Becky Lynch may not be on the active roster currently due to the fact that she is pregnant. However, that doesn’t mean that she’s disconnected from the roster altogether, after all, this is where many of her friends are.

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Over the course of her career, The Man has made many great friends in the wrestling industry, even if she has appeared to be a lone wolf in the ring. But who are her closest friends in the business?

Becky Lynch WWE Top 10 Best Friends On The Roster photos and video

10Seth Rollins

Starting off with a very obvious one, Seth Rollins is clearly someone she has grown to be very fond of. The two of them are engaged and have a child on the way, so quite clearly, they are also best friends.

They have become one of wrestling’s true power couples with Rollins and Lynch being two of the biggest names in the industry. They have instantly become beloved by the WWE Universe and it’s clear they’re incredibly happy, which is great to see.

9Finn Balor

Becky Lynch and Finn Balor have a very long friendship and they are truly two incredibly close friends. This is because back when they were both in Ireland trying to make a name for themselves, it was Balor who helped train Lynch.

Since then the two of them have remained close friends, especially during their time working together on the same roster in NXT. They’re great pals and of course have an Irish connection, which certainly helps.


Speaking of the Irish connection, another wrestler that Becky Lynch is great friends with is Sheamus. The Celtic Warrior and Becky Lynch have a friendship that lasts far longer than their WWE deals, going back to their days in Ireland.

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The two of them work out with each other when they get a chance, and Sheamus did help Becky get the right connections to help start her journey within WWE, showing the trust they have with each other.


Another wrestler that Becky Lynch is close friends with is Naomi, who she shared a long period of time with on the SmackDown roster. When the brand was split, they were two of SmackDown’s leading names and from there they formed a bond.

They became close due to spending so much time together and that has remained the case ever since. As two of the very best wrestlers around right now, that is certainly an impressive friendship.


Wrestlers spend a lot of time together in gyms due to the nature of the industry and for Becky Lynch, one person she often works with is Cesaro. This is because they tend to do CrossFit and other similar styles of exercise.

They are often seen together working out, which also helps because Cesaro and Seth Rollins are very close friends as well, which has allowed Becky and Cesaro to become close.

5Big E

Big E exudes ridiculous amounts of positivity whenever he is shown in a real-life situation and that is exactly the same as Becky Lynch. The two of them love making people laugh and being funny, which is why they became good friends.

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They are often seen together messing around, and that is only enhanced by the fact Big E enjoys flirting with Becky’s mom. He has made it clear he wants to date her, which is something they have jokes about.

4Sami Zayn

Another wrestler that Becky Lynch gets along with is Sami Zayn, who is also a very kind human. They became friends in WWE and they were put together on the Mixed Match Challenge tournament which allowed people to really see their chemistry.

They’re great friends and they are happy to joke around together which has been seen on social media plenty of times, making them good pals.

3Renee Young

Renee Young appears to be someone who tons of wrestlers are very close friends with which showcases just how nice of a person she is. That’s something that comes off on camera very well too, as she is a relatable person for most fans.

Renee and Becky get along, which is no real surprise as they both seem to have very similar levels of humor, and their positive attitudes clearly make them likeminded.


There isn’t a member of the women’s roster who isn’t best friends with Natalya it seems. Everyone has nothing but great things to say about her, with Nattie often being a great mentor to women behind the scenes.

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She puts a lot of effort into helping wrestlers because she is so experienced in wrestling in comparison to others. Her kindness is showcased a lot in Total Divas, and that’s why she is easy to be friends with.

1Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair might have been Becky Lynch’s greatest rival over the course of her career, but the fact is the Queen is also her best friend. The two of them have been incredibly close from their days in NXT and that is something that has never changed.

They travel together, work out together, make puns together and do their drinking the tea pose together. They have brought the best out of each other inside the ring and that has only strengthened their fantastic friendship.

Becky Lynch WWE Top 10 Best Friends On The Roster photos and video

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