WWE Superstar Becky Lynch is on top of the world right now as the WWE Women’s Champion.Before she got where she is today though, she was just a young woman with big dreams. First starting her wrestling training in 2002, she traveled the independent circuit for a few years before suffering a head injury that put her on the back burner for a few years.In 2012, Becky signed with WWE and started training down in NXT, before finally making it to the main WWE roster in 2015.Gone are the days though of the sweet, innocent, wholesome Little Lass Kicker. Back in 2018, Becky switched to a more aggressive character, “The Man.” Ever since, she has been ruling the women’s division and has gained a significant rise in popularity.

Here are 20 photos of her before she became The Man.

Becky Lynch Hottest WWE Top 20 pictures and video online Bio, Age

20Hay Babe


This photo was shot as a promo for WrestleMania 32.

Becky, along with Sasha, Charlotte, Trinity, and a few others, all got together to do different farm like photos, but in different outfits. Becky, although she looked more like a warrior than a farmer, looked like a natural fit next to all the hay.

19Training Hard

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Maintaining a figure like Becky Lynch has takes a great deal of discipline and physical fitness. To maintain her perfect body, she hits the gym hard every day and makes sure to take supplements.

She is tricking us into thinking that her workouts are easy though with this photo. Keeping cool and casual like its nothing.

18Bathroom Selfies


Back in the day, women wrestlers dressed proactively and participated in matches such as bra and panty matches, pillow fights, even food wrestling matches.

Becky is the prime example of how that era is over with. Her ring attire keeps her covered and proves she is all business. Even her selfies show her sexy, but conservative, only revealing her amazing abs.

17Time To Square Up

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With the punching bags and weights, the hot gym attire, and the serious look on her face, The Little Lass Kicker looks like she is ready to go a few rounds in this photo.

She also looks like she is not someone anyone should mess with unless they want a serious beat down.

16Rugby Gal


Ireland is big on Rugby and it has been quite successful in recent years.

With Becky being from Ireland, its no wonder why she would do a photoshoot like this. She looks like a natural too. Jumping forward with the ball, her body perfectly stretched out, she almost looks like a superhero with this pose.

15Becky Not So Sweet

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Earlier it was stated how Becky proves how much the women’s division has changed since the Attitude Era. Well, after seeing this photo, might have to recant that statement.

With her alluring eyes, curved smirk, pigtails, and black bra, she is far from the Becky we are used to seeing on television nowadays.

14Just Jammin


This is obviously a staged photo, but that doesn’t matter. Becky still looks stunning while wearing a sports bra, matching bracelets, and purple headphones.

The question is though, was she jamming out to some serious tunes while photographers were taking her picture, or was she just acting like music was playing?

13Steampunk Becky


This looks like a picture of someone who really didn’t want to take the picture but did it so the person taking it would leave them alone.

Although she still looks stunning in her old steampunk get up, she also looks fearsome with the look she is giving the camera. Like she wants to punch someone.

12Totally Casual

via WWE

Unlike her previous gym photos, this photo is a little different because she looks a lot simpler and more comfortable as she poses near a performance center ring.

She is still rocking a top that shows off her rock-hard abs, add that to her adorable smile and sparkling eyes, and it’s the perfect combo of beauty and renegade.

11Beach Babe


This is just one of many photos that Becky partook in, along with a few other WWE women wrestlers, while on a beach in Hawaii.

Becky is known for being one of the few women wrestlers in the division to not bare it for the world to see. This photoshoot was a rare occasion that showed off more of her than we have ever seen.

10Straight Fire

via WWE

To pay tribute to The Big Red Machine and his 20 years with the company, Lana, Charlotte, Naomi, Natalya, and Becky did a photoshoot with attire that was fitting of the demon Kane.

While the others were a little more revealing, Becky was in a full-body suit that made her look like some kind of vigilante. All she needs is a mask.

9Say Cheese


Bathroom selfies seem to be all the rage and Becky Lynch isn’t afraid to join in the fad and take them every now and again.

Dressed in her steampunk ring attire, it looks like Becky took a few minutes, either before or after an in-ring appearance, to show off her how stunning she looked with her hair and makeup all done.

8The Busty Lass Kicker


We have seen her in her in-ring attire, we have seen her in exercise gear, now we get to see her dressed up in a low revealing shirt, black leather jacket, and black pants.

It looks like she may be backstage at a WWE event, maybe about to do a promo in-ring, or maybe she was out on a date somewhere and stopped to get a selfie.

7Casual, But Classy

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Becky looks like she is ready to walk the runway with this get-up.

Looking sexy, but at the same time classy and conservative, she is all smiles as she shows off her stunning legs and a little of her chest and stomach in a shiny outfit.

We are curious, is she heading off to a hot date, and if so, with who?

6Just Starting Out


When Becky first started out in the WWE, she was still trying to find herself. Traveling the independent circuit, she was known as Rebecca Knox, but she needed a fresh start when she got signed with WWE.

This photo was before she colored her hair red and went all steampunk with her look.

5Casual With Kane

via WWE

A few years ago, The Big Red Machine Kane and The Little Lass Kicker Becky Lynch visited BBC television station in Manchester, England.

While there, the two took an adorable, but awkward photo. The only reason it’s awkward is because of Kane though. Dressed casually in normal clothes, he looks out of place with his demon mask on.

4The NXT Lass Kicker

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Here is another look that Becky chose to rock while down in NXT before finding her fiery redhead, steampunk look.

Still a brunette, Becky switched her look up with a two-faced look almost with one side of her outfit being solid black and the other all ripped up with holes.

3Teenage Mutant Becky

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Back in her NXT days, Becky went through a lot of different ring-attires.

This get-up many said reminded them of a Teenage Mutant Turtle look almost. It must have been the color of the gear, that and the wrist bands.

One thing is for sure though, although she rocks the red/orange hair color, she looks stunning as a brunette too.

2The Lass Kicker

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This is defiantly a staged photo for a promo of some sort, but we aren’t complaining because she still looks amazing with her bumblebee getup.

With her provocative stare, coy smirk, and the way she is showing off her rock-hard abs and arms, she could truly make any guy sweat.

1Dressed To Impress


We have no clue when Becky took this photo, but if we were to guess, it would probably be either before or during her NXT days before she colored her hair red.

It’s rare that we get to see Becky in a dress, but we are glad she stopped to take a bathroom selfie and show us the girly side of her.

Becky Lynch Hottest WWE Top 20 pictures and video online Bio, Age