Charlotte Flair has consistently been the face of the WWE Women’s division since the start of the Women’s Revolution. The Queen is a record 12-time Women’s Champion, five more than the second-placed Trish Stratus. Surprisingly, Charlotte has been part of the main roster for only five years.

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Besides being the self-proclaimed genetically super athlete, Charlotte is known for her look. The blonde stunner stands at 5’10”, and she has the aura of a true queen. She looks fabulous on a regular basis, but not all of her in-ring looks are so stunning. Even The Queen can have trouble putting together a stylish look and outfit.

Charlotte Flair WWE Top 10 Best Looks Career photos and video online

10Best: Royal Rumble 2020

Before the pandemic coerced WWE to host shows behind closed doors, the company had a few shows in front of a big crowd, including Royal Rumble this year. Charlotte Flair had an incredible Rumble because she was the winner of the over-the-top-rope women’s match.

While The Queen’s performance was on point at the 2020 Royal Rumble, she looked equally breathtaking wearing a red gear. Charlotte looked sizzling while pointing towards the WrestleMania sign, after her Rumble victory.

9Worst: The Main Roster Debut Attire

Charlotte Flair made her main roster debut in 2015. She wasn’t the only one to make her debut, as she was followed by other two horsewomen, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch. They made a great first impression by attacking Bella Twins.

Charlotte Flair wore a white ring gear during her debut, which looked ordinary. Given it was the first official main roster appearance, the look didn’t make her stand out. Nevertheless, she made a noteworthy impression in the ring.

8Best: SummerSlam 2019

SummerSlam had an awe-inspiring women’s bout last year because the greatest women in history collided in a dream match. The legendary Trish Stratus faced Charlotte Flair in the retirement match of the latter.

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Despite being away from the ring for quite some time, Trish delivered an impressive performance, but it wasn’t enough to beat Charlotte. On the other hand, The Queen looked elegant wearing a purple ring gear, and the signature Flair coat made her look like a queen.

7Worst: Divas Championship Match At 2015 Night Of Champions

Making her debut as a member of PCB, Charlotte didn’t wait long to get her hands on the women’s title, unlike her peers. Nikki Bella, then the Divas Champion, took on Charlotte Flair at Night of Champions, where the title was on the line. With Ric Flair and PCB members by her side, she won the Divas Championship, which was her first main roster title.

Charlotte wore a casual looking pink ring gear, which looked far different from her current ring attires. In other words, she looked ordinary while holding her first Divas Championship. The Queen should have been looking extraordinary for her big main roster title win.

6Best: NXT Takeover: Portland 2020

Charlotte Flair was the winner of women’s Royal Rumble match this year, earning her a ticket for a title match at the Grandest Stage of Them All. Since she already won the RAW Women’s Championship and SmackDown Women’s Championship multiple times, the question remained if she would go for either of these two belts. By clearing the confusion, Charlotte made her intention clear after attacking NXT Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley at NXT Takeover: Portland.

Besides the abrupt attack, Charlotte’s beautiful attire became the talking point of the show. She looked mesmerizing wearing a netted black top and black jeans, which appeared perfect with her long blonde hair.

5Worst: The NXT Debut

The Queen wasn’t always a confident genetically-superior individual, especially when she made her first appearance in NXT. After signing with the black-and-gold brand in 2012, her very first match there was against Bayley back in 2013.

As a novice performer, Charlotte had one of the worst looks was in her debut NXT appearance. Unlike the haughty Charlotte now, she was jovial while entering the ring for the first time, and she wore an average looking purple dress.

4Best: The Red Dress On SmackDown

After WrestleMania 35, Charlotte Flair went after her lost blue title, and she won it back at Money in the Bank, where Bayley cashed in the Money in the Bank contract. While being in the SmackDown Women’s Championship storyline, Charlotte had a brief association with Lacey Evans, and both women were heels.

On the last SmackDown of May last year, Charlotte showed up sporting a black top, red dress, and a red jacket. The picturesque dress was certainly one of the best looks of her career.

3Worst:  Divas Championship Match At TLC 2015

Having overcome Nikki Bella to retain the Divas Championship, Charlotte faced an unusual challenge in Paige. As a result, the two women fought for the Divas Championship at the 2015 TLC.

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While Charlotte won the bout, her look for the event was disappointing. The red ring gear and the hairstyle weren’t fitting for the champion.

2Best: WrestleMania 35

Like her father Ric Flair, Charlotte Flair certainly knows how to make a grand entrance to the ring. The Queen has made many memorable entrances throughout her career. Needless to say, all her WrestleMania entrances have been spectacular, including WrestleMania 35.

Charlotte Flair left no stone unturned to make the event memorable with her eye-catching entrance and look. Arriving in a helicopter, The Queen donned a gorgeous blue dress with the SmackDown Women’s Championship around her waist.

1Worst: SummerSlam 2018

Charlotte Flair competed for the SmackDown Women’s Championship at 2018 SummerSlam, where she faced Becky Lynch and Carmella in a triple threat match. By pinning Becky Lynch, Charlotte won her second SmackDown Women’s Championship.Charlotte sported pink in-ring gear during the match, which wasn’t an attire to turn heads in a big event like SummerSlam. Moreover, Charlotte’s hairstyle for the match made the look even worse.

Charlotte Flair WWE Top 10 Best Looks Career photos and video online

Charlotte WWE Real Life Rare pictures and video online