Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers, otherwise known as Brie Larson by her fans, made it ultra- mega-big when she got the role of Captain Marvel in the heroine’s origin movie for Marvel. However, she had a respectable history before that, including roles in movies such as Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and 21 Jump Street.

Her film career didn’t start or end there, though. In addition to many other smaller roles, she also received the Independent Spirit Award for Best Female lead…before she even entered the MCU.

Up to this point, her list of acting credits is pretty long, and she’s also not shy when it comes to speaking out for causes she supports. Since Captain Marvel, she’s become a role model for new fans and old fans. She’s inspired Marvel fans to remain true to who they are.

So who is Brie Larson, outside of the flashy lights of Hollywood? We’ve found 19 photos that showcase a more natural side of her…one that’s not always seen in posed photos.

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19Rockin’ Shades, She’s An Off-Duty Captain Marvel

via Yahoo

Brie has an interesting sense of style, to say the least, but somehow, she always looks chic and ready to rock and roll. That could be due in part to the sunglasses she’s wearing in this obviously candid photo. We totally dig the edgier vibe she has here.

18Completely Transformed For A Runway Magazine

via Vogue

While she never really screamed fashion and glam, Brie has posed during professional photoshoots before. In this one, she’s posing for Vogue, outfitted in a gorgeous red gown. It’s classy and elegant, proving that she really does have many facets, but all are true to who she is.

17They Say Laughter Is Contagious

via Us weekly

Surprisingly, most of Brie’s most candid moments are all when she’s laughing. This moment is seemingly frozen in time, capturing the exact moment of her excitement on camera. Laughter truly is contagious and we’d have to imagine hers is, too.

16Contemplative Or Figuring Out Her Next Move?

via The Irish Times

This could be referred to as ‘resting B face’! But don’t worry – there’s no way Brie could ever be a real-life Blair Waldorf. Her serious, contemplative face does seem to have one message, though: don’t even think about crossing me. Yikes!

15We’ve Had Those Moments Too, Brie, Don’t Worry

via The Consumed Life

You know those moments when you’re just laughing so hard that your entire face scrunches up? It’s that moment right before you end up laughing so hard that you can’t breathe, and we’re pretty sure that’s what Brie is experiencing in this totally random Oscar-winning shot.

14Totally Kawaii From Head To Toe… Literally

via Pinterest

The award-winning actress shows no fear when it comes to repping her own style, that’s for sure! While it is a bit surprising to see her in (nearly) head-to-toe pink, we have to admit that Brie can rock just about anything…low key jealousy is happening, for sure…

13When She’s Not Captain Marvel, She’s Playing A Convincing Samus

via Pinterest

Celebs celebrate holidays just like the rest of us do and Brie Larson is no exception. Posing with some fans for said holiday, she’s dressed up as Zero Suit Samus from the classic game, Metroid for GameCube. She would make a pretty convincing Samus, too – perhaps a movie is in the future?

12Off-Guard On The Red Carpet

via PopSugar

Even when she’s not staring at the camera, Brie carries herself with such elegance and grace. With her head held high, she makes quite a red carpet entrance. Fully outfitted in sapphire blue, we can’t imagine anyone upstaging her; she looks like she was born to be there.

11Even From A Side Profile, She’s Stunning

via Pinterest

No one is perfect, but we’d have to say that she comes pretty close. There’s seemingly no camera angle that’s unflattering, a fact that not many can relate to (especially when we’re on selfie number 50 out of 200 because we can’t find the right pose).

10We All Know This Face, Mainly When The GPS Is Wrong

via Page Six

This shot is from Captain Marvel and, needless to say, she wasn’t very good with maps or earthly direction in the movie. We’re thinking the real-life Brie is probably much better when it comes to following directions, especially since she’s an actress (see what we did there ?).

9Slightly Dicey Oscar-Holding

via Pinterest

What did we say? She’s always caught up in some type of laugh or smile, and this photo is pretty extreme. We’re not sure what comment was made to provoke a full, head-back laugh in response, but we’re a little concerned about how tightly she’s clutching that award…

8A Quick Smile For An Unexpected Photo

via Just Jared

We all wish that we had the ability to flash a sideways smile in any direction while walking, but alas, many of us are not that charismatic. However, Brie seems to have charisma in spades, able to shoot a smile in any direction at a moment’s notice. She can also rock all white after Labor Day, so that’s pretty rad.

7Late To The Gym, Something We’re All Familiar With

via Gceleb

This photo shows that Brie is just like us! Rushing out of the house, late for the gym, smoothie (or coffee, for some of us) in hand…sunglasses on because it’s too early to be awake. See, celebrities really aren’t that different from us – except we don’t have to get totally buff for a movie role.

6Even Captain Marvel Has A Sense Of Humor

via Page Six

Captain Marvel was pretty serious in the movie. She had her sarcastic moments, but, overall, she was edgy, tough, and not to be messed with. That’s why this photo throws us off quite a bit, because, although we know it’s candid, it’s still totally out of character.

5She’s A Movie-Goer, Just Like Anyone Else

via Entertainment Tonight

The biggest surprise for Captain Marvel and Brie Larson fans alike was when she showed up at theaters to see her own movie. Even better, she was dressed from head to toe in Captain Marvel-inspired attire, complete with Captain Marvel-themed treats.

4A Super Young Brie, Fresh On The Movie Scene

via Celebs Tattoos

This is obviously a shot of the actress from an earlier time in her life, likely early on in her acting career. It’s definitely pre-Captain Marvel, but it’s still so obvious how charming Brie’s personality is. She still seems so comfortable just being herself, regardless of what movie role she’s playing at the time.

3An Intense Gym Sesh

via Gceleb

It’s no secret that she had to go through a pretty intense workout routine prior to filming Captain Marvel. She trained for months beforehand, doing rigorous workouts that most of us don’t even come close to attempting. Getting buff totally takes on a different meaning when you’re training to become a superhero.

2Even Caught In A Crosswalk, She Still Looks Flawless

Caught entirely off-guard, this is probably the most candid photo we have of Brie. However, even here, she still looks balanced and composed, yet totally unaware. Is there a trick or something to getting flawless photos, even when you don’t know they’re being taken?

1She’s Beauty, She’s Grace, She Could Deck Someone In The Face?

She looks sweet and kind, but remember – she does play the role of Captain Marvel. We’re just kidding – everything we know about Brie Larson is that she’s a total sweetheart in real life, and we’re happy to hear it…even if she could take us all in the kickboxing ring.

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