Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson are the latest pair of Hollywood BFFs that we love to see together, both on and off-screen. Not only have they starred in three films together, including the incredible Captain Marvel film (they gave us the ultimate buddy cop-superhero movie), they’ve also made multiple appearances on talk shows and social media.

Their friendship absolutely delights and inspires. Seeing these two sing karaoke together gives us hope in this world.

The coolest thing about the relationship between Larson and Jackson is that much of what we’ve all heard is simply true. Rumors about their tight friendship have been confirmed by both parties, and we’re loving these 15 Sweet Facts About Brie Larson And Samuel L. Jackson’s Friendship.

Brie Larson And Samuel L. Jackson Real Life photos and video online

15They Became Friends While Filming Kong: Skull Island

Brie Larson smiling in a white shirt on Kong Skull Island
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Bonding while surviving the wilderness is a powerful way to forge a friendship, and that’s just what Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson did while filming Kong: Skull Island. Without a lot of technology to distract them, the cast and crew experienced a deep level of connection, which was the perfect recipe for Larson-Jackson BFFdom.

14Samuel Was Brie’s Cheerleader Through Awards Season

Brie Larson in blue dress holds best actress award
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Jackson told Indiewire that he was Larson’s cheerleader during awards season.“I was kind of the needle guy, when she was constantly running in and out going to award shows all over the planet from remote locations, always in that ‘ra-ra Brie, hurry back, hurry back, hurry back. You don’t have to go to this one, you won the last one, you know you’re going to win this one, they’ll just send it to you, you don’t have to go, just stay here with us!,’” he said. “But she never did, she always had to go.”

13Samuel Asked To Be In Unicorn Store

Brie Larson smiles and holds ice cream next to Samuel L Jackson in Unicorn Store
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Samuel gave Larson a hard time about not offering the role of ‘the Salesman’ in Unicorn Store to him, saying, “I was kind of like, ‘So you’re making a movie, huh, you wrote it and you’re directing a movie and you’re gonna put this actor in it, and you didn’t even ask me?”

Brie assured him she was going to ask him to do the part and the rest is history.

12They Bonded Over Political Disappointment

Brie Larson in a ballcap and Samuel L Jackson in an elevator in Captain Marvel
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Jackson and Larson have bonded over many things, one of them being their deep disappointment in the results of the 2016 election. Many Americans succumbed to grief and fury afterward, but luckily Larson had her own version of “Fury” to commiserate with.

11Brie Pushed For Nick Fury To Be More Involved In Captain Marvel

Nick Fury in sunglasses stands near Captain Marvel looking fierce Samuel L Jackson Brie Larson
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Nick Fury’s role in the Captain Marvel film was meant to be smaller than the finished product, and that’s largely due to Larson, who requested that he be featured more in the movie.

When Marvel asked Brie who she’d like to have by her side in the movie, she replied, “Please. I need to be with my pal. Don’t let me do it alone!”

10Brie Excitedly Called To Tell Samuel They’d Be In Captain Marvel Together

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Jackson recalls the moment Larson called him to gush over their latest movie together. “She called me and said, ‘They want us to be in this movie together!’ and I’m like, ‘I have to do it, I have a contract, so, here we go.'”

While it wasn’t Fury’s first appearance in the films chronologically, it was the beginning of his story alongside hers.

9They Bonded Over Their Mistrust Of Cats

Samuel L Jackson lifts Chewy or Goose Flerken ginger cat as Nick Fury in Captain Marvel
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It’s ironic how much attention Goose (AKA Chewie in the comics) the Flerken gets in the Captain Marvel franchise when you consider the fact that Larson and Jackson are not ‘cat people’.

Jackson has a mistrust of the feline species while Larson has a cat allergy, so it was something else they had to work through together while making the film.

8Their On-Screen Buddy Rapport Is Real

Brie Larson and Samuel L Jacskon laughing and presenting an award together
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Once everyone fell in love with the Carol/Fury dynamic after watching Captain Marvel, which grossed over $1 billion worldwide, everyone needed to know if the pair were really as compatible in real life. It turns out that their on-screen buddy rapport is even purer than we’d hoped, and that the two are besties in real life as well.

“Our love is real,” Brie has assured fans.

7They Have Grilled Each Other On Their Deepest Secrets, Skrull-Style

Samuel L Jackson in a hat with arm around Brie Larson on a yellow couch
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The scene in Captain Marvel where Carol (as Vers) and Fury grill one another to determine whether or not one of them is a Skrull is a fun scene that actually mimics their relationship in real life. The two have grilled one another about their deepest, darkest secrets, Skrull-style, which is why the scene is so realistic.

6They’ve Been Adorable On Several Late Night Shows Together

Brie Larson and Samuel L Jackson leaning in together and being silly
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Fans love watching Larson and Jackson on late-night television shows – Samuel and Brie have proven their BFFdom, and they’ve also been enormously entertaining during late-night appearances. They’ve sung duets and shared other amusing antics. The pair have also done interviews together and they even sang a goofy rendition of “Shallow” together on The Jonathan Ross Show.

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5Samuel Says She Empowers Women

Brie Larson in a ballcap and Samuel L Jackson in an elevator in Captain Marvel
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Larson has had nothing but kind words to say about Jackson and vice versa. Jackson says that Brie empowers women. “She’s very aware of who she is and her place in the universe in terms of she is as a person of influence, in terms of her being an actress and her voice being used in the right way. She’s totally dedicated to making this something, and the way she empowers women already, you know that she’s gonna give this character the qualities that will make any woman wish they could be her.”

4They Text All The Time

Nick Fury holds a pager and another pager reveals Captain Marvel logo
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In 2020, one of the true marks of a solid friendship is daily texting, and Larson says that she and Jackson text all of the time. In fact, the pair have fallen asleep texting with one another, something that many best friends can relate to doing. It’s no wonder Brie captioned a photo of them on Instagram with, “Best scene partner best travel partner best press partner best partner!”

3Samuel Says Brie Is Fun And His Good Friend

Brie Larson and Samuel L Jackson drive and sing carpool karaoke together
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Samuel L. Jackson is known for taking some of the most intimidating roles in Hollywood, so when he says something tender, we pay attention. On a set visit, he said of Larson, “We’re very good friends. We work well together. We laugh together. We sing together. We developed a really, really great relationship when we were on ‘Kong.’ It’s fun to be on the saddle with her.”

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2They Have Secret BFF Code Words

Captain Marvel Flies Next to Nick Fury with Maria Hill in Corner Brie Larson Samuel L Jackson
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Like many best friends, Brie and Samuel have secret code words they use with one another. Larson confessed to Jimmy Kimmel that most of these secret codes “deal mostly with people that we hate,” but they definitely still count towards their own secret friendship club that everyone wishes they could join.

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1Samuel Gave Brie His Lightsaber

Samuel L Jackson holds a purple light saber as Mace Windu in Star Wars
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One of the most touching moments in their friendship was the moment when Jackson, who played Mace Windu in the Star Wars prequels and Star Wars: The Clone Wars, bestowed his special purple lightsaber upon Larson, who is an avid Star Wars fan. It may or may not have even been his to give in the first place! If that doesn’t get you choked up, nothing will.

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