After finding out she was pregnant, Becky Lynch revealed that she had thoughts about trying to wrestle one more match to drop the Raw Women’s Championship.Yes, it sounds like a questionable decision, but context is important before rushing judgement on whether or not Lynch is an “evil person” who wanted to wrestle while with child. It was not at all her intention of risking anyone’s health and the plan isn’t nearly as dangerous as it sounds.

During a recent appearance on The Bella Twins’ podcast, the former Raw Women’s Champion talked about leaving WWE to become a mother and while she’d been planning to get pregnant with fiance Seth Rollins for some time, things moved more quickly than she’d anticipated. That left her as an expecting mother, but also the Raw Women’s Champion.

It was noted she’d pitched losing to Shayna Baszler at WrestleMania, but when that didn’t pan out, she pitched the idea of a tournament to crown a winner. Of course, this was not before wondering if she could wrestle one more time to drop the championship. Lynch explained, “It was like ah, fric, is there a way that she can just beat me real quick? Colby’s like, ‘No, no, you’re not, no.’

This is the kind of angle wrestlers may do when hiding an injury and needing to take time away. Or, if something comes up that plans have to change on a dime. The attitude is often, ‘Get the talent in the ring, get a quick pin and get out of there.’ In Lynch’s case, she wanted to legitimately drop the title to someone instead of giving it away.

It was decided not to risk it as Seth Rollins seemed pretty adamant this was not ok with him.

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The Tournament/MITB Idea Was Then Formed

It was the realization that one more match wasn’t going to be possible that led her to then pitch the idea of a tournament to crown a No. 1 contender. That contender would then actually be told they were the new champion. That didn’t exactly pan out either.

Because Money in the Bank was right around the corner and a tournament was too confusing alongside the pay-per-view, WWE decided just to use the MITB event to make Lynch’s No. 1 contender idea a reality.

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