Ever since she made her debut, WWE has gone the PG route with Bayley. She made the gimmick work, especially during her run with NXT, becoming arguably the biggest fan favorite in the developmental promotion’s history.Aside from taking it out on her opponents, we really haven’t seen Bayley portray not so PG looks during her time with WWE. In this article, we’ll take a look at the rare times that she did. A lot of these pictures take place in a candid setting, away from the ring. We’ll also feature some sneaky candid not so PG shots in the ring, along with a WrestleMania malfunction that WWE doesn’t want us to see.Enjoy the article folks and be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s get started!Bayley WWE Top secret Real Life photos and video online

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Bayley WWE Hottest Top 20 MOMENTS secret Real Life photos video


16Candid Signing Autographs

Candid photos can can go either way really; they can be quite flattering or the exact opposite – either way, the result can be of the not so PG nature.

In this photo, Bayley looks flattering, to say the least, signing autographs while rocking a dress we would never see her wear on WWE television – unless it was the Attitude Era.

15A Moment Of Bliss

Even while rocking a pair of jeans, the fans are talking via the likes of Twitter for not so PG reasons. Heck, Bayley has an entire Twitter account dedicated to her backside if you can believe it.

This photo makes that list – featuring the Women’s Champion in a pair of revealing jeans that compliment a certain area…

14Malfunction At Mania

WrestleMania 33 was a night Bayley won’t forget, for a couple of different reasons. On the bright side, she successfully defended her Women’s Championship during her WrestleMania debut in a Fatal-Four-Way-Match.

On the flip side, she also suffered a not so PG malfunction – one that was quite tame but still caught by the fans in that split second.

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13More Candid Pics

She’s entering the New Jersey arena in the picture above. Some WWE stars usually dress up for the occasion – we can safely say that’s what Bayley did on the day, rocking an outfit that isn’t suitable for her on-screen character.

Maybe if she ever decides to turn heel, she should resurrect this outfit on-screen – that would cause quite the stir!

12NXT Days

She’s finally enjoying main roster success, however, the diehard WWE fan is well aware that Bayley’s prime run took place in developmental with NXT. She had one of the best runs in the developmental promotion’s history.

Rarely does NXT push the boundaries with edgy outfits but they did in this backstage promo. Move over, Stacy, Bayley’s got some legs also!

11Outdoor Fun

This one gives us a glimpse of Bayley like we’ve never seen her before. She’s rocking a bathing suit alongside some of her best-friends, Carmella and Sasha Banks.

Again, maybe in the Attitude Era, this photo might come to life on WWE television. However, with edgier content set to return, never say never; who really knows…

10Dancing With No Way Jose

It wasn’t supposed to be a not so PG moment, but oh how things changed. Given Bayley’s wardrobe choice, jaws dropped at the visual of the hugger dancing while rocking a pair of tightly fitted leggings.

She did pretty darn well alongside No Way Jose, maybe one day they can use these skills in the ring together – poor Jose can use anything at this point.

9Throwing A Strike

Ah yes, Bayley reminds us of Nidia with her attire above – remember her, alongside Jamie Noble? Nonetheless, she isn’t accompanying anyone to the ring but instead throwing out a pitch at the New York Mets stadium.

In all likelihood, chances are fans can catch Bayley in a different kind of outfit out of the ring, when she’s out of her PG character.

8Dress To Impress

Yup, we definitely approve of this not so PG dress, one that seems to be flattering in all the right places.

We rarely see Bayley in such attire unless it is for an event, like let’s say the WWE Hall of Fame. We won’t see such outfits during backstage interviews unless something drastic takes place.

7Waiting For The Tag

Candid and out of the ring pics seem to be the norm on this list.

We’re not sure what the intent was with this fan sitting ringside – did he or she try to take an innocent picture of Bayley standing on the apron or was the goal to get a creepy shot of Bayley’s backside? Let’s hope it’s the first guess.

6Water Guns

Oh, how things have changed since the photo above. When these three industry giants entered the business, the company still catered to the Divas era. Given the direction, they would take part in such photoshoots outdoors while rocking bikinis.

We can say that these three would help shift the division for the better – these types of shoots are few and far between these days.

5Pointing At The Shirt

Sasha’s pointing at the shirt but in truth, lots of WWE fans have not so PG things in mind, looking a little more south…

These two share a close connection both in and out of the ring. For the time being, Sasha remains MIA from the company with no clear direction as to whether or not she’ll return.

4Mae Young Classic Dress

She took part in the Mae Young Classic final and boy, are we happy that she did. Bayley wore a not so PG dress on the night, one that had the fans talking once again.

Bayley has to be proud of such tournaments, showing how far the division has come since the days of the Diva Search.

3Candid Yoga Pants

Fans waited patiently outside of MSG. Bayley is a class act and someone who always stops for the fans. Even at airports, she has a slew of candid pics with onlookers.

However, she does have a history of turning down fans who try to get too close. One fan made the claim that Bayley refused to hug them, though at the very least they got a picture out of it.

2Walking Backstage

One of the newest pics added to Bayley’s booty account via Twitter… it was a bittersweet moment for The Hugger as she walked passed Billie Kay backstage, one half of the IIconics who now holds the Women’s Tag Titles.

It worked out for Bayley nonetheless as the current Women’s Champion over on SmackDown Live.

1Glute Goals

Yes, Bayley’s glutes tend to be a talking point for not so PG reasons. However, let’s take a second and realize that this took place because of her hard work out of the ring.

Once she gets off the plane, her first goal is to find a Cross Fit Gym available in the location. She is the master of heavy squats and other tough movements.

Sasha Banks And Bayley real life photos and video online

Bayley WWE Hottest Top 20 MOMENTS secret Real Life photos video