AEW superstar Chris Jericho has revealed he was open to facing off with Mike Tyson in a boxing match. Jericho was the promotion’s first World Champion and remains one of the biggest names on the brand.

He had a bit of a bust-up with Iron Mike earlier this year and they were expected to have an official match. That is yet to take place and we aren’t sure there are still plans to have Tyson return. The 54-year-old is currently preparing for his fight with Roy Jones Jr. later this month; it’s left to be seen what happens after that.

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According to Jericho, he was ready to throw down with the boxing legend, even if it meant throwing real punches and an automatic loss.

Chris Jericho VS Mike Tyson photos and video online


“Earlier this year, when we had the little confrontation with Tyson, which may or may still happen,” Jericho said to MLW owner Court Bauer on his Talk is Jericho podcast. Who knows really, but they said, ‘Mike really wants to do something. What would you be up to?’ I said, ‘whatever. Let’s do a match.’ You want to do a boxing match? I’ll box Mike Tyson. How bad can I get beat up by Mike Tyson that’s worse than taking stiff shots from all these guys that I’ve been beaten up by over the years?

“You can hit me and I’m fine. I’ll be fine, and I remember when Big Show had that with Floyd Mayweather. He told me Mayweather hit him and Mayweather broke his nose. And Show was like, ‘I’ve had my nose broken by less.'”

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Do We Want To See A Tyson Vs. Jericho Boxing Match?

We aren’t sure we’d be up for a Tyson vs. Jericho match as it would be a one-sided affair. Jericho doesn’t stand a chance against the former undisputed World Heavyweight Champion.

Of course, if it ever comes down to that, it would be a scripted bout – Chris would get seriously hurt otherwise. Where’s the fun in that?

Chris Jericho VS Mike Tyson photos and video online