Bayley has been a staple of the WWE women’s division for some time now and this current run she is on seems to be her best run yet, as she turned heel, got a new look and has been taking the Smackdown Women’s division by storm. She has come along way from the hugger in NXT to the bad heel on Smackdown, and it’s been a rollercoaster of a ride, as she has had amazing, match of the year matches with the likes of Sasha Banks, and is a member of the four horsewomen of wrestling with Sasha, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch.Beyond the ring, however, there isn’t much known about Bayley and who she is. And that’s because WWE keeps a lot of it on the DL. For character reasons, a lot of Bayley’s personal life is kept out of the ring and storylines, so here are some facts about her that you should know about.

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15She’s Engaged

You never hear about Bayley’s love interest, except for when they made fun of her for never kissing a boy before. But she clearly has, as she is engaged to Aaron Solow, who she met in 2010 and lives with. Not really needed for the Bayley character, but something WWE keeps low key about.

14Trish Stratus Is Her Dream Match

If she could have one match with any woman in WWE history, it would be Trish Stratus. Bayley looked up to her growing up and going through wrestling and would love a chance to get in the ring with her. For storylines, WWE should keep this quiet as if the opportunity came, you would want it to be a surprise.

13Struggled With Smiling

You may think it’s no big deal for the former hugger to smile a lot, but she admitted she had a huge problem early on smiling over everything when training. During promos and even when in the ring, she would smile and it was something she had to get over quickly.

12Her Indy Career

Did you know that Bayley spent four years wrestling before she got to the WWE and NXT? Of course not because the WWE doesn’t like to promote Bayley as an independent wrestler, but rather, a homegrown talent from the Performance Center. She started in Northern California and in Shine Wrestling.

11Her Old Ring Name

Something you will never hear from the WWE is Bayley’s old ring name, which was Davina Rose. They could always say she is Mandy Rose’s long lost sister and unite them as a tag team, but that’s something I wouldn’t expect to hear on WWE television any time soon.

10Bayley Performed Balor’s Entrance

During her time in NXT, Bayley became close friends with Finn Balor. When Finn was hurt and, on a crutch,, Bayley ran to the back and put on his jacket and performed his entrance perfectly. Weeks later, Balor did Bayley’s entrance. WWE is going to keep that on the DL, especially now with their heel characters.

9The Most Loyal Friend

Bayley’s heel gimmick might not tell the true story of who she is as a real person, as many WWE superstars have said that Bayley is by far, the most loyal friend they could have in the WWE. That includes the likes of Sasha Banks, Finn Balor and Carmella.

8She Started Training At 18

The WWE doesn’t like to tell you often when their people started training, especially if they came through NXT in the early years. Bayley always had the dream to wrestle and she started as soon as she turned 18, which was the legal age she could get into the ring at.

7Has Pogo Stick Collection

WWE definitely doesn’t need their top female heel on Smackdown letting this out of the bag. Bayley has a pogo stick collection and has said she is an avid collector of them. Have you ever heard of someone who is an avid pogo stick collector? Not something to promote for a heel.

6Worst Feud Of The Year

While the WWE doesn’t care too much for what the Wrestling Observer and Dave Meltzer think, they definitely want to keep on the DL that Bayley earned the worst feud of the year nod from the newsletter in 2018 vs Sasha Banks. Was it a friendship, love situation, or what? It was just bad from start to finish.

5She Doesn’t Live In California

Bayley is often billed from San Jose, her actual hometown. But that isn’t where she lives current and actually, she is a Texas girl now, as she moved to live with her boyfriend so he could get more bookings in the business. Since she was flying all over the place anyway, it didn’t matter to her where she lived.

4Randy Savage Was Her Top Influence

It shouldn’t be a surprise when you saw the old Bayley’s jacket that the Macho Man Randy Savage had a lot to do with her look, as she looked up to him as a wrestler. But considering the WWE has distanced themselves from him, that’s definitely something WWE is going to keep on the DL.

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3She’s The Roster Mentor

Many women in the WWE credit Bayley for helping them, and it’s something WWE should promote, but they keep it on the DL. Alexa Bliss, Dana Brooke and Carmella have each said in her downtime, Bayley would help train them and work on things that were difficult to learn without someone who knew what they were doing.

2She Wanted To Be A Luchadora

When Bayley came to WWE, she ditched a lot about her old character and wanted to put a mask on and work as a luchadora. Sami Zayn had done so on the independent scene and Bayley loved the idea of putting on the mask. But the WWE doesn’t want that to get out, as fans might start asking for a luchadora version in the future. She did wear it during her NXT debut.

1Mentored By Serena

During her time on the indy scene, she was mentored by a former WWE Diva, as she teamed with Serena, perhaps best known as a member of the Straight Edge Society, who cut her hair for CM Punk. Serena was a big help in getting Bayley into ring shape and showing her the ropes if it were.

Bayley WWE Hottest 15 Top photos and video online Paparazzi