There are those professional wrestlers who find their careers intertwined. Examples include The Undertaker and Kane, The Rock and Triple H, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, and no shortage of other acts.RELATED:Mandy Rose and Otis Love Story pictures and video onlineFew modern-day WWE pairs have been more consistently wrapped up in one another’s business, however, than Sasha Banks and Bayley. From a long NXT rivalry, mostly centered in 2015, to present day, the two have teamed up and fought against one another time and again, rarely separated from one another for more than a few months. This article takes a look back at five times when the real-life friends played bitter enemies, and five times their camaraderie extended to their on-screen relationship.Bayley Hottest WWE Sasha Banks Love story training photos video

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10Enemies: The Original NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn

There’s a fair argument to be made that there has never been a bad NXT TakeOver special. The original TakeOver from Brooklyn, however, was one of the first truly great editions from the series, and there’s little question that reigning Women’s Champion Sasha Banks defending against Bayley stole the show.

Their match was heated and executed absolutely beautifully. It was a tale of Banks as the cocky champ beating back her underdog challenger before Bayley could finally rally and prevail to win the grudge match and the title.

9Friends: Bayley’s Main Roster Debut

Given the degree to which Sasha Banks and Bayley were already intertwined with one another in NXT, it makes total sense that Bayley would debut on the main roster by coming to Banks’s aid. Bayley was Banks’s mystery partner for a tag team match against the heel duo of Charlotte Flair and Dana Brooke.

Though Bayley would still have unfinished business on the black and gold brand, and wouldn’t fully move up to the main roster for another few months, this was a fine introduction to her for main roster fans. Moreover, there was no hiding the pleasure she and Banks took in teaming up with one another to share this special moment.

8Enemies: Weathering Therapy

Early 2018 saw the on-screen friendship between Bayley and Sasha Banks turn testy as the two blamed each other for costing one another singles matches and being the weak link in tag team scenarios. They came to blows more than once, only for their storyline to take an unexpected turn.

WWE called in Dr. Shelby, who had previously mediated differences between Daniel Bryan and Kane. Here, he sat down with the two female Superstars. While they did ultimately emerge allies again, the therapy itself wasn’t so smooth, both appearing annoyed and on the verge of tearing into one another as they waited out the therapist’s monologues and each other’s chatter.

7Friends: Winning The Tag Titles The First Time

When WWE introduced the current Women’s Tag Team Championship, it seemed only fitting Sasha Banks and Bayley would be the first duo to win the titles. Yes, they were among the most talented women on the roster. Moreover, their on-screen connection made them a natural team. Perhaps most importantly, though, with Charlotte Flair moving ahead of both in the pecking order, Becky Lynch surging, and Ronda Rousey on the scene, Banks and Bayley both felt lost. Having the opportunity to anchor a new tag division felt a bit like a consolation prize, but also like an opportunity for them to distinguish and prove themselves in a fresh way.

The Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection not only won them titles but did so in dramatic fashion, winning the first-ever women’s tag team Elimination Chamber Match to be crowned champions.

6Enemies: The Iron Man Match

The final match for Sasha Banks’s NXT run saw her square off against Bayley in an Iron Man Match at NXT TakeOver: Respect. After they had wowed fans in Brooklyn, this rematch didn’t so much have the opportunity to steal the show as it did to own the show. They got the main event spot and half-hour work. The results were another instant classic.

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Bayley not only one, but showed her vicious side in the closing moments of this bout, locking on a modified Rings of Saturn style hold in the final moments of regulation. From there, she kicked the back of The Boss’s head savagely, leaving her no choice but to surrender or risk serious injury. Bayley’s less than sporting approach to this victory demonstrated that she not only had the talent but the killer instinct to thrive as champion.

5Friends: Bayley Turns Heel

After months away, Sasha Banks returned to WWE television in the fall of 2019 with a new look and a new heel character. It looked as though this shift in her persona would mean either that she’d be set up to feud with Bayley, or that the two might keep their distance from one another.

WWE threw a curveball, however, when Bayley joined her friend on the dark side. Bayley first turned in helping Banks beat down Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. From there, Bayley shored up her villainous role in embracing heel antics opposite Charlotte Flair on SmackDown and affirming an ongoing partnership with The Boss.

4Enemies: The Women’s Battle Royal At WrestleMania 34

WrestleMania 34 was pretty stacked from the perspective of women’s wrestling, highlighted by Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka and Nia Jax vs. Alexa Bliss title matches, and the in-ring debut of Ronda Rousey in a mixed tag team match opposite Stephanie McMahon. Rumor had it that Bayley and Sasha Banks may have been penciled in blow off their budding issue at the show, too, before getting slid over to the Women’s Battle Royal for the sake of balancing the card and lending their star power to the pre-show match.

While Banks and Bayley didn’t have a one on one match, they did get the spotlight in the battle royal. That includes both going deep into the match before dissension fit in, and Bayley was responsible for eliminating The Boss.

3Friends: Winning Their Second Tag Titles

While winning the Women’s Tag Team Championship for the first time spearheaded the new division for WWE was a noteworthy accomplishment for Sasha Banks and Bayley, winning the titles a second time felt a bit more meaningful. On the first go-round, the title win felt a bit like it happened for lack of anything better to offer the two stars, and their reign didn’t last long. The second time, the title win was part of a more involved story.

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Case in point, to date, Bayley and Banks have successfully defended their titles across all three brands, all while Bayley also reigns as SmackDown Women’s Champion, and as Banks has gotten involved in the Raw title picture. Their heel act has let them show their chops as characters more and put on strong matches.

2Enemies: Bayley Attacks Banks

In late winter into early spring 2018, the cracks showed between Bayley and Sasha Banks. Things reached a fever pitch when Bayley went so far as to openly attack Banks in the ring, including delivering realistic punches to her fallen friend, as if she really were in a fight.

The brawl would continue backstage as WWE momentarily painted them as if they were past the point of any return. For better or worse, the duo would bounce back without ever fully paying off that storyline.

1Friends: WrestleMania 35

WrestleMania 35 marked the best and worst of times for Bayley and Sasha Banks. The two were the very first Women’s Tag Team Championships to carry their titles into WrestleMania and got a decent spot working a Fatal Fourway Match on the main card.

Banks and Bayley would lose their titles to The IIconics, though. The call itself is controversial, but rumors abound that it was also the cause of significant backstage drama including Banks and Bayley laying down in the locker room in protest, and Banks subsequently taking time away from the company. While the WrestleMania moment was certainly tarnished, Bayley and Banks certainly seemed to be on the same page both on-screen and behind the scenes, and did at least get to carry their titles out and stand together in front of a live stadium crowd.

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