Brock Lesnar is currently a free agent in the world of professional wrestling, and that has opened up the door for him to potentially leave WWE. Of course, that big talking point now is that he has the opportunity to work for AEW, which is something most fans never expected.RELATED: Randy Orton WWE Top 10 OMG Attacks On Legends photos and videoWhile it remains unclear whether or not the Beast will work for AEW, there’s certainly no shortage of dream matches available for him in the company. AEW has a loaded roster of wrestlers and they all have a real range of talents which would help put together some fantastic matches against Lesnar if the opportunity arises.

Brock Lesnar News Top 10 possible matches AEW photos and video online

Big Show Calls Out Brock Lesnar



Cody is one of the very best storytellers in wrestling right now. He might not be the most skilled in-ring talent (although he’s still very good,) but he makes up for that with his in-ring storytelling.

Cody can play the ultimate underdog which would really work well against Brock Lesnar. He’s got no problem being busted open to add to a story either, which would help to carve out something special against The Beast Incarnate.

9Darby Allin

Speaking of someone who doesn’t mind being busted open, Darby Allin is another perfect opponent for the Beast. Allin is the ultimate risk-taker and is someone who will happily take all manner of ridiculous bumps if it means putting together a great match.

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Allin is someone who can fight through great pain and keep coming back for more, which would work well against Brock Lesnar. Plus, Lesnar always works better against smaller wrestlers, which is why this would likely be a great contest.


From a smaller wrestler to someone who could legitimately stand toe-to-toe with the Beast, Lucasaurus would also be a strong contender as an opponent for Lesnar. Luchasaurus could be a legitimate threat to Brock in terms of size, and that would make things really interesting.

With Luchasaurus’ agility and speed being blended with Brock’s fighting skills, this could be a real contest. Plus, adding Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt to the outside would help enhance the match and lead to some crazy bumps.

7Brian Cage

Another man who could match up to Brock Lesnar in terms of size and power is Brian Cage which would make for a really unique situation. There are only a few men who can honestly be taken seriously against the Beast, and Cage is one of those.

Seeing the two men slug it out with heavy hits and big power moves would certainly create a really fun match that would be a really big moment in Cage’s career.

6Sammy Guevara

The Spanish God is someone who could really benefit from a match with Brock Lesnar. The Beast always goes above and beyond to put over other wrestlers in the ring, and he has helped make legitimate stars out of several smaller talents in the past.

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With Sammy’s promo abilities, the build up to this match could be tons of fun. Plus, when they put them into the ring together, Guevara has the technical skills to really put on a classic with Brock, especially with Lesnar’s selling.

5Adam ‘Hangman’ Page

Hangman Page has truly been one of the most exciting talents in AEW so far, and he has done a great job at showcasing his ability. In the ring, he brings a big fight feel, much like Brock Lesnar does, always throwing 110% into everything that he does.

The build up to their match could be something special with Hangman’s promos and sheer confidence. But put them in the ring together and Hangman’s technical ability and power would make for a great combination with the Beast.

4Joey Janela

Brock Lesnar and Joey Janela could have a ridiculous stipulation match if they were put together in the ring. Janela is the ultimate risk-taker and if the match allowed for weapons, they would really be able to create some carnage.

With Brock’s power ability just dominating, Janela would take some insane bumps that would help to make a really shocking match between them.


If AEW wanted to bring in Brock Lesnar as a babyface, then MJF could be the ideal opponent for him. The build up to a match between these two men could be sensational, with MJF’s cocky attitude talking him into a match with the Beast.

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It would be great to see them compete against each other and Brock would certainly make MJF look great in the ring. They could have a strong match, but the build itself would be the real highlight here.

2Chris Jericho

Considering the fact that Chris Jericho and Brock Lesnar shared a WWE locker room for many years, it is quite surprising that this match has never happened. However, these two wrestling legends have never locked up in a ring which is something that could change in AEW.

Jericho is known to legitimately not like Brock, and that could only add to the story between them. Jericho is a master at storytelling and there’s no doubt they could have a great match. Jericho and Lesnar once got in a legit backstage fight after Y2J was upset with how The Beast Incarnate handled himself in his match against Randy Orton at SummerSlam 2016.

1Kenny Omega

When it comes to dream matches for Brock Lesnar in AEW, Kenny Omega obviously tops the list. He’s one of the best wrestlers in the world and someone who can really mix it up with all manner of styles.

He is able to mix up his own in-ring ability as well, bringing strikes, high-flying and technical wrestling together in one. Considering how talented both he and Brock are, they would certainly be capable of one amazing match.

Brock Lesnar News Top 10 possible matches AEW photos and video online