For a long time, the WWE did not have a real Women’s Division because the company mainly focused on hiring women who looked good on camera. Some of them were decent in the ring, though a majority were mediocre at best.However, that all changed in 2015 however when the WWE decided to implement its Women’s Revolution, which is when Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch made their main roster debuts. A few months later the company held a draft, which is how the next crop of NXT women made it to the main roster. Alexa Bliss was part of that group.

Since her debut, Alexa has become a 5-time Women’s Champion, and she and Nikki Cross are currently enjoying their second reign as Tag Team Champions. Alexa has been called a future Hall of Famer, but like many successful women in the wrestling business, she has had to deal with toxic fans who use the internet to hurl insults at her.

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Alexa Calls Out A Troll


Recently, 22-year-old Japanese wrestler Hana Kimura took her own life as a result of cyberbullying, and wrestlers from all over the world offered their condolences. Many of those wrestlers, including Bliss, also pleaded for an end to cyberbullying, and on Monday morning, she called out wrestling personality, JDFromNY206 for the same thing. Bliss’ Instagram post can be seen here.

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According to Forbes, JD has a pretty big following, and on May 14, he had this to say about Alexa:

“She does nothing! She does nothing! She’s just—I guarantee you she’s one of those women that just lays there and just takes it. Nothing. She does nothing. Can you imagine being in bed with Alexa Bliss, man, and she performs the same way she does in the ring? Awful. All look, and no substance whatsoever.”


It took some time for Alexa to hear these comments, but once she did, the former Women’s Champion responded in kind with the following:

“Normally I ignore his ignorance [because] all he wants is to be recognized by bashing me… but ex freaking scuse me sir??? … HOW DARE YOU discredit my work in such a disgraceful way.”

“He’s been blocked forever on my end. He’s Just one of those people who talks [expletive] behind a microphone while waiting in line for pics at Axxess.”

Other Superstars Speak Up


Several WWE superstars responded to Alexa’s original tweet, including Paige who said that JD is the problem and that he is an embarrassment. Sonya Deville essentially threatened to beat him for his comments, while Rhea Ripley who is constantly attacked online for her appearance called him “disgusting.”

Alexa Bliss WWE News Real Life photos and video online

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