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Bobby hit Rusev in the groin , Lana cheated on Rusev WWE best moments 2019

Lana Breaks Silence Following Shocking ‘Monday Night Raw’ Kissing Segment

One of the more controversial storylines in recent WWE history took place on the last episode of Monday Night Raw.

During a Universal Championship match between Seth Rollins and RusevBobby Lashley and Lana interrupted the match and shared a kiss on the stage. The incident took many — especially Rusev — by surprise, since Lana is Rusev’s long-term manager and wife, both in storylines and in real life.

Since the episode ended, the divisive angle has been a major topic of conversation in the wrestling world. Now, Lana has broken her silence. As reported by Sportskeeda, she released a Youtube vlog discussing the lead up to the moment, as well as how she felt about the kiss.

While the segment must have been awkward for her, she revealed that she’s just grateful to be back on WWE television. She also admitted to having had a lot of fun during the heated moment.

“I’m just extremely, extremely, extremely thankful. Not only that, but I had a really good time. I mean… [laughs]… you know what I mean…”

She went on to discuss how much she loves wrestling and the business, even though she’s only featured in two matches in 2019.

While the current storyline involving Rusev and Lana must be awkward for the two of them, it’s the most focus either superstar has received from WWE’s creative team in months. Rusev has been so unhappy about his position in WWE that he’s frequently voiced his frustrations on social media, leading some to assume that he and Lana will leave eventually

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