Alexa’s WWE story is definitely a unique one. She applied online with no prior experience and surprisingly, she was able to get a callback. Success with NXT was limited, that is until she joined forces alongside ex-boyfriend Buddy Murphy. We really saw Alexa blossom in the spot as a tremendous heel.

She began to thrive away from NXT becoming a huge star with SmackDown Live. Although her career took off, it hurt her personal relationship with Murphy – the couple went from seeing each other on the daily to just a couple of hours a week. They quietly split almost a year ago. In this article, we’ll take a look at pics Murphy might want to avoid!

Enjoy the article, folks. Let’s get started.

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15Recent IG Selfie

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Going through a breakup, this is usually the last thing the ex-dude wants to see. A picture of their (ex)girl looking smoking hot for all her IG followers.

Bliss posted the pic just days ago and it had the fans talking – especially given the not so PG nature of the photo.

14Alone At The Airport

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Most of the time, WWE puts partners together on the same brand; that gives them more time alongside one another. Unfortunately for Bliss and Murphy, this wasn’t really the case with Alexa on RAW while Murphy is on SD and performed after SD with 205 Live.

Since their split, Alexa is on the road all by her lonesome – this is a reality Murphy might not want to see.

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13Girls Night Out

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Don’t tell Buddy, but Alexa’s enjoying a lot more time with the girls since the breakup. Admirably, she still maintains a lot of her childhood friends.

Lots of WWE stars enjoy a nice steak at Andiamo Steakhouse over in Las Vegas. Bliss recently visited the resto – maybe Murphy wishes he was by her side instead of the ladies!

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12Pig Mother

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During their days as a couple, both took care of their pet pig. Turns out, Bliss might’ve gotten custody of the pig given her recent IG photo. We assume Murphy not only misses time with Bliss but the same goes the former couple’s pet pig.

They developed quite the bond – who knows if he still gets to visit behind the scenes?

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11Edgy Outfit Choice

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Her success with WWE began on SmackDown Live. She wasn’t doing all that much with NXT, though the pattern quickly changed on the Tuesday show.

Yes, she’s on RAW now but with the Wild Card rule in play, she recently visited her old stomping grounds. Let’s just say it was a memorable return especially given her choice of wardrobe.

10Match Malfunction

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We assume Murphy still keeps tabs on Alexa, at least in the ring. He probably felt a little bad for her when she suffered this wardrobe malfunction during a match against Naomi.

No, it was not of the not so PG nature, but a shoe malfunction with her laces untied during the match. She was at least able to poke fun at herself for the malfunction.

9Stealing The Show In NXT

Alexa Bliss Series 68 B First Time In The Line Basic Line Action ...
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During her NXT days, Bliss really started to thrive as a heel manager performing alongside Murphy and Blake. Some might say that it did more harm to the duo as Alexa Bliss stole a lot of the spotlight during the team’s run.

The not so PG picture above gives us a candid example of what we mean…

8Speaking Of NXT…

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There was a lot of trial and error with Alexa during her NXT days. Who knows, maybe Murphy wishes this gimmick stuck and that they went their own ways back in developmental given the heartbreak that would follow.

It just wasn’t working for Bliss, serving as a Fairytale character. Thankfully, it didn’t last.

7Predicting The Future

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Buddy might not want to play this footage over again from Total Divas, though it should be noted that Nia Jax actually called the breakup, in front of both Buddy and Alexa!

Nia called out Alexa for making excuse after excuse as to why the two weren’t getting married and making wedding arrangements after the engagement proposal. Turns out, Nia wasn’t wrong…

6WrestleMania Bombshell

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Buddy and Alexa had very different nights at WrestleMania 35. Buddy kicked off the show… the pre-show that is, in a losing effort dropping the Cruiserweight Title.

Bliss, on the other hand, kicked off WrestleMania as the host alongside Hulk Hogan. She stole all the headlines on the night for her stunning hosting outfits, like the one above.

5The Call Up

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Despite the fact that Murphy had a lot more experience than Alexa, his ex was the one to get called up first, joining SmackDown Live.

On the spot, he was likely overjoyed. However, it would lead to less time spent between the two with Alexa moving away from the PC, a place she attended on the daily alongside Murphy. Bliss would admit that the two were spending just a couple of hours a week together at that point.

4Chemistry With Braun

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Opposites attract and that’s exactly what took place organically on WWE television. During the Mixed Match Challenge, Alexa and Braun became fan favorites, especially for their taped segments.

The two shared obvious chemistry and it would even lead to some steamy in-ring moments between the two – leading some to believe there might’ve been more.

3PR Appearances With Braun

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WWE would also capitalize on their chemistry by booking the two for the same PR gigs. Murphy might not want to know but in truth, this likely tightened the bond between the WWE stars.

Both are also pretty darn great when it comes to meeting the fans – they’re some of the most down to earth people in WWE.

2Candid Bliss

Alexa Bliss-Paige-Natalya Share Crazy WWE Traveling Stories
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Ah yes, the inappropriate candid photo. It drives wrestlers mad and we can only imagine how a partner must feel as a fan sneaks a pic.

But seriously, who knows, maybe the person just wanted any type of pic and they snapped this one up! Let’s hope, at least for Buddy’s sake.

1Behind The Scenes Chilling

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Interviewer Mike Rome has a close relationship to Alexa Bliss behind the scenes; in fact, they took more than a couple of Disney trips together in the past.

He got the fans talking with this candid picture, showing Strowman and Bliss sitting together outside of the ring. Of course, it fueled lots of speculation that the two are an item.