The women’s revolution has taken the WWE by storm in recent years and there is an argument to be made that their female roster is the most well-rounded in the entire industry of professional wrestling. However, WWE’s Women’s Division wasn’t always like this though.

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Not too long ago, women’s wrestling was very low on the WWE pecking order and a lot of the female competitors were just treated as eye candy. And it is very impressive how far they have come in a short span of time. Long before the females stole the show in WWE, there were a number of unlikely Women’s Champions.

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10Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon has never been a great in-ring performer. And while she has managed to develop into a great character over the years, that was not always the case.

McMahon would win the Women’s Championship back in 2000 and manage to hold onto it for 143 days. Back then though, she was not as polished a character as she is today and it was too early to put the belt on her. It is surprising though that she never got a second shot at being champion.

9Candice Michelle

Candice Michelle becoming the WWE Women’s Champion was just a glimpse into the direction that the company had for the division in the near future. She had the look of a star but could not wrestle at all.

That did not stop the WWE from giving her a 104-day title run over the likes of Beth Pheonix, Mickie James, and Melina. As a result, it did not come as a surprise when the company just decided to drop the Women’s Championship and repackaged it as the Diva’s Championship.

8Bull Nakano

During the period when Bull Nakano captured the Women’s Championship from Alundra Blayze, it was a rarity to see a foreigner hold the belt. The only person to do so before her was Velvet McIntyre and she was champion just for five days.

WWE definitely made the right choice with Nakano though as she was part of a legendary rivalry with Alundra Blayze, which put women’s wrestling on the map. And it is arguable that she deserved much more than the solitary run she was given with the championship.

7Gail Kim

There can be no doubt that Gail Kim is one of the greatest women’s wrestlers in history. She built that reputation for herself in TNA though and her time in the WWE can only be described as a flop.

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It is clear though that the company had big plans for her as she won the Women’s Championship in her debut match. Things went downhill from there though as she was nowhere near ready and would never hold the title again.

6Leilani Kai

Leilani Kai was best known as a tag team specialist but she did manage to win the WWE Women’s Championship as well. It was completely unexpected though as she beat Wendi Richter for the title, who was a massive star at that point in time and had Cyndi Lauper in her corner.

Ultimately, the move paid off as Kai would drop the title back to Richter at the very first WrestleMania, in what was one of the premier matches on the card.

5The Spider Lady

When Wendi Richter refused to sign a new contract with the WWE, Vince McMahon came up with the plan to screw her out of the Women’s Championship. So a masked Fabulous Moolah using the name, The Spider Lady, challenged Richter for the belt.

The referee was also in on the plan and when Moolah went for a pin, he made a swift three count despite Richter kicking out at one. This incident is known as ‘The Original Screwjob’ in wrestling history. At the time of this championship win, Moolah was 62-years-old.

4Wendi Richter

Wendi Richter was one of the most popular wrestlers during the ’80s and will forever be remembered for her association with Cyndi Lauper during the Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Connection storyline. However, when she won the belt for the first time, it was completely unexpected.

The Fabulous Moolah had been the Women’s Champion for 27 years and it was incredible when Richter managed to beat her for the title. The broadcast of the match brought the highest ratings in MTV history up until that point.


Fans remember the Attitude Era fondly today, but it cannot be overlooked that for everything that was great about the period, there was a lot of terrible stuff as well. And the women’s division was certainly not one of the highlights.

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Sable was one of the biggest stars of the era and it was truly shocking when Debra ended up beating her for the Women’s Championship. In fact, she did not actually beat her. She lost an Evening G0wn match to Sable but Commissioner Shawn Michaels just ended up awarding her the title because he felt like it. Fortunately, the reign lasted just a month.

2The Kat

Another gift of the Attitude Era, The Kat ended up winning the Women’s Championship in a Four Corners Evening Gown Pool match which also featured Ivory, Jacqueline, and Barbara “BB” Bush. Then known as Miss Kitty, she would change her name to The Kat the following evening before successfully defending the belt in chocolate pudding.

She would ultimately lose the championship in a Lumberjill Snow Bunny match. It goes without saying that her reign featured some terrible matches. But at least, she was a woman holding the Women’s Championship, unlike the person who dethroned The Kat for the gold.


Hervey Wippleman remains the only man in history to hold the WWE Women’s Championship. That is one man too many for anyone counting.

Disguised as Hervina, Wippleman would beat The Kat in the aforementioned Lumberjill Snow Bunny match. Thankfully for everyone involved, his title reign only lasted a single day before he dropped it to Jacqueline in under a minute.

Wippleman would have a solid career performing multiple roles in wrestling but his time as the Women’s Champion certainly is not something that he would like to be reminded of often.

Best Women Champions WWE photos and video

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