Putting on the suit of Captain Marvel wasn’t enough for Brie Larson. She wanted to embody the role – the actress would embark on a rigorous nine-month training program, one that featured so many ups and downs, to the point that she was reduced to tears during certain sessions.

Not only did she thrive, but Brie put on some serious muscle while accomplishing tremendous personal strength records, such as 225 on the deadlift and other marks we’ll discuss throughout the article. The Marvel Universe should be nothing but proud of her work behind the scenes while prepping for the role.

Enjoy as we take a look at the things Brie Larson does to stay in shape. Let’s get started.

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11Two Workouts Per Day

Brie Larson Had Some Insane Training For “Captain Marvel” (8 pics ...

If you’re going to try to look like Captain Marvel, then you better get ready to partake in two workouts per day. Never mind not having time, because you’ll have to make the time for separate stints dedicated to both strength and conditioning.

Both sessions involve their own unique challenges, one strictly based on strength and learning functional lifts while the other, focuses on improving cardio conditioning.

10Train For Strength

Brie Larson | Капитан марвел, Бри ларсон, Мстители

Brie’s workouts were next level, so much so that she was brought to tears during some sessions, but we’ll have a little more on that later in the article.

The focus of her workouts wasn’t to get toned up and lose weight, but instead, the biggest focus was on improving her functional strength each workout. As we’ll come to see, her lifts improved drastically over the course of the year because of her consistent hard work and dedication.

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9Deadlift 225-Pounds

Brie Larson Deadlift

That number sounds unimaginable for a lot of people and that includes Brie Larson herself, who had no prior experience in lifting heavy prior to getting cast as Carol Danvers.

She wanted to embody the Captain Marvel role by increasing her strength; her deadlift, in particular, went from pretty much nothing all the way to 225 pounds, which is quite the mark even for experienced female trainees.

8Train Until You Cry

Brie Larson is a total badass, and her workout routine is proof ...
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That’s right, according to Larson herself (during an interview with Forbes), she pushed so hard during her workouts alongside trainer Jason Walsh, that she was basically reduced to tears at one point;

“I sobbed in the gym many times. My trainer would be like, ‘Oh, she’s crying again.’ It’s very emotional when you’re kind of stirring up something very vulnerable and raw inside of you, and you’re also learning that it’s just for you; there was nothing for me to prove.”

7Push A Jeep Up A Hill

Brie Larson learns to fly in 'Captain Marvel' training photo ...

Fans were in complete awe of this IG post, featuring Brie pushing a 5,000-pound Jeep outside of her training facility. Here’s what she had to say via IG;

“A training highlight – pushing @risemovement almost 5000lbs Jeep (with a full tank of gas and Alyssa behind the wheel for safety!) for 60 seconds. In Captain Marvel @nike Metcons! It’s a strong vibe but I like it.”

6Gaining Weight Instead Of Losing

Brie Larson pullup

As per usual, when a celeb goes on a diet, they’ll drop a lot of weight while managing to turn it into lean muscle.

Larson took a different route, simply gaining pure strength and muscle from her intense training. It is said that she gained up to 15-pounds of muscle over the course of nine months! Now that’s pretty darn remarkable.

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5Higher Calories & Protein

Brie Larson eating
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Given how rigorous the workouts were, Larson needed to eat a lot more calories than usual, especially when it came to protein, a source that is especially essential for building and repairing the muscle properly.

Larson would also fill up her diet with healthy fats while minimizing the carb totals.

4Hip Thrust Over 400 Pounds

Brie Larson hip thrust
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Another remarkable total is Brie’s hip thrust game which equates to 400-pounds per set. Most can only dream of hitting such totals.

This movement particularly involves both the hips and the glutes; clearly, Larson mastered it, to the point that she’s hitting the weight for a lot of reps.

3She Cut Out Sweets

Brie Larson ice cream
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“Sugar is a bad culprit. It’s addictive as hell, and it tastes good and I like it and most people do and there’s a reason. You have to limit that stuff.”

Those are the words from Brie’s trainer with E Online. Her eating habits featured very little sugar, aside from a cup of berries per day.

2Intense Upper Body Work

Brie Larson lifting
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It wasn’t just about lower body exercises targeting the glutes or abs for Brie. In order to train like a true Hollywood star, more is required and that includes multiple upper body workouts that involve serious strength.

From the lat pulldown to pull-ups to bicep curls, Brie did it all during her intense workout sessions. She was a well-rounded beast by the time her training for the film came to an end.

1Progressive Overload

Brie Larson pullup
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This was the fundamental part of Brie’s training, which constantly involves stressing the muscle more and more every workout.

The way to do so is by always challenging yourself with different weights. The goal is to improve upon lifts over time while turning those improvements into muscle internally

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