Similar to her father, we’ve come to realize that Charlotte is also a bit of a wild child behind the scenes.

Prior to joining WWE, she was arrested for a dispute alongside her dad, Charlotte would also file for two divorces – not to mention that she made the claim that the first marriage was an abusive one.

We’ll take a look at some of her bumpiest pics in the following article.

Some might be too steamy for the Flair family, while others are moments the family wants us to forget about – that includes wardrobe malfunctions in the ring along with a few botches that would also take place.

Enjoy the article folks, here are 14 Charlotte photos the Flair family might not approve of. Let’s get started.

Becky Lynch c vs Charlotte Flair vs Asuka – WWE TLC

Charlotte WWE Rare pictures and video online

14Chilling With Nick Hogan

In fairness, this photo was taken prior to Charlotte’s WWE fame. Of course, most fans know by now, Nick Hogan doesn’t have the greatest reputation especially considering his antics in the past.

In all likelihood, the Flair family wants to suppress this photo and act like it doesn’t exist.

13Party Time With Braun And Mojo

During Charlotte’s NXT run, her personal life was a lot simpler. Each show took place at the same venue while if a live event did take place, the developmental stars traveled together by bus.

Seeing that everyone lives in the Florida area, that leaves a lot of time for some fun – similar to what we see in the pic above featuring Braun, Mojo and Charlotte enjoying a night out.

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12Double Table Botch

Thankfully this took place at a live event, however, a fan caught the footage of Charlotte struggling dearly to put Bayley through a table.

The Swanton Bomb spot didn’t work as the table stayed intact. Despite the ref ringing the bell nonetheless, Charlotte would attempt for a second time with a powerbomb, but again, the table just wouldn’t break…

11The Mugshot

No, we’re not talking about Charlotte’s “arrest” alongside Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch. We’re talking about one that really did take place in early 2010.

The situation involved a dispute between Ric, Charlotte and Charlotte’s ex-boyfriend. The cops were called to the scene, it ended with Charlotte getting take in for assaulting a police officer. According to ABC 11, a taser was also involved to calm Charlotte down… Scott Hall would be proud…

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10Steamy IG Post

We applaud Charlotte’s motivational caption, however, we’re all aware that most fans are simply drooling over the photo, instead of admiring the caption.

She has over four million followers on the platform and to be quite frank, a lot of the pics are similar to the one above. Surely, it’ll make Ric a little red in the face.


During her stint with NXT, Charlotte was married to pro wrestler Bram. Once he was released by the company, it seems as though the relationship started to fade as well. They would eventually file for divorce, making it Charlotte’s second failed marriage.

Ironically, Bram is now dating Braun Strowman’s ex who’s also in the business, Kamille.

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8Botch With Asuka

When you’re considered wrestling royalty, botches should not take place but hey, Charlotte’s only human after all.

In fairness, this botch really wasn’t her fault at all. During a triple threat match, Asuka was supposed to hop off her back while hitting the Poetry in Motion on Becky. The spot was a total fail when Asuka fell off Charlotte and failed to deliver the kick.

7Another Ex

Charlotte’s first marriage came in 2010 to Riki Johnson, this one took place prior to Charlotte’s WWE career.

It ended in divorce and Charlotte spoke ill of the marriage in her tell-all book. Johnson took exception to the comments filing a lawsuit against Charlotte. Clearly, it was not a healthy environment between the two.

6In-Ring Troubles

It was clear after this matchup, Lana needed a bit more time at the PC. This bout was remembered for a certain spot that saw Charlotte’s bottoms almost completely yanked off during a pinfall attempt by Lana.

Thankfully, Charlotte’s body was facing the hard cam, though the fans in the back got quite the spectacle.

5Partying With Shelton

Here we get an early shot of Charlotte, partying alongside Shelton Benjamin. Prior to getting started with NXT, Charlotte trained alongside Lodi, she would later join Sara Del Rey at the PC.

Charlotte instantly caught on, it was as if she went from a personal trainer to pro wrestler overnight.

4Live Event Injury

Luckily enough, aside from minor surgeries, Charlotte has been fortunate when it comes to injuries.

She had some scares in the past, including one at a live event that featured a doctor rushing the ring to make sure Charlotte was okay. It is a moment both Charlotte and the family want to forget about.

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3Partying With Coach

Here’s a pic most of us thought we’d never see, featuring The Coach alongside Charlotte Flair.

We might be making an assumption, but Charlotte looks like she might be having a little too much – her dad Ric knows a thing or two when it comes to having a good time…

2ESPN The Body Issue

It was an empowering move as Charlotte exposed it all during her shoot with ESPN The Body Issue.

Given the photos however, we still believe the Flair family might’ve been at least a little uncomfortable with some of the photos. Charlotte would also admit that it was a very nerve-racking experience taking it all off at the PC.

1Party With Nia & Mojo

Some might argue that Charlotte looks a little too cozy alongside Mojo Rawley.

The two are close friends and they share a lot of pics together from on the road, including a hilarious airplane shot of Flair completely passed out while Mojo laughs hysterically. We assume Andrade won’t be pleased with this photo either.

Charlotte WWE Rare pictures and video online