We have a standard look for Alexa Bliss. She is the goddess of the WWE and one of the most entertaining and beautiful women in wrestling. She has the look, the attitude and the ability the thing, that at 5 feet tall, she is the entire package in a little frame. With her dyed pink hair and heavy makeup, what we see on television from the now two-time women’s tag team champion is pretty normal, but outside the WWE there is a side of Alexa Bliss that we have never seen before that would definitely have fans digging the out of character Bliss just as much as they do the in character.

From her interesting pet choice to hanging out with friends, to her interesting life in general, these are some photos of Alexa Bliss like you normally don’t see her, doing everyday things like we normally do, and taking in life as afforded by the WWE.

Alexa Bliss WWE Rare photos and video online

15Piglet Selfie

Via Instagram

Living that quarantine life isn’t so bad for Alexa Bliss when you have you’re a girl’s best friend with you. This is a selfie with Alexa’s pet pig, Larry Steve, who is commonplace in the Bliss’ home and is treated like the rest of us treat our dogs and cats. He’s a real porker, pardon the pun, and could tip the scales more than Bliss.

14Good Morning World

Via Instagram

We are normally used to Alexa Bliss in heavy makeup, but here in this morning shot is how Alexa Bliss wakes up to the world. Natural beauty isn’t a problem at all for the goddess of the WWE and even after just rolling out of bed, there isn’t anyone alive who would complain waking up to her each day.

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13Her Public Look

Via Instagram

If you ever catch Alexa Bliss at the airport, this is the look you should be looking for. Alexa isn’t all glammed up or loading up the makeup when she is making cities and touring through airports to get to the next destination. It’s all about comfort when travelling, and of course, some expensive shades.

12Bowling For Bliss

Via Instagram

Even WWE superstars need to have some fun activity and her is Alexa Bliss with her makeup artist, taking in some time at the bowling lanes. And of course, what adventure bowling isn’t complete without a WWE style pose in front of the pines. Sign her up for the professional tour, she would dominate that as well.

11That Happiest Place On Earth


Maybe after Alexa Bliss when the Women’s Tag Team Championship she said she is heading to Disneyland. Here is Bliss taking it in with her new boyfriend and a few friends. Disneyland just has a way of bringing out the kid in everyone, and with Alexa’s size, she might have trouble getting on some of the rides.

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10Pouty Face

Via Instagram

Someone must have told Alexa Bliss she was too small to ride the rides in this photo with her best friend. We don’t often see Alexa pouty, but in the ring, she has been known to throw a few tantrums when she doesn’t get the three count to win the match.

9Girl The Bad Boys Want

Via Instagram

Her t-shirt is 100% true and actually, It’s probably a little off because Alexa Bliss is the type of girl all the boys want. She posed for a photo for an album cover and is rocking the guitar in the Alexa Bliss title belt pose. A hot girl and rock music, the perfect combination.

8Early Riser

Via Instagram

Another early morning photo of Alexa Bliss and just another reminder that she truly is a goddess. Most women would kill to wake up like she does in the morning and look this amazing. Sure, there might be a little makeup, but she looks super amazing and comfortable, ready for a spa.

7Younger Struggles

Via Instagram

This photo is of a younger Alexa Bliss, well before her time in WWE when she struggled with eating and had to be hospitalized. The reason she turned to fitness is because of her battles with an eating disorder and she is now a huge mental health advocate and wants to break the stigma.

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6Goddess Of Oktoberfest

Via Instagram

Is there anything Alexa Bliss isn’t the goddess of? Even the German celebration of beer and schnitzel is ruled by the goddess of WWE, Alexa Bliss. And she plays the part perfect with the women’s traditional dress called a dirndl. Definitely hard to miss, even if you are taking in the festivities.

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5Prague Life

Via Instagram

One thing the WWE enables their superstars to do is travel the world and one of Alexa Bliss’s favorite places is Prague in the Czech Republic. She is simply made for this type of setting and in this open air car with the top down, cruising the streets, she looks simply like the goddess she is.

4Throwback Birthday

Via Instagram

Here is an older photo of Alexa Bliss partying with her best friends. It’s her friend’s birthday and this is definitely when Alexa was already in the WWE, most likely in NXT. It’s important to keep your friends outside of wrestling close to ground you from the life of craziness on the road.

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3Living Life On The Road

Via Instagram

This is what life is like on the road the goddess of WWE, Alexa Bliss. A Gucci bag, Prada sunglasses and sitting on the floor in a laundromat waiting for clothing to dry. WWE stars need their clothes cleaned and when away from home, they have to make it work. Imagine walking in and seeing Alexa Bliss chilling on the floor.

2Just Hanging Out At Home

Via Instagram

If you neeed further proof that Alexa Bliss treats her Pig Larry Steve like anyone else treats their animals, here it is. She has no issue letting Larry Steve up on the sofa and even uses him for an arm rest. It’s cool to see the pig just chillin out with Alexa and enjoying company. Wonder how the dog feels?

1Five Feet Of Fury

Via Instagram

Alexa Bliss is billed as being five feet of fury and when you are that small, you have challenges like getting things from the top shelf. So what is a girl to do but lift herself him and stand on the counter. You do what has to be done and hopefully, Alexa leaves her normal day to day things on the bottom shelves.

Alexa Bliss WWE Rare photos and video online