One of the more popular maneuvers in pro wrestling is commonly known as the Spear. Basically a running tackle, a wrestler charges at their opponent, delivering a shoulder block to their midsection to take them to the mat — or floor, or barricade, or breakaway set piece, as the case may be. It’s a really simple move but can be very effective as an attack, and a way to excite a crowd.

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That said, not all Spears are created equal. Some performers deliver absolutely devastating Spears to their opponents, while others execute weaker versions that are commonly dismissed as “running hugs” that depend on the recipient to do all the work to make the move look good. So let’s take a look at some wrestlers that do really awesome Spears, as well as the ones that totally suck.

Best Spears In Wrestling History Top 10 photos and video

10Best Spear: Mil Muertes

Puerto Rican born Ricky Banderas is notorious for being a frighteningly stiff wrestler, and his lucha libre Undertaker gimmick of Mil Muertes on Lucha Underground made him even scarier.

Muertes was an absolute beast on that show, with a moveset that included a Spear so hard-hitting that it sent formidable competitors like Pentagon Jr. flying. Somewhat appropriately, as used by Mil Muertes, it seemed like a Spear that could actually conceivably kill someone.

9Worst Spear: Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair spears Asuka

As great as Charlotte Flair is, she’s got a few moves in her repertoire that are highly criticized by fans for their effectiveness. Much has been made of her Moonsault, leaving her not-so-great Spear to fly under the radar.

It was a pretty decent move when she did it in NXT, but on the main roster, it’s grown more gentle over the years. Also, Flair executes it with this weird spinning motion that makes it look more like a Sling Blade that targets the torso.

8Best Spear: Ben-K

Dragon Gate: Open the Dream Gate Champion Ben-K

With its combination of lucha libre and Japanese styles, the wrestlers of Dragon Gate Pro-Wrestling move fast and hit hard. This is especially true of rising star Ben-K, who’s only been around for a few years at this point but reached new heights in 2019 by defeating PAC to win Dragon Gate’s top title, the Open the Dream Gate Championship — and has an incredible Spear in his moveset.

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As you might expect, Ben-K spears dudes with tremendous impact, but not before getting a running start and a few bounces off the rope. Back when he was in the heel stable R.E.D., he had an awesome tandem version with Big R Shimizu, where Shimizu would throw an opponent up before Ben-K speared the soul out of the guy’s body.

7Worst Spear: Edge

Edge spears Elias

Nicknamed “The Rated-R Superstar,” Edge is beloved by fans who stuck through the Attitude Era as well as Ruthless Aggression, where the Canadian star was a popular and influential heel in both singles and tag team divisions.

That said, his Spear is so notoriously bad even the most devoted Edgeheads would probably admit it. The Spear is probably best performed by a big muscly dude, which Edge most certainly is not, so it is the quintessential “running hug” variation of the maneuver.

6Best Spear: Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn is one of those underrated female competitors of the late “Divas” era who probably would have shone post Women’s Revolution had she stuck around that long. While she never really got the credit she deserved, she had an awesome spear in her pocket, which she used to absolutely wreck the rest of the women in the division.

Her Spear was even better when she did it to her friend AJ Lee. The size difference between the two meant that AJ always took it like she was getting hit by a car.

5Worst Spear: Christian

Christian spears Randy Orton

Edge isn’t the only member of the tag team “Edge & Christian” who had a weak Spear. Christian was smaller and lighter than his work husband, and thus had even less business attempting to pull off a Spear than Edge did.

But Christian deserves a little credit: he only did it as a shoutout to his best friend, so it had to be bad or it wouldn’t be a fitting tribute.

4Best Spear: Rhyno

ECW: Rhyno delivers a gore through a table

There are few wrestlers in history who are so inextricably associated with their signature move like Rhyno is with his version of the Spear. The Spear is so important to Rhyno’s whole character that it has its own name: the Gore.

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Thankfully, Rhyno’s Gore isn’t just an appropriate name — it’s also a pretty awesome Spear in its own right. It can be best seen during his time in ECW, where he would Gore dudes through tables as hard as possible.

3Worst Spear: Big Show

The Big Show spears Roman Reigns

On paper, a wrestler as ginormous as the Big Show delivering a spear should be the most devastating move of all, as Show is billed as weighing roughly 1.5 Mil Muertes. In practice, however, Big Show’s Spear is one of the more gentle spears in pro wrestling.

The reason for this is obvious — Show is too big to pull it off without possibly hurting someone for real, so he makes sure that he executes it as safely as possible.

2Best Spear: Goldberg

Goldberg spears Dolph Ziggler

Goldberg is the quintessential “guy who spears dudes because he used to play football,” and can be considered the wrestler who really popularized the move. He spent much of his time delivering the move to jobbers with the goal of making it look good, but Goldberg’s Spear was also surprisingly stiff.

Most jobbers couldn’t help but make it look like a million bucks. And, now that Goldberg is old and still trying to win WWE Championships, it’s the only move he can still convincingly pull off.

1Worst Spear: Batista

Batista spears Roman Reigns

Many fans might consider The Big Show’s Spear to be the worst of all time, but Show is a (too) large man who probably shouldn’t be doing that move to begin with. As an absurdly muscular powerhouse wrestler, Batista is exactly the kind of guy who should have a strong one in his repertoire.

However, for some reason, his Spear never had the strong sense of impact that it should, even during his peak as a wrestler in WWE. It’s one of those WWE moves that a guy does and is only successful at it because he doesn’t actually hurt himself doing it.

Best Spears In Wrestling History Top 10 photos and video

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