Asuka and Kairi Sane are two of the best female wrestlers not just in WWE, but in the world. So, as the Kabuki Warriors, the current WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, they should be unstoppable. From Asuka’s record-breaking winning streak to Kairi Sane’s victory in the first Mae Young Classic, there is plenty these two talk about in the open and while on WWE television. However, there is a lot they keep to themselves, and no, we’re not talking about because they don’t speak the greatest English and they can’t be understood. More so, WWE probably doesn’t want these little rare nuggets of information to get out about themSome of these rare talking points we understand, but a lot of them make Asuka and Kairi Sane even cooler in the WWE and add a different dimension to their character and to who they are as women. From what they do behind the scenes and before getting into wrestling, to what drives them today, Asuka and Kairi Sane should be talking loudly about their accomplishments, both in the WWE, and before it.

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Becky Lynch c vs Charlotte Flair vs Asuka

16Asuka’s Beginnings

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Asuka is always talked about as one of the best, but she doesn’t get the credit for being one of the most experienced. Asuka didn’t come from the performance center, she came through Japan and got her start in 2004 for a promotion called AtoZ, an all-female promotion. But she rarely talks about her experience before WWE.

15Kairi Sane’s Start

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Kairi Sane started in 2012, the same year that Charlotte Flair got started in, but we don’t hear about how quickly Kairi worked to become one of the best professional wrestling women in the world. It’s almost overlooked how good she has got in such a short time, but WWE will remind you how Flair picked it up so quickly.

14Asuka Retired In 2006

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Asuka doesn’t like to talk about how she almost quit the business completely back in 2006. After 18 months in AtoZ, she retired due to chronic nephritis, an inflammation of the kidneys. But the retirement wouldn’t last long and she was back in the ring 18 months later, but still, we almost didn’t get to see the Empress of Tomorrow.

13Kairi Sane Has Concussion Issues

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Kairi Sane also doesn’t like to talk about her past injuries, specifically the concussion issues she has. Similar to Daniel Bryan, Kairi has had a few too many blows to the head and she was very concerned about joining WWE and their strict policy that she would have to retire for good because of concussions.

12Asuka Has A Side Gig

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WWE doesn’t want to talk about what their wrestlers do outside the ring unless it’s Seth Rollins opening a coffee shop. But Asuka was a very successful graphic designer and has worked on design graphics for Nintendo DS games and mobile apps. You can see her design work in her ring gear and appearance.

11Kairi Sane Worked For Lucha Underground

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Anything prior to Kairi Sane’s career in WWE basically doesn’t exist, but she did work briefly for the Lucha Underground promotion, and was part of the Black Lotus Triad and was part of the Pentagon Dark storyline, which saw her face the male wrestler Pentagon in a gauntlet match which she lost.

10Asuka Owns A Hair Salon

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Asuka is known for her very colorful hair and it should come as no surprise that she owns a hair salon in Yokohama, Japan. The salon, called Another Heaven, primarily does work in the alternative styles, which should come as no surprise considering Asuka rocks an alternative style of her own.

9Kairi Sane’s Gimmick

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Kairi Sane’s pirate gimmick isn’t just some gimmick WWE tossed at her. It’s because she actually loves sailing. She has a background in sport yachting and competed in intercollegiate and national competitions, and even tried to make the Olympics. She has had the gimmick since she started and has made it her life.

8Asuka Glamour Photography

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While Asuka worked in Japan, she also did some glamour photography, but she doesn’t talk about it anymore because it was a little exposing than WWE would like to advertise. She had four DVDs in a series, and while it doesn’t go into nudity, it’s very playful in nature for a glamour shoot.

7Kairi Sane Beat Shayna

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Kairi Sane made her WWE debut in the Mae Young Classic and won the first edition of the tournament, beating Shayna Baszler. Except, WWE and Kairi don’t really talk about that anymore, mostly because Shayna has become one of the best women in the company and they probably don’t want to knock her down that she lost to the little Japanese woman.

6Asuka’s First Loss

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Many like to talk about Asuka’s first loss coming against Charlotte at WrestleMania, but it technically happened in NXT. It was in a battle royal to determine the number one contender for Bayley’s NXT championship, and she was eliminated second by Eva Marie. People don’t generally count Battle Royal and Royal Rumble losses, but considering how much WWE made a big deal about her Royal Rumble win keeping her winning streak alive, you almost have to count the Battle Royal loss.

5Kairi’s Acting Chops

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How Kairi Sane was discovered is never talked about, but it’s such an interesting story that it should be. Kairi was actually working to be an actress and in one role, she played a heel wrestling character. The general manager of Stardom Wrestling noticed her and invited her to one of the Stardom shows and the rest is history.

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4Asuka The Journalist

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The Empress of Tomorrow doesn’t talk about her massive love for video games and how she has over 3,000 games. Nor does she talk about how she writes magazine articles for Xbox360 Magazine. She loves video games so much, she used the theme song for OKAMI as her entrance music before NXT.

3Kairi Is Best In The World

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Maybe Kairi Sane is just being modest, but she doesn’t talk about how good she actually is. In fact, in 2016, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestler Observer said Kairi was one of the top three female wrestlers in the world. CM Punk, Edge and Shane McMahon will talk about being best in the world, but Kairi keeps in on the down-low.

2Asuka Had To Stay In NXT

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When Asuka was in NXT she was the cornerstone of the division. Vince McMahon was heavily raiding NXT for new talent, but Asuka never got the call. That’s because, behind the scenes, Triple H asked Vince to at least leave him Asuka as he had built NXT at that point around her. They don’t talk about how important she was to the brand at one point.

1Thank Shinsuke For Kairi

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It took Kairi Sane a little convincing to come to the WWE and they don’t talk about who was responsible for helping her make that decision. It was fellow Japanese wrestler Shinsuke Nakamura. Shinsuke told her she would be fine and not to worry about injury history and that she could make it in the WWE.

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