One of those rare actors who seems to bubble under the surface for years on end, Brie Larson has been excellent in a lot of roles but it took years of spectacular work for her to finally become a star. In fact, we’d argue that it wasn’t until she began playing the Marvel superhero Captain Marvel that she truly became famous.

Arguably one of the most talked-about actors in the world today, at this point it seems entirely possible that Brie Larson’s career will continue to take off from here. The furthest thing possible from an overnight success, since it has taken Larson so long to become a major movie star it shouldn’t surprise anyone that her life has been fascinating. With that in mind, it is time to get to this list of 15 surprising facts about Brie Larson’s Rise to Fame.

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15Late Night Youngster

Brie Larson The Tonight Show

While Brie Larson never attained fame as a kid, she is a former child actor who successfully made the leap to adult roles. After all, when she was still a youngster she made acting appearances on The Tonight Show including one in which she was cast as a kid who used an Easy Bake Oven to cook roadkill.

14Early TV Roles

Brie Larson Red Carpet

In between making more than one appearance on Jay Leno’s version of The Tonight Show and landing her first recurring TV role, Brie Larson landed some small roles in other shows. For example, from 1998 until the year 2000, Larson played one time characters in series like Touched by An Angel and Popular.

13Making The Cut

Brie Larson Young

As an adult, Brie Larson has consistently made a living in one of the most cutthroat industries in the world. With that in mind, it probably is a great thing that she got used to the competition when she was only 6-years-old. Accepted into the American Conservatory Theater when she was that age, it was mind-blowing because at that time she was the youngest person ever to join the program.

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12Road Not Taken

Brie Larson Dolphins

Even though Brie Larson has worked towards becoming an entertainer since she was a child, that doesn’t mean that she always felt confident that things would work out. In fact, at one point she strongly considered focusing on a completely different career path when she applied to colleges with plans to either be an interior designer or marine biologist.

11Dream Come True

Brie Larson United States of Tara

If you asked most people which actor they look up to the most, they more likely than not would speak about some of the biggest stars in the world. Obviously interested in other things, Brie Larson’s acting hero was none other than veteran character actor Toni Collette. Luckily for Brie, she would go on to costar in the critically acclaimed TV show United States of Tara with Toni.

10Home Movie Maker

Brie Larson Sleepover

Earlier in this list, we talked about the fact that Brie Larson made several The Tonight Show appearances as a kid. On top of that, at a young age, she managed to land roles in movies like 13 Going on 30 and Sleepover. While all of that is really cool, we are more impressed by the fact that as a child Brie used her family’s video camera to make movies with the help of her cousin’s acting skills.

9First Major Role

Brie Larson Raising Dad

While every young actor dreams of landing a starring TV role, that doesn’t mean they should expect their first notable show to go the distance. For example, the same year Brie Larson turned 12-years-old she became a television star for the first time due to the debut of Raising Dad. Sadly, even though Raising Dad starred Bob Saget and featured a young Kat Dennings, it was canceled after 22 episodes.

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8Striving To Sing

Brie Larson Music Video

If you ask us, one of the most underrated movies of the 2010s is Scott Pilgrim vs. the World which featured Brie Larson’s singing as her character Natalie “Envy” Adams. As it turns out, that role was perfect for Larson as before she became a famous actor she tried to be a pop star with the release of her only album to date, “Finally Out of P.E.”.

7Unusual Education

Brie Larson as a kid

Given the fact that a huge part of acting is reacting to your costars, it makes sense that so many famous performers were social butterflies during their high school years. In the case of Brie Larson, however, being crowned prom queen was never a possibility unless she voted for herself as she was homeschooled.

6Disney Credentials

Brie Larson Right on Track

Long before Brie Larson became a star, she landed one role after another that seemingly could’ve taken her career to a whole new level. Currently best known for her starring role in the Disney owned MCU movie Captain Marvel, years ago Brie starred in a Disney Channel Original Movie called Right on Track. Based on the real-life story of a pair of sisters that began drag racing as children, the movie has largely been forgotten.

5Making Her Own Opportunities

Brie Larson Weighting

Earlier in this list, we touched on the fact that when Brie Larson was a kid she was a budding filmmaker. With that in mind, it makes sense that before she starred in the movies that made her a massive star, Room and Captain Marvel, she wrote and directed two short films titled Weighting and The Arm. Actually, she also took it upon herself to edit Weighting.

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4Full Support

Brie Larson and her mom

When it comes to child stars, most people put no thought into the people that helped the young actor become famous. For proof of that, look no further than the story of Brie Larson’s family. After all, Brie never became famous as a youngster but she began acting at a young age and in order for her to have that chance, she moved to Los Angeles with her mom and sister. Only able to afford a small apartment at that time, all three family members even slept in the same bed.

3What’s In A Name

Brie Larson Red Carpet

In an ideal world, an actor’s name would have nothing to do with how successful they would go on to become. Of course, Hollywood is less than ideal so a lot of actors have opted to adopt stage names, including Brie Larson. Actually given the name Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers at birth, she started to go by Brie Larson so she no longer had to tell people how to pronounce her last name.

2Music Queen

Brie Larson DJing

During the early years of Brie Larson’s career, she wasn’t making enough money to actually get by in a place as expensive as Hollywood. As such, she had to take other work, but at least her side hustle during that period was awesome. Employed as a DJ, she only played vinyl records during her performances which continued as recently as 2013 which is amazing since she was already turning heads as an actor at that point.


Brie Larson Hope & Faith

Far from the most popular sitcom of the 2000s, Hope & Faith still managed to amass a large enough audience that it stayed on the air for three seasons. Unfortunately for Brie Larson, that must have been painful as she was cast in the show’s unaired pilot but her character got recast. At the very least, she could rest assured that she wasn’t the only one as the pilot’s whole cast was fired aside from stars Faith Ford and Kelly Ripa.

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