Becoming a WWE Superstar wasn’t always the plan for Charlotte. She gained a bachelor’s degree and later, would become a personal trainer. As of 2012, it would all change – she would enter the wrestling industry. She initially started training with Lodi, prior to getting her start at the PC with NXT.

We can safely say it all worked out for Charlotte, as she continues to be one of the most dominant WWE stars of all-time, both male and female. Without a doubt, she’ll catch her father’s record at some point down the road.

For the time being, let’s take a behind the scenes look at Charlotte, with photos she wasn’t expecting. Enjoy the article folks and be sure to share it with a friend, let’s get started.

WWE Wrestlemania 35 – Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch

15Hugging AJ

Charlotte and AJ Styles developed a close relationship over the last couple of years. Ric Flair admitted that Charlotte uses AJ as a mentor backstage and someone that she looks up to.

The duo has also done a lot of traveling together in the past – here we see a backstage moment between the two, as they’re hugging it out.

14Selfie With Nia

Several WWE stars love to take this type of photo, with their colleague completely knocked out next to them.

This happens a lot, especially given the rigors of the road life, traveling like a circus act. Nia captures this funny photo and we assume Charlotte thought she was in the clear.

13ESPN The Body Issue

This one might’ve been Charlotte’s most nerve-racking photoshoot experience ever. She appeared on the ESPN The Body Issue magazine, taking it all off for the publication.

Here we get a behind the scenes shot of Charlotte checking out her photos from the day. An empowering experience to say the least.

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12Sleeping On Mojo

These two developed a close relationship during their days with NXT. It was a simpler time back then, as the two weren’t living the current road life, with shows in a different town on a weekly basis.

Once again, Charlotte snoozes out while Mojo captures a picture in what is a truly hilarious selfie.

11Conversation With Paul Heyman

“One day, @MsCharlotteWWE will not be known as @RicFlairNatrBoy’s daughter. #RicFlair will be known as #Charlotte’s father. And he wouldn’t have it any other way! Oh … by the way … That’s not a prediction … that’s a spoiler!”

Not only did Heyman make that prediction but he also predicted that Charlotte would main event WrestleMania, which she did last year!

10Backstage With Torrie

The business has certainly changed, especially compared to what it used to be back in the day.

Nowadays, WWE cameras are always filming backstage, whether it be for special WWE Network footage, or for a picture like we see above – one most fans thought they’d never see featuring Torrie Wilson and Charlotte Flair.

9Before The Action

Most wrestlers have this quiet moment, prior to hitting the ring. In the midst of all the madness backstage, wrestlers need to take a moment and really focus prior to exiting the curtain at the gorilla position.

WWE cameras catch a great pic of Charlotte, her focus needed to be next level at the Survivor Series PPV.

8Party Time

Here’s a picture most of us thought we’d never see, featuring a young Charlotte alongside Coach. Without a doubt, she likely knew about the photo but we can safely say she likely didn’t think it would be posted online for the fans to see.

She has a couple of other throwback party pics, those include Braun Strowman, Mojo Rawley and Shelton Benjamin.

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Along with her successful in-ring career, Flair is also a great ambassador for WWE.

The company uses Charlotte on the regular, for appearances outside of the company, whether they be on talk shows, charity work or just about anything else. She’s basically a dream WWE employee for Vince and the others.

6More Behind The Scenes Photoshoot

We can only imagine how nervous Charlotte might’ve been at this point, she was at the PC alongside ESPN cameras.

Charlotte basically had a robe on with nothing underneath, as she was showing it all off for the shoot. That takes a lot of courage and it is quite empowering in itself.

5Post WM 35

We can only imagine what is going on in Charlotte’s mind at this very moment, she just finished the main event of WrestleMania, coming out of the match with a defeat.

Despite the loss, she’s surely nothing but proud to have been part of such an experience – one the fans will keep talking about for years to come.

4Live Event Pic

This happens a lot at live events, fans snap photos of a WWE star when they aren’t expecting it. At the very least, it is during work and not an airport or anything of that nature.

The Undertaker admitted in the past that he despises when fans take sneaky photos without his consent.

3More Sleep

It is clear in the photo above, Charlotte wants to get some rest – she has the neck pillow and the blinders on – of course, the last thing she was thinking about is someone snapping a photo – however, we all know WWE stars and that’s exactly what ended up happening with the hilarious shot.

2Pre-Show With Steve

This might’ve been a photo Charlotte wanted to keep to herself but of course, it leaked online. Any chance someone gets to take a picture with such a legend, they’ll definitely take it.

Billie Kay did the same with The Rock, breaking down in tears after meeting the WWE legend at the premiere of SmackDown.

1Tricep Flex With Brock

Again, this is one of those pics Charlotte might’ve wanted to keep for herself – the photo took place during the early part of her career.

Although Brock gets a lot of heat for his demeanor, he looks pretty cool and down to earth for the photo above. With a doubt, there’s mutual respect between the two.