Shocking the WWE Universe, Becky Lynch made a big announcement a few weeks ago, right after Money in the Bank. After confronting Money in the Bank winner Asuka in the ring, she renounced the RAW Women’s Championship, which she held for over four hundred days. Lynch revealed that she was pregnant, making Asuka the new RAW Women’s Champion.RELATED:Trish Stratus WWE Top 10 stories career photos and video online

With the pregnancy announcement, Lynch is likely to have a long break, possibly for over a year. The question remains if Lynch’s absence could affect the women’s division.This article analyzes five ways Lynch’s absence could hurt the women’s division and five ways it won’t.

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10Could Hurt: Loss Of A Big Star

Becky Lynch’s rise as a top star of the women’s division has been astounding in the last two years. From headlining WrestleMania and several other shows to surpassing some of her male peers in terms of popularity, Becky has been unstoppable.

The absence of such a gigantic star could be bad for WWE and the women’s division in general. Although she is likely to return after the pregnancy, it won’t be easy to fill the void left by her.

9It Won’t Hurt: An Opportunity To Build New Stars

When a big star departs, it opens up the possibility of building new stars. Previously, the departure of The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin allowed the new talents to step up, creating gigantic names like Batista, John Cena, Brock Lesnar, and Randy Orton.With that being said, WWE might push some new names in the absence of Becky Lynch, which might establish a couple of big names in the upcoming days.

8Could Hurt: Absence Of Other Big Male Superstars

Becky Lynch became not only the biggest star of the women’s division but also surpassed top male Superstars. As she was the face of the 2K20 WWE game and had huge merchandise sales, it proved that she was the biggest draw of any division.

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The current pandemic has omitted some big names from appearing in WWE. For instance, Roman Reigns has chosen not to perform, while Brock Lesnar hasn’t been on TV since WrestleMania 36. In addition, Lynch’s absence could be another big blow.

7It Won’t Hurt: Asuka As Champion

Asuka was the one who was crowned as champion after Becky Lynch. The Empress of Tomorrow won the belt at Money in the Bank, which was later revealed on RAW. Meanwhile, it was also the first RAW Women’s Championship of the Japanese Superstar.It’s the golden opportunity to make Asuka an actual threat again. A solid reign for Asuka could bring back her glory days from NXT.

6Could Hurt: Longest Champion In Modern History

Holding the RAW Women’s Championship, Becky Lynch smashed all records of the women’s division. Surpassing Nikki Bella as well as Ronda Rousey, The Man had the longest run as champion in the modern era.

During her year-long title reign, Lynch overcame many tough opponents to prove her superiority. A sudden departure of the longest reigning women’s champion wouldn’t be an easy thing to handle by the company.

5It Won’t Hurt: Already Has Noteworthy Names

Following the women’s revolution, the women’s division of the company is in a great place with some noteworthy names. As a result, both SmackDown and RAW have some big names, who are capable of carrying the women’s division.

Even though Becky has departed, for now, WWE still has other three horsewomen, who certainly dominate the women’s division. Moreover, Superstars like Nia Jax, Alexa Bliss, and Shayna Bazler are worth mentioning.

4Could Hurt: Women May Not Headline Major Pay-Per-Views

Becky Lynch’s ascendancy in the women’s division was indubitable, as the women’s division seemed to always be in the spotlight. Lynch, along with Ronda Rousey, took it to another level by headlining several major pay-per-views.

Besides main eventing the Show of Shows, women also main evented Survivor Series last year, which was another major event of the company. Lynch’s absence could put a halt to women headlining such big shows, as there isn’t as big of a draw like The Man.

3It Won’t Hurt: Has None To Beat

While having her last title reign, Becky Lynch vanquished almost every major name the women’s division had to offer. Beating all top women, Lynch made the reign one of the greatest titles runs in the history of WWE.

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Whether it be Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair, Shayna Baszler, or Asuka, every single one of them was beaten by The Man. With no fresh feud to offer against any big name, her absence might not be detrimental for the women’s division.

2Could Hurt: Abrupt End Of The Rivalry

Leading to WrestleMania 36, the match between Shayna Baszler and Becky Lynch was certainly one of the biggest matches of the event. Planting seeds for it in the Survivor Series, it was a long-awaited battle, and it lived up to the hype.

After the first encounter, they were expected to stretch the feud for a long time. However, Becky’s pregnancy changed the plan, and the feud had to end in the midway, leaving a myriad of fans disappointed.

1It Won’t Hurt: Becky Lynch’s Longevity At The Top

Ever since the arrival of the horsewomen on the main roster, Charlotte Flair has been the ultimate top star from day one. Also, Bayley and Sasha Banks have had decent runs from the beginning. Conversely, the same can’t be said about Becky Lynch.

Lynch was the underdog of the four horsewomen until her famous heel turn at the 2018 SummerSlam. Hence, she stayed at the top for less than two years. Considering the women’s division was doing fine before her meteoric rise, it should be fine as well after her departure.

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