Chris Jericho is often viewed as the biggest WCW regret of not pushing a star harder. The great work from Jericho in WCW showed the potential for him to become an eventual main eventer in the industry. WCW didn’t show any interest in making Jericho a bigger part of the product. Quite a few mistakes showed them dropping the ball during important times.

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WWE eventually were the ones to benefit from Jericho’s future success when he left WCW for a fresh start. Jericho represents “what could have been” for WCW if they just gave a fair chance to their younger talents. Find out which moments stand out for his time in the company. These are the times WCW either dropped the ball or did right by Jericho.

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10Dropped The Ball: Commentary Not Taking Him Seriously

Chris Jericho’s first book featured stories from his time in WCW. One strong opinion from Jericho stated his unhappiness whenever Larry Zbyszko was on commentary for any matches of his or other cruiserweight wrestlers.

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Zbyszko often made the matches about himself by selling his desired feud with the New World Order. Jericho also mentioned that Zbyszko would go overboard insulting the size of the smaller wrestlers. WCW definitely didn’t show Jericho respect with Larry’s commentary.

9Did Right: Having Him Win Cruiserweight Championship From Syxx

One of the first major wins for Chris Jericho in WCW came against Syxx aka X-Pac for the Cruiserweight Championship. Syxx was among the more prominent members of the New World Order to add to his title reign.

Any face wrestler to end Syxx’s time with the belt would benefit from it. The timing saw nWo members rarely losing matches at all since they were early into their takeover storyline. Jericho received more credibility as the one to dethrone Syxx.

8Dropped The Ball: Burying Him Outside Of Cruiserweight Division

The ceiling for the wrestlers in WCW’s cruiserweight division was the biggest reason for many leaving the company. Chris Jericho starting off as a cruiserweight made it hard for him to be viewed as anything more.

WCW did have Jericho wrestle outside of the lighter weight class, but he didn’t get the same push of someone like Scott Steiner, Goldberg or even Raven. Jericho often was the one putting over others with little booking support.

7Did Right: Tag Team With Eddie Guerrero

Chris Jericho revealed that the most underrated fun from his time in WCW was teaming with Eddie Guerrero. Both wrestlers had similar stories when their face characters grew stale and each turned heel.

WCW decided to have Jericho and Guerrero team up on a few occasions against the faces they had issues with as part of the cruiserweight division. Jericho believed this was the most underrated work of his career and wishes they had a bigger run.

6Dropped The Ball: Ripping Him Off With Merch Sales

One of the most scandalous stories in WCW history dealt with the residual checks for merchandise. Chris Jericho might have discovered a real-life conspiracy when his wife purchased an action figure double set of him and Dean Malenko.

The receipt had the names of Hulk Hogan and Sting on it since they were the lead names of the two-pack sets. Jericho believed that WCW was intentionally doing this to provide more special treatment to the legends even in smaller ways off television.

5Did Right: Promos On Goldberg

The only time Chris Jericho had strong momentum outside of the cruiserweight division was when he started targeting Goldberg. Jericho was playing his outstanding heel character that added layers of comedy to his promos.

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Goldberg was called out by Jericho each week during his WCW Championship reign. Jericho started claiming he was undefeated against Goldberg with his wins coming via forfeit. This was the first time fans started to look at Jericho as more outside of the cruiserweight division.

4Dropped The Ball: Not Booking Goldberg Match

The sad thing about Chris Jericho never getting a real WCW match against Goldberg was that he didn’t even want much. Jericho pitched the idea of getting squashed on PPV and didn’t even want to get any offense in on the undefeated star.

Goldberg still refused to have any match with Jericho and ended the feud by spearing him on Nitro. Jericho believes Goldberg was talked out of the match by other WCW main eventers that didn’t want a cruiserweight in a world title match.

3Did Right: Taking Juventud Guerrera’s Mask Away

Chris Jericho started to become a major heel in the cruiserweight division when trying to take away the masks from the luchadors. The biggest program to come from this saw Juventud Guerrera putting his mask on the line against Jericho’s Cruiserweight Championship.

Guerrera was among the most underrated cruiserweights that always had great matches. That made it even sweeter for Jericho to get the win and unmask him. Jericho’s dastardly actions proved he could real heat as a heel.

2Dropped The Ball: Not Letting Him Cut Promos As A Face

The face character of Chris Jericho hurt him the most in WCW. Jericho came off like the most generic wrestler on the roster in his first few months. WCW not allowing him to cut any promos of substance caused this issue.

Jericho could only smile and deliver one line or two to the cameras walking too the ring. The funny twist was that Jericho first got over in WWE as a face a couple of years later. WWE allowed Jericho to cut promos from the face side and his comedic charisma won the fans over.

1Did Right: Rivalry With Dean Malenko

The storyline with Dean Malenko was Chris Jericho’s best feud in WCW. Jericho scored a few victories over Malenko and verbally berated him. The broken Malenko left WCW for a few months after hitting rock bottom.

Jericho continued to get heat by mocking Malenko every week as his title reign continued. The biggest moment came when Malenko won a battle royal under the mask of Ciclope. Fans reacted with an all-time pop for Malenko unmasking and defeating Jericho for the Cruiserweight Championship.