Brie Larson has taken Hollywood by storm since she took on the role of Captain Marvel in the MCU. While the actress has been around a while, joining such a popular franchise sent her fame to new heights.She started acting and the age of six and is the leading lady in quite a few films. She even won an Oscar for her performance in Room in 2016. Larson also released her movie Unicorn Store on Netflix earlier this year, which she both directed and starred in. The actress also has a few writing credits, including The Arm.

The talented actress is smart, inspiring, as well as beautiful. Fans can’t get enough of Captain Marvel, so it’s time to give the people what they want. Here are 20 Photos Of Brie Larson We Can’t Stop Looking At.

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20Power Stance

via Vanyaland

Captain Marvel is one of the strongest characters in the Avengers, and Brie Larson plays it well. Carol dominates whatever room she flies or walks into and this picture definitely illustrates that.

The stance she has is commanding and demands respect. It’s clear she’s a force to be reckoned with and it’s hard to look away from.

19Absolute Beauty

via Hollywood Reporter

While Brie Larson can clearly embody strength and empowerment, she can also be very soft and beautiful.

This picture from her photoshoot with The Hollywood Reporter is both compelling and mysterious. It shows her ambition and strength is intertwined with her femininity. She is alluring and delicate while remaining poised and dominant.

18Not Standing Down

via People

Captain Marvel is fairly new to the MCU, so it was strange for fans to see her among the original Avengers in Endgame. It was clear when Thor summoned his hammer and it whizzed by her face without her slightly flinching that she wasn’t there to play games.

This picture shows Carol belongs among the Avengers cast and isn’t easily intimidated. The moment solidified her place in the MCU.

17Serving Jedi Realness


Brie Larson is already dominating the MCU, so why not add another major fandom to her list? She looks like she would fit right into the Star Wars universe.

She posted this photo on her IG, stating that she is showing off her “Jedi realness” at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. She certainly looks amazing as a Jedi in a galaxy far, far away.

16Scott Pilgrim Throwback

via IMDb

It’s been almost a decade since Scott Pilgrim vs The World was released. While Brie Larson has been in quite a few movies since then, she starred in it as Envy Adams.

She sports platinum blonde hair and red lipstick, a much different look from any of her other roles. Her striking appearance made it clear she wasn’t an ex-girlfriend to be messed with.

15Mason Weaver

via We Got This Covered

Brie Larson starred in Kong: Skull Island as the adventurous photographer Mason Weaver. The character is confident, kind, and stands out in a male-dominated environment.

She’s an incredibly brave and strong character, which Larson has always played well. This picture proves that she’s no damsel in distress and can hold her own.

14Captain Marvel

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Brie Larson brings a strength and magnetism to Captain Marvel that is hard to capture. Women feel empowered by her domineering attitude and praise Larson for portraying such a strong female character.

This picture captures the fierceness that Larson embodies as the superhero. She looks like someone powerful you certainly wouldn’t want to mess with.

13Marvel Fangirl

via The Shorty Awards

Like all actors who decide to join the MCU, Larson was really excited to be a part of something so huge. The news was confirmed at Comic-Con and then she took to her social media to post a photo wearing a Marvel hat, captioning it “Call me Captain Marvel”.

Fans adore the photo because it was the confirmation they received that she would officially be joining the MCU.

12Unicorn Store Close Up

via GeekTyrant

While Captain Marvel highlights Larson’s physical strength and no-nonsense, feminist attitude, her character in Unicorn Store is very different.

Kit embodies a child-like innocence and imagination that adults often forget about once they’ve grown up. This picture captures the struggle people often have when fighting with their dreams versus their reality. The paint mixed with Larson’s expression is entrancing.

11Radiant And Strong

via Vanity Fair

As one of the busiest and most determined stars in Hollywood right now, Larson achieves whatever she sets her mind to.

This photo from Vanity Fair represents her empowered and inspiring mindset. She looks strong, radiant, and beautiful. She doesn’t have to be dressed as a superhero to look ready to take on the world.

10Shining In The Spotlight

via Access

While all of the MCU stars have had their fair share of the spotlight, Brie Larson is fairly new to the superhero life. However, that doesn’t stop her from owning the center of the stage.

She shines as the center of attention in this photo from an Avengers fan event in South Korea.

9Military Vibes


While women have been shown in military roles in films before, it’s still more rare to see a strong female character in those roles than male characters. That’s part of what makes Carol Danvers wearing her flight suit so iconic in Captain Marvel.

This picture shows Larson is helping break the mold for women in movies and is providing representation for strong, capable female action heroes.

8Confetti Galore

via 25YL

Larson’s movie Unicorn Store is a celebration of youth and imagination. The film is colorful, vibrant, and whimsical.

This picture shows just how magical the film is and embodies her character Kit’s inner child. It reminds us all to spread some joy just like the confetti she is tossing into the air.

7Avengers Endgame Hair

via YouTube

In Captain Marvel, Larson had long, flowing blonde hair. In Avengers Endgame, her hair was suddenly a short pixie cut, resembling the Carol Danvers from more recent comics.

Her hair change was a main topic of conversation after fans saw the film. Pictures of it were shared widely, sparking conversations about sexuality and gender in superhero films. It’s definitely a different look than most female superheroes have in movies.


via Cosmopolitan

While she’s a huge star herself, Larson has also been known to fangirl every once in a while. Even famous people have celebrity crushes.

This picture of her meeting Benedict Cumberbatch proves that she’s just like the rest of us when it comes to meeting our favorite stars. Her face says it all.

5Goofing Off On Ellen

via YouTube

Not only is Brie Larson strong, beautiful, and inspiring–she’s also a total goofball. She likes to have fun with her friends just like everyone else does.

She and MCU co-star Scarlett Johansson appeared on Ellen and of course, as all guests on the show do, they danced, played games, and revealed embarrassing information. This picture makes everyone want to join in the fun.

4Singing With Samuel


Larson has starred alongside actor Samuel L. Jackson in multiple movies now, including Captain Marvel and Unicorn Store. Working together that often has led to a great friendship.

The two sang “Shallow” on The Jonathan Ross Show and fans loved it. While Larson did once have a solo music career, the pair didn’t exactly sound great, but they seemed to have fun with it. Their friendship is truly lovely.

3Rainbow Bright

via Twitter

Larson is no stranger to rainbows. Vibrant colors are a central element to her film Unicorn Store and she seems to support that aesthetic even in her personal life.

She posted this bright, glowing photo on her Twitter. The artsy picture has a dreamlike quality to it and holds Larson in an angelic light.

2Glowing With Power

via IndieWire

While Larson herself looks compelling in her Captain Marvel suit, she looks even more extraordinary when she’s glowing with power. The special effects add a powerful, enchanting touch to her look.

When Captain Marvel is powered up as she is in this photo, she looks like she is otherworldly. Larson truly looks the part of a hero.

1Female Avengers Unite

via NPR

There are a lot of memorable scenes from Avengers: Endgame, but one of the most popular moments was the shot of all of the female heroes coming to the rescue.

It was a historic moment in superhero movie history for women and Larson got to be a part of it. Fans couldn’t get enough of the girl power.

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