Perhaps WWE itself could not have predicted such success for Bayley; heck, she wasn’t even supposed to be named Bayley in the first place! She pitched her indie name, Davina Rose, though WWE opted to use Bayley instead.She would make her debut with a mask, believe it or not. Though everything changed once she made her TV debut as a lovable super fan. She enjoyed one of the best NXT runs ever, though her main roster run featured a couple of speed bumps. We’ll take a look at some of those photos along with pics that might be too steamy for the younger demographic! These are photos Vince doesn’t want the younger fans to see.

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Bayley WWE Hottest Real Life Top 17 photos video online

16Hugging Corey

It wasn’t a classic Bayley hug to a fan but instead, one that was rather awkward, especially when looking at Corey Graves.

What WWE doesn’t want to tell their young fans is the fact that a love storyline between the two was actually discussed behind the scenes. Given the PG nature of Bayley’s character, this would’ve been tough to execute, especially with all her younger fans eagerly watching.

15The Revealing Dress

Both in and out of the ring, Bayley always keeps things professional. On some rare occurrences though, she has kicked things up a notch with some revealing outfits, some that look suitable for a different kind of era.

The picture above is an example of that with Bayley wearing a stunning see-through dress – it might be too much for the younger fans – heck even too much for some adults!

14The Davina Rose Days

Don’t tell the young fans but Bayley went by another name prior to her WWE signing. With the likes of Shimmer and other indie promotions, she used the name, Davina Rose.

The Women’s Champion pitched the same name with WWE, though at the time the response was that there were too many Rose character names… odd considering Mandy Rose would come after Bayley…

13Dancing With No Way Jose

She crushed an ex-boyfriend during her teens telling the dude that she had a crush on the Hardy Boyz. Oddly enough, she would work with the duo years later… Crazy how that worked out.

We assume a young fan might feel the same heartbreak watching Bayley dancing with No Way Jose in the pic above. However, the two aren’t dating but she is partners with the next person on the list.

12Bayley & Her Man

To all the teens crushing on Bayley, we hate to break it to you but she’s taken and happily engaged to indie wrestler Aaron Solow. He made several appearances with WWE, usually as an enhancement talent.

The company never discusses her real-life relationship, however Bayley doesn’t shy away from it via social media (and neither should she).

11‘Mania Problems

She retained her championship at WrestleMania in what was her debut on the show. Now that’s quite the accomplishment.

She did have a minor slip and one WWE won’t show their younger fans. For a brief second, the top portion of her attire slightly slid off – it was a tame malfunction to be quite frank, we’ve seen a lot worse in the past, just ask Attitude Era Diva Jacqueline…

10Shaking It With Carmella

These two developed a close relationship behind the scenes down in NXT. In fact, Bayley played a huge role in Carmella’s development once she branched off on her own away from Cass and Enzo.

The two shared a rare moment down in NXT during a live event. The scenario saw Bayley shaking her stuff with Carmella in what was a memorable moment. Heck, even the New Day must be impressed; Bayley’s getting in those special cereals!

9Wearing A Mask

Bayley wearing a mask? Oh please, don’t show the fans! On top of it, the mask wasn’t the best looking and one that made her look kind of like a villain.

She wore the mask at the beginning of her NXT run during live events, thankfully she didn’t make her debut on television with the headgear. Shortly after, Bayley would make her debut as the super fan, a gimmick we can safely say thrived.

8The Heel Turn

At one point, WWE seemed unsure about Bayley’s future. Due to terrible bookings, her momentum from NXT was completely squandered.

With the company essentially backed in a corner, they teased a heel turn at one point, a decision that likely didn’t sit well with the younger fans. Following her attack on Sasha, WWE pumped the breaks on the turn.

7Hearing The Boos

A low point in Bayley’s career, she heard the boos during a summer episode of RAW in Toronto, Canada. Making matters worse, the Hugger was addressing her injury during the promo. It is said that McMahon was none too pleased with the reaction backstage.

Ironically, she still heard the jeers two years later in the same place. To her credit, she handled the reaction like a pro both times.

6Steamy Sister

Keep this on the DL with the younger demographic, but Bayley does in fact have a sister named Brenda. So why shouldn’t we tell the young ones?

Well, let’s just say she has more than a couple of steamy posts online – some that aren’t suitable for a WWE audience.

5Taking A Pic With The Heels

NXT does a lot to give back to the fans, especially during live events, as this is an easy way to entice a bigger audience.

In order to keep things believable, it might be best that the fans don’t see Bayley posing for a picture with heels. Corbin is arguably the biggest heel in the company while Brooke was also a villain with NXT at that point.

4Signing For The Fans

Shayna Baszler WWE photos and video online GIF

There really isn’t anything wrong with this picture on the surface. It is Bayley signing for the fans. WWE might say otherwise given the revealing nature of Bayley’s attire, one a fan needed to snap a photo of.

Maybe in the late ‘90s or early 2000s, we’d see Bayley rock similar attire. Not today though; that’s not her gimmick and the audience she caters to.

3Candid Pic

via Pinterest

A young fan might not realize, but Bayley has a certain asset that seems to be the talking point in the picture above.

Bayley is a fitness fanatic outside of the ring and in fact, once she gets off the plane, the first thing she does is find the nearest Cross Fit gym available. She’s a beast at the squat game.

2More Squat Gains

via WWE

Again, this might look like an innocent picture, however, Bayley’s squat gains in the leggings might change the picture rating just a little bit, moving it from PG to TV-14.

Heck, there’s even an entire Twitter account dedicated to photos of her impressive backside. Please, don’t tell Vince or the kids!

1The Blue Dress

We close off the article with another photo featuring Bayley and a stunning short blue dress. Maybe Graves would’ve hugged her a little tighter if she was rocking such an ensemble!

Age 30 and with the WWE since 2012, she’s one of the only WWE stars to keep a babyface gimmick throughout her journey with the company.

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Bayley WWE Hottest Real Life Top 17 photos video online