Being cast as a Marvel superhero is some pretty serious biz. I mean, you’re signing up for (fictionally) saving the world multiple times. You’re also signing up to fight some serious bad guys, not to mention getting ready to become a role model for kids all around the world. What’s really special about the Marvel universe that makes it so adored is the way humor is incorporated into the movies. That being said, Brie Larson’s character, Captain Marvel, is probably one of the more serious members of the Marvel squad.Despite her serious, no-nonsense character, Brie Larson herself is actually quite the funny, quirky gal. She could handle comedic Marvel scenes with ease! Brie’s Instagram is full of posts documenting her amazing sense of humor.

Even though we don’t know too much about the actress so far, we do know that she’s walked a long and winding road to get to her current level of fame. Below are 15 posts from the actress’s Instagram that we found were way too good to ignore.

Brie Larson Real Life Top 15 Instagram Photos and video online

15Serving Us Early 2000’S Realness

The early 2000s were an interesting time for us all, and celebrities were no exception.

Brie Laron posted this incredible throwback of herself in 2005, and that haircut is giving us some major nostalgia. But the best thing about it all is definitely her caption – does anyone else remember the excessive use of dots and dashes, to really get your point across? ‘LyFe’ certainly is a journey.

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14Some Interesting Halloween Attire

What do you get when you mix a video game character with Harry Potter? Well, just a really weird Halloween picture, I guess.

Brie Larson and a friend decided to have an interesting photo op at a Halloween party, showing off very different Halloween costume choices.

13Yes Brie, You’re Doing This More Than Right

Brie Larson sure knew how to do the 10-year challenge the right way.

She put her own spin on the popular challenge that was going around, posting a ‘before’ pic showing off her dainty frame, and an ‘after’ picture of herself enjoying some pizza. This is a transformation we can all get behind.

12Very Out Of Context, But Very Funny

Despite the fact that we have absolutely no back story on this pic, other than Brie’s ow explanation, we think that makes the photo even funnier.

Brie posted this pic of her seemingly preparing to throw a cake across a room. While we don’t know that it was a real cake and if it was actually thrown, we would like to believe she did toss a tasty dessert like a Frisbee.

11Being A Role Model

We’re taking a quick break from Brie’s humorous posts to give you this incredibly adorable one.

Brie took a second on the red carpet to sign an autograph for what may be the world’s cutest fan, all decked out in her own Captain Marvel costume. She definitely is quite the little superstar!

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10A Baby Brie

We’re not sure what type of Monday mood these pics are summing up, but it still (strangely perhaps) inspires us!

Brie discovered two pics of her from back in 1999 and posted them on Instagram, with the caption, #mondaymood. We would much prefer having this type of Monday mood, rather than the mood it usually gives us.

9Proving She’s Worthy

I guess Captain Marvel was right when she said she could lift Thor’s hammer…and now, so can Brie Larson!

Brie showed off her power by posing for a pic while holding up the mighty weapon. This happened while she was visiting Marvel’s studios. Both Captain Marvel and Brie Larson are people you probably shouldn’t mess with.

8We Don’t Have Many Words For This Pic

We don’t have much to say about this pic other than the fact that it is strangely very specific.

Whether we wanted a photo of Brie posing with a hula hoop while wearing a tie choker or not, she certainly delivered it. We just have one question for you, Brie – were you actually going somewhere better later?

7She’s A Star Wars Super Fan

If you take a quick scroll through Brie Larson’s Instagram, you’ll find that she’s actually quite the Star Wars fan.

She looks almost unrecognizable here, all decked out in Star Wars gear, complete with a lightsaber and C-3PO sidekick. Is it just us or could she definitely be a blonde Princess Leia…or maybe Rey?

6She Started Her Journey To Captain Marvel Young

I guess Brie Larson set her sights on becoming Captain Marvel pretty young because she’s pictured here posing with someone dressed up as Captain America.

This pic shows off some pretty incredible foreshadowing! This is actually pretty cool, despite the random Teletubby appearance. We’re not too sure what that’s about and it looks like Brie wasn’t sure, either.

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5Are We In For A Brie Larson Live Show?

While we think a Brie Larson late-night talk show would be extremely entertaining, that doesn’t seem to be in the works. Although she did sub for Jimmy Kimmel on his show one night!

Brie also has more late show experience than you think, since her first acting gig was actually on Jay Leno’s show, during some of his fake ad bits.

4Her Style Was Unmatched

Obviously, we’re being sarcastic here. Brie Larson posted this incredible throwback of her on the red carpet. She showcased an extremely interesting outfit choice. It was very black and white, with the exception of some pink heels. We’ve also never seen a more accurate representation of the emoji that she captioned this pic with.

3Killing The Competition (Not Really)

A Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel showdown would certainly be epic, but this will have to do for now. Brie Larson and Gal Gadot jokingly put on a fight for the camera, but these two gals are good friends. We love it when powerful women become great friends!

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Don’t worry, Brie – there’s a lot of things that we also blame the early 2000s for.

The actress uncovered these epic pics of her attending the 2004 Teen Choice Awards, and it’s no surprise her outfit choice is… interesting. But the poses she’s serving are definitely the icing on the cake.

1When She Perfectly Resembled Patrick Star

While there are many people and things that famous celebs often resemble, including their parents, other celebrities, and works of art, Brie Larson resembled a famous pink cartoon character. We’re talking about the one and only Patrick Star from Spongebob Squarepants.

This hilarious pic of Brie was captured and put on her Instagram for a “who wore it best” competition, but it seems like Brie quickly took that back. Maybe she feared losing this competition to Mr. Star.