Brock Lesnar and Sable have to be one of the most odd and unique couples in WWE history. Brock’s 39, while Sable’s entering her 50s and despite the age difference, the two are still happily married living out of Saskatchewan, Canada. What makes their relationship so unique is the fact that we know very little about them as a couple and they wouldn’t want it any other way. Sable was an outcast backstage, usually separating herself from the locker room, while Brock used the same “clock in and clock out” mentality during the better part of his run. For that, we are left asking a lot of questions about the two.In this article, we look back at their many moments and highlight some pictures they likely don’t want us to see. Some feature the couple together in public settings, while others take a look at some individual photos they likely want erased.

So without further ado, let’s find out which pictures made the list. Enjoy the article and like always, let your voice be heard on Facebook, discussing the pictures you believe were worthy of this list. And also, be sure to share the article with a buddy. Here are 15 pictures Brock Lesnar and Sable don’t want you to see!

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15Family Time


Born and raised in Webster, South Dakota, Brock Lesnar was a long way away from living the prestigious city life he’s often forced into nowadays as a member of the WWE. Although he’s had so much success since his earlier days, Brock has stayed true to his roots through thick and thin. To this very day, he lives a private family life out on a farm in Saskatchewan. He’s basically living the same life as he used to growing up, as his dad owned and operated a dairy farm.

Outside of the company, it’s no secret Brock opts to live a private life and, with that said, pictures of him at family gatherings isn’t something he’d be too fond of the public seeing. Brock is seen in the pic alongside Sable and not surprisingly, he’s in a corner seat because he’s a mammoth of a man.

14Super Human Toddler


Growing up, it was rather obvious that Brock was a scary and once in a lifetime athlete. He had a serious amount of skill when it came to any competitive sport that required strength. He thrived in football and amateur wrestling at a young age and that would continue to develop throughout his teen years. Because of his amateur wrestling prowess, he caught the WWE’s eye, inking a ridiculous deal right off the bat.

The picture above shows how gifted he was genetically, but things could have been quite different. At the age of 17, Lesnar joined the Army National Guard. His stint was short lived, as he was deemed to be hazardous when using explosives. In other words, he wasn’t the brightest. Oh, how different things could have been if he was a little smarter as a teen.

13Sable & Marc Mero


Of course, like any other relationship, discussing past ones isn’t too enjoyable and that’s most probably the case for Sable. Before she met Brock in the 2000s, Sable was actually married twice. Her first relationship spanned from 1986 until 1991. She would remarry three years later, this time to a dude in the pro wrestling business, Marc Mero. They married in 1994 and worked side-by-side with the WWE. Their relationship was a perfect example of why a good looking woman does not help the cause of a babyface wrestler trying to get over. Mero lost steam alongside Sable and it ultimately hurt his career and chances at fame.

In 2004, the couple would split up amicably. Sable would join the WWE after the separation and it’s at that point when she would meet the next man in her life, Brockkkk Lesssnarrrrr (Paul Heyman voice).

12Kissing Kurt Angle


One of the most underrated time periods in the WWE took place during the initial brand extension, back in the early 2000s. After the split went down, SmackDown began to seriously thrive, becoming a must-see program. The show was highlighted in large by a feud that featured Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle.

The two did it all during their rivalry, but one thing Brock likely wants us to forget about is the fact that he kissed Kurt on an episode of the Thursday show. In addition, the rumor also suggests that Brock was initially supposedly to play a gay character. The likes of Jim Ross have disregarded the claim, but others believe it was very much a possibility.

11The Weird Love Triangle


Sable returning to the WWE seemed highly unlikely given the context of her departure. There was bad blood between the two sides and it even led to a court battle. Well, like Vince says, never say never when it comes to the world of sports entertainment. Sable would make an unlikely return in April of 2003, joining the SmackDown brand. In her return, she would add to the awkwardness by serving as Vince’s mistress. Looking back at that angle and those segments, it must feel even more awkward to watch.

Her role was edgy and forgettable, given the fact that she’s a mother today. No doubt, both Brock and Sable probably wish all those angles with McMahon didn’t happen, as Vince often says, it was just business. On the bright side, Sable would meet her man during the return and the two are still living happily together with their two boys.

10Average Joe In OVW


Like everybody else, it wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows for The Beast, as he had to work his way up the ladder, which began in OVW. Back when he signed in 2000, the WWE’s developmental system was nothing like the state of the art Performance Center of today. Instead, it was an old school facility that featured rusty training equipment along with crowds of less than 100 people on the regular. It wasn’t anything close to being on the actual main roster.

Lesnar would get through his time, but it came with some backlash. At one point, Jim Cornette threatened to kill Brock with a gun after he slammed his former female partner a little too hard during a dark match. The action could have set Brock back, but the company was just too high on the guy. When it’s all set and done, Brock likely won’t be thinking all that much about his OVW days.

9Sable & Torrie


Returning to the WWE, Sable had some interesting storylines during her run. Before she began to be romantically involved with Vince, Sable was working a Playboy angle alongside Torrie Wilson. Looking at the antics that would proceed, we believe both Brock and Sable would love to forgot these segments especially as proud parents.

The two engaged in some edgy material on SmackDown for weeks and, whether it was bikini contests or steamy backstage segments, the content was usually R rated when it came to Sable and Torrie. There isn’t much from her career she’d be comfortable showing her kids, but this feud for sure ranks up there as something that’s probably forbidden for her children to see. For that, this is definitely a photo that makes the list for both Brock and Sable.

