”Tonight was the best night of my life!!! And it’s just the beginning!!!” Cabrera wrote on Instagram. Bliss coupled the pic with the caption, “One year ago we said hello, tonight I said YES.” Bliss admitted that one year ago to the day before Cabrera asked her to marry him, she met the singer for the first time not knowing if she would ever meet him again.RELATED: Becky Lynch WWE News Real lifeAlexa Bliss  Love Story

Bliss was clearly unaware that Cabrera planned on popping the question on what she has dubbed their “meetaversary”. A few days ago, she posted a pic of the two of them on Instagram detailing their first meeting and how they went on to become best friends. Bliss added that she would post something nicer on the actual anniversary. Turns out that something was an engagement announcement she didn’t even know was coming.

Bliss also informed fans that she and Cabrera haven’t had the chance to spend much time together since the pandemic hit. As first years of relationships go, Bliss and Cabrera’s, and anyone else who has only started dating in the past 12 months, will have had a pretty unique experience. The two have likely seen a lot less of each other than they would have liked.

Real-life engagements sometimes leak into on-air storylines. Chances are this one won’t even be mentioned on WWE TV and for good reason. Bliss is currently The Fiend’s sidekick. Tom Phillips congratulating the happy couple before throwing to Bliss in The Firefly Funhouse wouldn’t exactly fit. We here at TheSportster don’t have that problem and can wish as many congratulations to Bliss and Cabrera as we like. Congratulations to the happy couple.

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Alexa Bliss Love Story and Ryan Cabrera | Announces Her Engagement