She entered the WWE without any experience. Her NXT run was an impactful one but she didn’t win any gold. Everything would change once she made it to the main roster, winning everything which includes the RAW Women’s Championship, SD Women’s Championship, MITB Briefcase and heck, even a run with the Tag Titles – in total, she became the second women’s Triple Crown.Due to injury, we hadn’t seen as much of The Goddess in 2019, though we’re all hoping that changes in the New Year.

She’s trending at the moment for a relationship behind the scenes. We’ll take a look at that surprising romance along with other Alexa photos that caught us off guard. Enjoy the article, let’s get started!

Alexa Bliss WWE Off-Camera Top pictures and video online

15Disney With Ryan

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This photo got a lot of attention online, as it features Alexa Bliss alongside her new man, Ryan Cabrera. It is believed that they were introduced by The Miz and shortly after, they would start to date.

They enjoyed a double date at Alexa’s happy place, Disneyland, a place she’s definitely no stranger to.

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14Animal Love

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When she’s off the road, Alexa lives a simple life back at home.

She loves to sit back, relax and watch some television alongside her many pets, which includes more than a couple of dogs along with a pet pig – one we’ll discuss a little later in the article.

13Airport Life

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Alexa has a lot of photos with the fans, especially at airports when she’s leaving WWE shows.

Surprisingly, Bliss’ isn’t anything like her character and in fact, she’s the exact opposite stopping for photos on the norm and always pulling a smile as well. She’s among the more approachable WWE stars.

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12Injury Bug

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2019 wasn’t the easiest year for Alexa Bliss, at least in terms of her in-ring duties. She had some great moments, which included being the host of WrestleMania 35 and getting to kickoff the show alongside Hulk Hogan.

However, the tough part was a nagging shoulder injury that kept her on the sideline for much of the year.

11Target With Her Pals

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While she’s on the road, Alexa has a group of close friends she loves to travel with. This throwback shot features Bliss at a local Target alongside Mike Rome and Nia Jax.

The trio kept things light in the store, having a good time and poking fun at one another.

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10Eating With The Boys

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Alexa’s sniped in this one, alongside her close friend Mike Rome – the two seem to be inseparable behind the scenes – heck, he’s even taken to Disney with Alexa several times in the past.

Braun also makes an appearance – the two grew close to another during the Mixed Match Challenge, their segments made for some excellent television.

9Training For A Return

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This is what few fans get to see. When a WWE star gets injured for the long haul, they’re usually eased back in by the company and they get to shake off the ring rust at the PC.

Alexa did exactly that once she was finally cleared for contact, she didn’t look rusty in the slightest during her return.

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8Rocking The Bunny Outfit

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She posted the hilarious photo to IG – this is Alexa’s idea of a good time, rocking a comfortable bunny onesie while getting to spend the day back at home and off the road.

She proudly displayed the surprising look for her millions of followers via Twitter.

7BTS Shot

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We get a real behind the scenes picture, showing Alexa during a photoshoot. She’s at the PC and as we can see, the fun never stops with WWE.

Alexa’s working a fitness type of shoot, she definitely knows all about that lifestyle. WWE Backstage put up a picture of her bodybuilding days during a recent interview – a picture that made Alexa very emotional.

6Cuddle Time

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In order to make things a little more interesting on Total Divas, Alexa Bliss decided to get a pet pig.

She grew attached to her pet and now, he’s fully grown almost taking up her entire bed. Bliss loves her connection to the pig and more importantly, all the pets that are running free in her household.

5Dinner With The Gals

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Alexa doesn’t forget where she came from and in fact, her closest friends are lifelong buddies, that hasn’t changed despite her WWE fame.

Alexa made it clear in past interviews that they still share the same relationship and that nothing has changed with her closest pals.

4Airport Selfie

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From not knowing what the future held to taking selfies with fans at the airport. Alexa’s parents worried that she didn’t have a set goal growing up, often bouncing around different sports and occupations.

She finally struck gold by sending her resume online to WWE. All her experience in different fields paid off.

3Hair Backstage

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WWE is a machine and we can say the same thing for the setup backstage just prior to a show.

The company has a department for just about everything and anything, of course, that also includes hair and makeup. Alexa makes a pit stop and she’s absolutely loving it – getting pampered with the A-List treatment prior to a show.

2More Fan Pics

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She plays the role of a villain to perfection, though as Alexa admitted in the past, that’s just her way of playing up things that annoy her in everyday life.

As they say in the business, the nicest people make the best villains and Alexa is yet another example of that.

1Spotted With Ryan

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This photo got fans talking as Ryan and Alexa, the new couple was spotted together out and about.

We haven’t heard anything pertaining to Alexa Bliss and her relationship status since her separation with Buddy Murphy. It seems as though she found a new relationship and one that is totally non-wrestling related.

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