8The Brock & Stephanie Incident


As you can see on this list, SmackDown had a bunch of memorable moments during its early run and this is just another one of them. We can add Stephanie as another person who most probably wants us to forget about this picture and segment.

Being a ruthless heel, Brock threatened Stephanie and trapped her in a corner inside the squared circle. He would proceed to get in her face and almost locked lips with her, while Stephanie just stayed there, looking extremely vulnerable. You question how such a segment made the show and looking at the content today, such an act would never make TV. Heck, we hardly ever see men and women in the same ring any longer, that’s how sensitive the company has become. Looking back, this picture is not best for business.

7His New Japan Days


Leaving the WWE after WrestleMania XX, Lesnar would depart for a career in the NFL, but after that didn’t work out, he would rejoin the wrestling business with New Japan. The move caused a plethora of legal problems, as Brock had a no compete clause which he violated.

Ultimately, Brock got his wish and he was able to join the overseas company. He won the IWGP Heavyweight Championship and he even feuded with the likes of Shinsuke Nakamura and Kurt Angle. Ultimately, however, the move really didn’t do much for his career. Looking back, we believe Brock would have preferred going in another direction, but instead, he spent time overseas in a part of his career that’s forgotten about to the casual fan.

6Getting Pounded By Overeem


Brock joining the UFC was an absolute shock. The moved caused quite the stir and it showed just how much of a once in a lifetime athlete he really is. He lost his UFC debut to Frank Mir, but the viewers were still buzzing, as he dominated Mir for most of the bout. He’d dispose of Mir quickly in their rematch, cementing the fact that he was an actual threat.

Brock would shock the world by winning the Heavyweight Championship from Randy Couture. He would continue to shock the world by beating Shane Carwin with an arm-triangle choke. However, his luck would soon run out with some terrible one sided defeats to the likes of Cain Velasquez and Alistair Overeem. To Brock’s credit, he’d return for one more fight years later, this time completely healthy. He disposed of Mark Hunt via decision, but eventually, the decision was overturned due to Brock failing a drug test.

5Brock & Sable With The Fans


We mean no disrespect towards the couple, but they don’t seem like the easiest pair of people to talk to. That shows in this picture, as the fan stands slightly away from Brock as he looks on with that intimating look.

Looking back at their track records, the two weren’t the most well received superstars behind the scenes. Sable was pretty much an outcast back in her day. She was alone backstage during most of her time alongside Marc Mero and she rubbed people the wrong way with her large ego. According to various shoots, multiple wrestlers made the claim that Sable was taking credit for the company’s ratings. That didn’t sit well with many of the wrestlers and that led to one of them (X-Pac, cough cough) defecating inside Sable’s bag on her final day.

4Before & After Of Brock With The Fans


This is likely a before and after picture Brock doesn’t want us to see. It tells the tale of two stories, as Lesnar seemed much more excited to meet the fans back in the day. Today, he’s embraced his loner mentality, barely cracking a smile in a picture. To his credit, however, rarely does he take a picture request.

The sentiment is the same backstage. He was a team player in the early 2000s, but today, working with Brock can be an uphill battle. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose have discussed their displeasures about working with Brock, claiming it wasn’t the easiest to get The Beast to do something they wanted. Matches with Brock have been quite limited when it comes to planning and that hasn’t set well with many backstage.

3Candid Of Brock & Sable


There’s a few things Brock and Sable likely hate about this picture. Ine, it invades their privacy. Two, it’s of them in a public setting surrounded by people. Three, it involves travel, something Lesnar absolutely despises.

When signing his mega WWE deal, Brock made it a point to receive a deal that had limited dates, along with full travel accommodations. Lesnar flies privately and those times of consistant travel are a thing of the past. Lesnar initially quit the company because of the rigorous travel schedule, but that no longer seems to be an issue.

It remains to be seen what’s next for Brock, as with such an easy schedule and so much money being thrown his way, resigning wouldn’t surprise anyone. But again, Brock has shocked us before and there’s no doubt that he can again.

2Topless Sable


Only in the Attitude Era would such a picture fly. At that point in time, sex sold and the WWE embraced it to a tee. The content got edgier and as it did, the rating began to grow. Today, the promotion has come full circle as a publicly traded company. With that said, edgy material is a thing of the past as they have sponsors they need to look clean cut for. Today, the company is PG and looking passed such moments.

Without a doubt, even Brock and Sable are looking passed such a segment that featured Sable ripping her top off only to have prints printed on her chest. Jerry Lawler’s reaction was priceless and it made for quite the moment. Living a private life as a mother and nearing her 50s, we truly believe Sable would rather this image not be around anymore.

1Triple B: Biker Boy Brock


We close off this article with one of the more bizarre online pictures of Brock, with him posing on top of a motorcycle while rocking a vest and being shirtless under. Some suggest Triple H was inspired by Brock for his recent WrestleMania entrance… okay maybe not, but it’s possible…

The picture is truly once in a lifetime and depicts Lesnar in a light we’ve never seen before. Looking at his brand value, this is a picture the WWE and Lesnar likely want to steer clear from. Don’t expect any WWE star to use such a pic to gain heat on Lesnar, as the company is very protective when it comes to anything related to The Beast. So instead, we admire the picture and appreciate that it made…THE LIST!

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