Bayley has had an incredibly eventful and successful career in WWE over the past year. In the last year, Bayley has held the SmackDown Women’s Championship and is now currently the longest-running champion in the title’s history. In addition, in a perplexing booking decision by some, Bayley turned heel and has reigned supreme over the SmackDown women’s division alongside Sasha Banks, who is slowly teasing a breakout away from her onscreen best friend. Outside of some confusing booking decisions with her character, there are just as many confusing pictures of her.There are some pictures featuring Bayley that … well, they confuse us. And we are pretty sure some of her biggest fans reading this are going to have their own array of questions. What do we mean by confused? Confused about what exactly? Well, keep reading on to the list to find out. You be the judge if you get as confused at these pics as we are.

Bayley WWE Hottest photos and video Bio, Age, Career XXX

How Bayley started her career as Davina Rose: WWE Formerly Known As

14Coffee Date With Seth?

seth rollins and bayley sit at a table
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This is not what it looks like, dear reader. If Becky Lynch saw this and thought that her fiance was on a date with a member of the Four Horsewomen, The Man would literally burn it down and everything surrounding whatever “it” is. Bayley is merely having a chat with a pal and co-worker who happens to be Seth Rollins.

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13Bayley Jumping Ship?

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Usually, when a wrestler from WWE takes a picture with a wrestler from Impact Wrestling (Kylie Rae, who was with All Elite Wrestling when this photo was first taken) and a wrestler from NWA (Thunder Rosa), it leaves fans to speculate the WWE star is jumping ship, but in this case, it is just Bayley visiting some friends at an indie show.

12Applebottom Jeans

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There’s a Flo Rida song that nicely summarizes what’s on our minds whenever we see Bayley fill out a pair of jeans, but for the sake of running a PG website that does not get us kicked off of the internet, we’ll just describe what this pic is: Bayley signing autographs for a bevy of fans.

11Paint Me Like One Of Your French Girls, Jack

Even while working on SmackDown now as a villainess baddie, Bayley has rarely (if ever) shown a sultry side to her character, which is why her giving her best impression of Kate Winslet from Titanic is so alarming. This is actually a still from a photoshoot she did during her pre-WWE fame days in Shimmer.

10Bayley Looks Different

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That’s because that is not Bayley, dear reader. This is cheating, given the whole point of this list and now we’re burying the lede, but it is worth pointing out just how similar Bayley looks to her sister. Which is obvious because they are related, but hey, needs to be said.

9She’s THAT Young?

It is shocking enough to think that Bayley is 30-years old right now. It is even more shocking when we realize that she was still a pre-teen when John Cena was in his prime at the top of WWE. That also says a strong testament to how Cena has been able to maintain his relevance for all of these years at the top.

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8With Her Man

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That is right, ladies and gentlemen. Bayley is officially off of the market. She is currently engaged and set to be married to a fellow wrestler from the indie scene named Aaron Solow. And this is what he looks like, guys. We do not have a chance of topping that.

7Addressing The Dress

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Throughout her entire run as a wrestler in and out of WWE, Bayley has opted to wear gear that covers her legs; pants and tights. The only time we ever see her legs exposed is for red carpet media events, fancy shows like Hall of Fame ceremonies, and interviews like this and every time, we’re shocked.

6Junior Basketball Player

Little known fun fact: Bayley used to play basketball back in junior high. Granted, we assume that since she moved on to wrestling, she must have not been very good at basketball, so don’t expect a future documentary rendition of Bayley’s Last Dance as a ballplayer in the same vein as the Michael Jordan doc.

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No leopard was killed in the making of these pants. Maybe a cheetah instead, or maybe the leopard was merely skinned and placed back into the wild. Either way, we think most of our readers staring at these leopard print pants have other things on their mind aside from the sanctity of the animal who made it.


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Well, this position is… awkward. Mind you, a close contact sport like wrestling is always going to be filled with such awkward looking moments, but perhaps thanks to an ill-timed snapshot of a photograph, this shot of Bayley mounting (pardon the phrase, but how else do you describe it). Lacey Evans is more awkward than usual.

3Mia Yim?

One of WWE’s newest young stars on their NXT brand is Mia Yim. Given how much of a short time Yim has been with WWE, some may mistakenly peg her for being a young star on the scene, when she’s been around for years. So long that she once got in the ring with Bayley on the independent circuit.

2Demon Romance?

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For a man who just got married and a woman currently engaged, this looks like quite a sticky situation. But no, Finn Balor and Bayley are merely just friends and this is just an instance of them goofing around in the ring, doing the famous dance routine from Dirty Dancing.

1Closer Than We Think?

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Then again, not many close friends (yet alone the closest of friends) are so willing to let their so-called friend wear their jacket out in public. Exchanging a jacket or a shirt is normal behavior that gets reserved for romantic partners. Maybe the two friends may be more than friends after all.

Bayley WWE Hottest photos and video Bio, Age, Career XXX