Today’s list is all about singer Billie Eilish who has quickly established herself as a fashion icon whose looks fans try to copy worldwide. The star — who has made quite a few friends in the industry — is known for rocking fun and edgy hair and this list ranks her best looks.

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The 18-year-old is certainly not afraid to switch out her hair color and style quite often and frankly, fans have yet to see Billie rock hair that doesn’t suit her.

From Billie’s neon green roots to the star’s natural hair color — keep on scrolling to find out just which of the singer’s hairstyles took spot number one!

Billie Eilish Real life Top 10 Best Hairstyles, Ranked photos and video


10Jet Black And Sleek

Billie Eilish with Jet Black And Sleek hair

Kicking the list off at spot number ten is Billie Eilish — who definitely tends to be a very private celeb —with jet black hair which is usually straightened and perfectly matches her outfit. Frankly, all the hairstyles on this list suit the star so well, and this one which tends to bring oy Billie’s beautiful eye color is no exception.

9Platinum White

Billie Eilish with Platinum White hair

Next on our list is the young singer with platinum blonde — some may even go as fas as saying platinum white hair. Yes, this hairstyle — or more particularly hair color — is a complete contrast to the jet black hair Billie was rocking in the previous photos but somehow it still looks incredible on the singer, and dare we say even better!

8Light Brown Chic

Billie Eilish with Light Brown Chic hair

Most people are used to seeing Billie Eilish with dramatic and colorful hair, however — judging from the photos above — the star looks great even with plain, light brown hair.

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In the photos above the singer can be seen with a quite common hair color which definitely matches her eyebrows and while it’s definitely not Billie’s edgiest look — it still made on spot number eight.

7Braided And Gray

Billie Eilish with Braided And Gray hair

While the platinum white was super cool, Billie’s iconic gray hair has made it a bit higher on our list. Gray hair is definitely not a look that’s easy to pull off — nevertheless, the singer does it effortlessly. In particular, number seven goes to Billie’s gray hair worn in two braids, as seen above. While the star usually sticks to loose, straight hair, occasionally she does play around with fun ways to wear your hair and not just fun colors to dye it!

6Gray With A Top Knot

Billie Eilish with Gray With A Top Knot hair

Number six goes yet to another hairstyle Billie often rocked while having grey hair — the half updo with a messy bun. This look was so effortless yet cool which perfectly describes the singer’s style in general. Billie rocking gray hair was certainly a great period and hopefully, the star decides to bring the edgy color back at some point!

5Naturally Dark Blonde

Billie Eilish with Naturally Dark Blonde hair

Opening up the top five is a hair color fans rarely get to see on the young singer — namely her natural dark blonde locks. There’s no doubt that Billie Eilish is a great role model for young people out as she certainly proved one can stay true to their unique style and inspire others to do so as well, however, we’re pretty sure plenty wouldn’t mind seeing Billie with her gorgeous blonde hair as it definitely suits the singer!

4Green Roots And A Low Bun

Billie Eilish with Green Roots And A Low Bun hair

Number four on our list goes to one of Billie Eilish’s most recent looks — black hair with neon green roots which the star often decides to wear in a classy and chic low bun with a couple of messy strands framing her face.

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Frankly, it’s the combination of the color’s edginess and the bun’s chicness that makes this look so unique and it definitely deserves a spot in the top part of our list!

3Eyecatching Electric Blue

Billie Eilish with Eyecatching Electric Blue hair

Opening up the top three best Billie Eilish hairstyles is Billie’s electric blue hair styled either in a messy half updo or just worn straight. This shade of blue is definitely something most people not only wouldn’t dare to wear but also certainly couldn’t pull off however the young Grammy Award winner rocks blue hair like it’s no big deal!

2Soft Faded Teal

Billie Eilish with Soft Faded Teal hair

The runner up on today’s list of the best Billie Eilish hairstyles is the singer’s faded teal hair. Billie has rocked quite a few bold colors over the years but none of them have matched the star’s eyes as perfectly as this shade. While the singer’s hair isn’t this color right now, hopefully, she does decide to bring the look back as it’s definitely one of her best ones!

1Green Roots And Space Buns

Billie Eilish with Green Roots And Space Buns hair

Wrapping the list up at spot number one is Billie’s black hair with vibrant green roots rocked in two space buns with a couple of strands framing the face. The musician who has in the past couple of years given us plenty of fresh hits, as well as some amazing music videos, can definitely rock unusual hair colors and hairstyles and only time will tell what fun hairstyle Billie decides to switch to next!

Billie Eilish Real life Top 10 Best Hairstyles, Ranked photos and video