Charlotte Flair has become one of the most important superstars for WWE. The company trusts Flair enough to have her appearing for Raw, Smackdown and NXT during the tough time of limited rosters for all three shows. Becky Lynch leaving WWE during her pregnancy means Charlotte is officially the top overall female star on the roster based on accomplishments and general star power.

Quite a few fascinating stories have come out about Flair in recent years. Any WWE talent with such an important role will have noteworthy moments behind the scenes. Luckily, nothing has held her back from moving forward step by step from a developmental signing with no experience to a top spot. It has been a fascinating journey for the daughter of Ric Flair. Find out more about “The Queen” with some behind the scenes stories about Charlotte.

Charlotte Flair Top Backstage Stories photos and video online

13Backstage Falling Out With Sasha Banks


WWE releasing a book co-authored by Ric and Charlotte Flair saw more details about Charlotte’s career coming out for the first time. Charlotte revealed her friendship with Sasha Banks had a falling out when moving from NXT to the main roster in 2015. Banks felt she deserved more of a shot in the top spot, but Charlotte felt betrayed at her friend not supporting her push as Becky Lynch did.

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12Johnny Ace Tried To Sign Her At Family Dinner


John Laurinaitis recruited Charlotte Flair before she knew wrestling was a path she wanted to take. Charlotte revealed that he saw the Flair family at dinner during one of the WrestleMania weekends and touched base about signing. The decision was made over the weekend for Charlotte to eventually get started with a developmental contract.

11Controversy About Ending Asuka’s Undefeated Streak


The WWE locker room was split regarding the booking decision for Charlotte Flair vs Asuka at WrestleMania 34. Flair ended Asuka’s undefeated streak on the biggest stage. Rumors circulated that most wrestlers felt Vince McMahon made the wrong call since Charlotte was already a made top star and Asuka needed a major WM win at the time.

10Used To Have Personal Issues With Her Dad


WWE likes to paint the relationship between Ric and Charlotte Flair as the closest father and daughter bond, but that wasn’t always the case. Charlotte revealed publicly that she was closer to her mother growing up. Wrestling wasn’t a passion for Charlotte at a young age since it kept Ric away from being an active father.

9Has Bonds With Wrestlers Outside Of WWE


Charlotte Flair is not afraid to show her interactions with wrestlers outside of WWE despite only working for the big company in her career. ROH star Dalton Castle had some fun moments with Charlotte regarding their shared design of peacock themed gear. Charlotte also liked tweets about AEW’s first event that showed support for the new company’s success. Andrade’s friend and ROH star Rush is also part of Charlotte’s inner circle in real life.

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8Ric Had Fears For Her After David Flair’s WCW Run


Ric Flair witnessed just how difficult the wrestling business could be for his children when David Flair joined WCW. David received a noteworthy push on television despite not having much experience. The experiment was a huge failure and viewed as an all-time worst second-generation talent. Charlotte learning in WWE developmental helped her immensely to avoid the same fate.

7WWE Booking Hurting Others To Help Charlotte


Charlotte Flair has been the most protected female wrestler in WWE over the past five years. WWE picked her over Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch to become the face of the women’s evolution. Wrestlers like Banks, Asuka and others have seen their best chances at a top role suffer due to WWE wanting to make Charlotte the focal point.

6Had Issues With Her Father Trying To Sue WWE


Ric Flair made things difficult for Charlotte Flair when trying to sue her employer over her best friend’s catchphrase. Becky Lynch’s use of “The Man” upset Ric enough to make negative comments publicly and threaten a lawsuit. Charlotte was reportedly livid at her father and he never went through with the lawsuit.

5Planning For Potential Future After WWE


Wrestling fans were surprised when the news leaked that Charlotte Flair and Andrade filed for trademarks. This is a tactic that wrestlers will attempt if planning for a future without WWE. Charlotte filed to have the use of the names “Ashley Flair” and “The Queen of Wrestling.” It is highly unlikely Charlotte leaves WWE, but it gives her the option if that day comes.

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4Used To Yell At Her Father Backstage


Charlotte Flair admitted she hated the time of Ric Flair managing her at all the house shows and television events. The love for attention saw Ric doing his poses and woo’ing during her matches. Charlotte often had to yell at Ric for taking away from her matches. It not only hurt Charlotte’s performance, but her opponent had to deal with such a variable hurting their match.

3Wasn’t Originally Planned To Win 2020 Rumble


WWE reportedly wanted Shayna Baszler to win the 2020 women’s Royal Rumble for a few months. The obvious Raw Women’s Championship plan was to see Shayna facing Becky Lynch, but the company made a late change. Charlotte Flair was booked to win the Rumble late into the game with the unique concept of her challenging Rhea Ripley for the NXT Women’s Championship.

2WWE Made Drastic Changes To Keep Her And Andrade On Same Show


WWE is not always friendly about keeping romantic couples on the same show during the brand split. Charlotte Flair’s star power and good relationship with the company saw the company working hard to keep her happy. WWE moved Andrade to the same show with Charlotte along with his manager Zelina Vega and her husband Aleister Black. Few wrestlers would get the respect to having three wrestlers moving for her happiness.

1She Wasn’t Trish Stratus’ First Choice For Retirement Match


Trish Stratus was vocal about her dream WWE match coming against Sasha Banks when rumors circulated about her having one final singles bout. WWE instead told her it would be Charlotte Flair since they cared more about her in the long run. Stratus had no issues working with Charlotte and they had a great match, but the hope was to face Sasha in that role.

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