Whenever we think of Bayley, the first thing we think about is the WWE star with her ring gear on WWE television. In this article, we’ll take a different approach, taking a look at Pamela Rose Martinez, the person behind the gimmick.We’ll take a look at candid Bayley photos outside of the ring, showcasing the WWE star in different clothing aside from her ring gear.

We’ve got a bit of everything from tightly fitted dresses to bikini tops to her classic t-shirts of WWE stars. As most we’ll come to realize, she’s among the most chill and most down to earth WWE stars when she’s off the road.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are 14 photos of Bayley without her usual wrestling gear.

Let’s get started.

How Bayley started her career as Davina Rose: WWE Formerly Known As

Bayley On WWE Fox in San Jose

Bayley WWE Hottest real life Top 15 photos and video online bio


14Fancy Outfit

Here we have Bayley rocking an outfit most of us truly have never seen before. In past interviews, the WWE star admitted to being the biggest tomboy growing up, often rocking the merch of her favorite WWE stars.

She even had a boyfriend break up with her for having a crush on Matt and Jeff Hardy!

13Divas Photoshoot

Bayley inked a deal with WWE in 2012, at that point, the Divas era was still dominating on the main roster. Therefore, that would also mean Diva-like behavior from the likes of Bayley, who took part in what looks like one heck of an uncomfortable photoshoot.

She doesn’t have her gear on and perhaps we get a glimpse of what Bayley might’ve looked like had the revolution not taken place.

12NXT Promo

Bayley like we really haven’t seen before, back in her NXT days while shooting a promo, she decided on a tighter fitting attire.

Fans couldn’t believe what they were seeing, Bayley’s usually rocking her gear in a promo – it was a neat little switch up and one that showed a different side of the NXT Hugger.

11Outdoor Gear With Her Fiancée

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Bayley does a great job of keeping her personal relationship on the dl. She met indie wrestler Aaron Solow back in 2010, today the couple is happily engaged.

Bayley made the move to Austin, Texas most recently, she did so in support of her man’s independent wrestling career. Who knows, maybe he’ll end up on WWE TV regularly one day.

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1049ers Game

She’s from the Bay area so obviously, Bayley is a big fan of the San Francisco 49ers and she has been for quite some time.

We get a rare shot of her out of the ring at the game, alongside her fiancée and WWE ambassador Titus O’Neil.

9Breaking Character

She’s breaking character in the pic above alongside former NXT stars and current main roster wrestlers Shayna Baszler and Kairi Sane.

Bayley has always been a huge help at the PC, especially when it comes to newer talent, always offering help in the ring and advice. Without a doubt, she’ll be working as a trainer at the PC when he in-ring run comes to an end.

8Gym Outfit

Aside from her ring gear she also has her gym attire on the regular. For Bayley, training is a part of the grind when it comes to being a WWE star.

She admitted on the Lilian Garcia podcast that the first thing she does once touching down in a different town is hitting up a local gym in order to shake off the plane rust.


A shot of Bayley living the home life. Hilariously, she still decided to wear a wrestling t-shirt while back at home, she’s a true fan!

As she stated on her IG, the older she gets the more crucial recovery tactics become; “All the wrestling. All the travel. All the workouts. All the age catching up.”

6Bayley & Carmella

A great shot of the SmackDown Live stars all cleaned up and rocking some darn good looking dresses.

These two developed a close relationship behind the scenes during their NXT days, Bayley was very influential when it came to Carmella’s progress in the ring. Thanks to Bayley’s contributions, Mella went from a manager to in-ring competitor.

5Mae Young Classic Dress

Bayley must’ve been itching to get inside the squared circle during the Mae Young classic, especially with the plethora of new talent taking part from around the world.

It was only fitting that she made an appearance during the finale on the red carpet. Bayley didn’t disappoint with her dress of choice, one that caught a lot of fans off guard.

4A Day At The Lake

Bayley’s alongside some friends and a recognizable face, Sasha Banks. The group enjoyed the day at Vasona Lake over in California.

Bayley and Sasha have a legit friendship and it really isn’t all show. During the early stages of their careers with WWE, they would always get together for every RAW, SmackDown and PPVs, like a bunch of fans.

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3Yoga Pants

Candid pics of Bayley usually see the Hugger rocking a pair of yoga pants. Some fans have taken the fascination to the extreme, posting photos of Bayley in her best fitting leggings, heck there’s an entire IG account dedicated to her backside.

Yup, we are living in some bizarre times folks.

2Dancing With No Way Jose

Certainly, these two share a great friendship from their NXT days alongside one another. Bayley was able to replicate the success on the main roster while we truly can’t say the same for Jose, who has been all over the pre-shows since making the main roster jump.

At the very least, they’re all smiles in this out of the ring photo, putting on an intimate dance routine.

1Signing For The Fans

Bayley knows the value when it comes to stopping and signing for a fan. During her younger days, she met several WWE stars at meet and greets and that includes John Cena.

A fan couldn’t help themselves by taking a pic of Bayley. The surprising part is her attire, one that looks suitable for the Attitude Era.

Bayley WWE Hottest real life Top 15 photos and video online bio