WWE fans haven’t seen much of Brock Lesnar since he lost the WWE Championship to Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 36. Although his bio is still posted to WWE.com, his merchandise is now inexplicably missing from WWEshop.com.

Though fans expect Lesnar to return to the WWE roster soon, the promotion has so far kept quiet about his reappearance. When you search “Brock Lesnar” on WWEshop.com, you’re greeted with the message, “Oops! Your search generated no results!” leading some to speculate that there may be changes in store for The Beast.

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On Sportskeeda’s WWE RAW Preview, Tom Colohue said that according to his sources, WWE asked Brock Lesnar to perform in the ThunderDome at SummerSlam, but he apparently refused given the current health crisis. Apparently, by not featuring Lesnar’s merchandise on the WWE website, the promotion isn’t obligated to pay Lesnar a cut from the sales it makes.

Some have also speculated that Lesnar, who lives in Canada, cannot cross the border due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The last time Lesnar appeared at WWE was back in April at WrestleMania 36. McIntyre’s win stripped Lesnar of his fifth WWE Championship reign after 184 days. It was also in April when Lesnar last posted on his Twitter page.

When he does return, Lesnar may have a match pending with Bobby Lashley, who challenged him last week. This isn’t the first time Lashley has challenged The Beast. On July 17, 2020, he tweeted, “Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. Same as last year, my only wish is for @BrockLesnar to finally get in the ring with me.”

In addition, on the Table Talk podcast a week ago, Lashley stated that “now is a really good time” for WWE to book a match between the two. Lashley almost fought Lesnar for the Universal Championship at SummerSlam in 2018, but he lost a No.1 contenders match against Roman Reigns on Raw. Whether its sooner or later, it’s clear that this match will happen, though it would probably make more sense when fans can attend the show.

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