Standing in at 5’1 and with no prior experience in the business, the odds were stacked against Alexa making it early on. In fact, she grew to stardom as a heel manager alongside Blake and Murphy. It was her persona and ease on the microphone that would lead to her booming popularity with the WWE Universe. Hosting WrestleMania and winning the Women’s Titles both on Raw and SmackDown several times, we can clearly say Alexa made it work.In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the regrettable moments. Some of these pics are photoshoots taken prior to WWE – others are moments she just might want to take back, perhaps because of the revealing nature of the pic.Enjoy and be sure to share the article with a friend.

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17Throwback Photoshoots

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Prior to WWE, Bliss took part in several photoshoots. As you’ll notice in this article, some are a lot more revealing than others.

Fans are definitely on board with this particular shoot, though we’re not quite sure how Bliss feels. Given the revealing nature of her outfit, she might want us to forget about this one.

16NXT Wardrobe Malfunction

WWE stunner Alexa Bliss dating singer Ryan Cabrera leaving fans gutted
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Compared to the likes of Charlotte, who saw her gear completely pulled down or Natalya, who ripped her attire, this malfunction is a lot tamer in comparison but still something she might regret.

During her match against Bayley down in NXT, let’s just say Alexa suffered from a serious wedgie – one fans couldn’t keep their eyes off.

15More Throwbacks

WWE Star Alexa Bliss & Ryan Cabrera Party In Las Vegas After Town ...
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Another throwback, this one is a little more revealing in a certain area. Once she signed with WWE, these shoots came to an abrupt end.

Just before WWE, Alexa was in bodybuilding, competing at the Arnold Classic. Bodybuilding is a big reason in Alexa overcoming her past eating disorder – it gave her great discipline.

14Fairy Gimmick

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This happens more time than not. A WWE star makes their debut using a gimmick that really isn’t the greatest. Heck, Alexa aside, The Man was once an Irish Jig Dancer with NXT…

Thankfully, Alexa’s fairy persona didn’t last too long. Managing Blake and Murphy changed everything for the goddess.

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It was a quiet breakup and one the fans didn’t even know about up until months later. The two started to date during NXT and it would continue, despite Murphy staying with developmental and Alexa rising up to the main roster.

The two are now separated with either of them speaking about the breakup that took place over a year ago.

12UFC Shoot

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McMahon likely isn’t too pleased with this one – how different would things be had Shane McMahon listened to his gut and bought the UFC – that could have been a huge game-changer.

Instead, let’s settle for Alexa Bliss and this stunning throwback pic, in front of the UFC logo.

11Throwback With Sasha

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Here’s a picture we probably won’t see in this day and age – featuring Alexa Bliss and Sasha. Oddly enough, Charlotte was close to both these ladies despite their feud behind the scenes.

Things reached a new level of intensity when Banks decided to get a little too stiff with Bliss in the ring during their NXT days.

10More Pics With Sasha

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Another pic with Sasha, this one again from their NXT days. Ironically, both are on the same brand today, though we really don’t hear much about their past heat any longer.

Interviews with the two as their real-life selves are kind of awkward to watch as we can sniff out the animosity. WWE needs more kinds of beef like this one!

9Pulling A Trish

ALEXA BLISS at WWE Royal Rumble in Houston 01/26/2020 – HawtCelebs
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Some felt as though this backstage skit was kind of an homage to Trish Stratus – Alexa’s childhood hero.

Others, found it all a little too much, with Alexa basically being caught almost with no clothes on. It was a backstage skit similar to something we might see in the Attitude Era.

8Live Event Pic

Alexa Bliss comments on video games and the Switch ahead of WWE ...
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The atmosphere is a lot more different during live events. The talent is a lot looser both behind the scenes and in the ring. They tend to have a lot more interactions with the fans.

At the same time, we also see all sorts of photos from the event, like this one that kind of, emphasizes a certain part of Alexa’s physique…

7Kissing Dawson

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Prior to her debut, WWE tinkered with some different gimmick possibilities for the goddess. One of them was alongside Scott Dawson – the gimmick was very reminiscent to Jamie Noble and Nidia back in the early 2000s.

In the vignette, the two even kiss at the very end.

6Fitness Shoot

WWE's Alexa Bliss rips YouTuber JDFromNY206 over vulgar rant ...
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Little did Alexa know, slowly but surely, she was checking off all the boxes en route to getting on WWE’s radar. Along with fitness, Alexa also took part in gymnastics and cheerleading.

Her family worried she had too many interests though looking back, it was all well worth it.

5Halloween Throwback

Alexa Bliss High Resolution Stock Photography and Images - Alamy
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We’re just going to assume this was a Halloween shoot or something of that nature. Again, this one comes from prior to Alexa signing a WWE deal. She would land on the company’s radar through a demo she would send herself. A rarity to get noticed via an application online but clearly, it all worked out.


Bowling for Soup Wrote a Song About WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss
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Little did she know, but Alexa would become a prominent face in the women’s division years later as a multi-time WWE Women’s Champion. It was nothing but up once she joined the main roster. That still holds true today, the value WWE sees in her is quite evident, especially on the microphone.

3Bikini On A Roof

Alexa Bliss Teases Special Attire For WWE Wrestlemania 36
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This picture has to be the most bizarre and one Alexa might regret. She’s basically posing in her bodybuilding bikini, while on top of a roof… yes, a roof.

We’re not quite sure who’s idea that was and why she decided to go on top of the roof… nonetheless, it definitely got us talking, which in McMahon’s eyes is a good thing.

2Candid Apron Shot

WWE star Alexa Bliss opens up about her breast implants and how ...
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A candid shot of Alexa on the apron – one we assume WWE doesn’t want the younger folks to see.

Putting her in-ring accomplishments aside, WrestleMania 35 might’ve been the most memorable for Alexa as she got to host the show. Not a bad gig to kickoff the event alongside the Immortal One, Hulk Hogan.

1IG Beauty

Alexa Bliss | Lexi kaufman, Alexa, Wwe
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She has over four million followers via IG and let’s just say a lot of those were drooling over this IG story post. Alexa took to IG, posting a video of herself while enjoying some sunlight.

Her outfit of choice had everyone talking and let’s just say it was a lot more revealing than what we are used to seeing from the goddess.

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