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Alexa Bliss WWE Hottest Rare Photos and video online

Alexa Bliss WWE Hottest Rare Photos and video online

16 Alexa Bliss Photos Since She Became Single

She ended a long-term relationship with Buddy Murphy last September, and this article will feature some steamy pics of her since the breakup.Картинки по запросу "wwe alexa bliss hot"

Cheerleading, gymnastics and bodybuilding, Bliss had several different passions growing up. Although her parents stressed over her lack of commitment to one passion, all those served as stepping stones to a future WWE career. Bliss would apply online and given her sparkling resume; she was accepted by the company.Clearly, the decision worked. One can argue she’s the most popular female in WWE and the company continues to book her as a big deal, even when she was out with an injury.

She ended a long-term relationship with Buddy Murphy last September. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of Alexa’s steamiest IG posts and WWE pics since the breakup. Enjoy folks and be sure to share the article with a friend. Let’s get started!

Alexa Bliss WWE Rare Photos and video online

16Post Workout Selfie

via IG

While off the road, without Murphy by her side, Bliss posted a pic following a training session.

Of course, fitness might be considered Alexa’s first love – she was a fitness competitor prior to WWE and fitness got her mind and body right as well. Alexa had various eating issues before she entered the world of bodybuilding.

15WrestleMania 35 Host

via Pinterest

It was a big night for both Bliss and Murphy. Buddy kicked off WrestleMania, though in a losing effort dropping his Cruiserweight Championship.

Bliss, on the other hand, got to kick off the main show as the host. She dazzled the fans the entire night with different wardrobes – this one has to be among the best of the bunch.

14Recent IG Post

via IG

She’s posting a lot more of these types of pics, Alexa doesn’t need to reveal too much in order to get everyone’s attention – she’s a true beauty with her signature Friends t-shirt. The pic was likely taken on the road at the hotel. Here’s what she captioned via IG;

“Look into the mirror who’s inside there. The one with the long hair. Same old me again today #TLC.”

13GM Run

via Pinterest

It was only brief and a lot fans might say that it should have lasted a lot longer. While out with an injury, WWE wanted to keep Bliss active on our television sets. She took on many roles including one as the intern RAW GM.

Alexa thrived in the spot and who knows, maybe the company might slot her back in a position of authority once again?

12More Selfies

via IG

“You guys, I’m like really smart now. You don’t even know. — Kelly Kapoor #TheOffice”

Another stunning mirror photo followed by a classic quote from one of her favorite TV shows, The Office. Alexa admitted in the past that during her off days, she just likes to kick back, relax and turn on some Netflix.

11Vacation Post

via IG

We’re not quite sure how she found the time but Bliss enjoyed some solitude on vacation and at a lovely beach setting. In her post she wrote, “embrace life.”

That was likely Alexa’s mindset following the split with Buddy Murphy. We’re not sure about their personal lives, but both have embraced their roles with WWE since splitting up.

10Billboard Music Awards

via IG

Single Alexa dropped jaws during her appearance at the Billboard Music Awards. It is always a good sign when WWE chooses you to appear at such a prestigious event.

Alexa is not only great on-screen but one can argue she’s even better away from the camera, Bliss has a great relationship with the fans and she’s one of the few always smiling in candid fan photos.

9Lace Selfie

via IG

Another smoking selfie, this one with a stunning lace outfit. With over four million followers via IG, we can safely say some fans double-tapped this picture instantly.

In all likelihood, even Buddy Murphy might’ve felt some old blues looking at the photo. The Goddess definitely looks the part in this stunning selfie.

8Moment Of Bliss Host

via Pinterest

Along with GM duties, Bliss would also get her own talk show. Clearly, WWE wanted to keep Alexa on television during her injury-riddled spell. She completely thrived in the spot and the show continues on despite her recent return to the ring.

Her outfits were always on point, this ensemble is an example of that.

7SmackDown Live Return

via IG

We seriously hope Buddy Murphy wasn’t backstage for his girlfriend’s return to the show.

It was a return few will forget; Bliss dazzled fans with a stunning outfit, one that was reminiscent to something we might see in a different kind of era, perhaps the Attitude Era. She had all the fans talking on the night and surely, some were sliding into her DMs later on…

6HOF Date

via IG

Murphy wasn’t her date for the recent Hall Of Fame ceremony, instead Alexa added her mother as the plus one on the night.

Alexa’s mom has always been very supportive of her plans, despite the fact that Alexa shifted gears and interests quite frequently during her earlier days. No doubt, it was all well worth it given her current fame.

5Ref Duty

via Pinterest

Now that’s one pretty darn good looking referee. Kind of reminds us of the late ‘90s and early 2000s when WWE would use stunning Divas in a special referee capacity. Bliss could’ve slotted in perfectly back then.

The candid photo was taken during a non-televised event, though most fans wish it took place on TV in front of a national audience!

4Backstage In Portland

via IG

She’s backstage in Portland waiting for the show to begin. On the bright side, Buddy Murphy doesn’t need to walk passed Bliss and this stunning outfit, he’s on the other show at the moment, SmackDown Live.

With the draft looming, who knows if they’ll end up on the same brand once again.

3The New Tattoo

via IG

Few fans are aware that Alexa has a new tattoo, she decided to get one most recently. Bliss explains the meaning behind the tat via IG;

“Tattoos mean so much to me. A few years back Kailyn and I got Matching Roman numeral tattoos that mean so much to me. I love the look of white ink tattoos. I love that they heal like scars. I love that they look to be a part of my skin instead of on my skin.”

2WM 35 Beauty

via IG

Without a doubt, hosting WrestleMania 35 has to be Alexa’s biggest career moment, even greater than her championship victories.

It isn’t every day that you’re kicking off the biggest event in front of thousands in attendance and millions watching at home alongside a WWE legend like Hulk Hogan. What a moment and what a beauty.

1Goddess Selfie

via IG

This photo got more than half a million double taps. Yes, that’s a lot but in truth, it deserves even more. Alexa is true perfection in the photo and she just continues to get better and better both in IG photos and on-screen with some stunning outfits.

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