Chris Jericho’s legendary career has seen him thriving in just about every scenario a wrestler can be placed in. The journey of Jericho saw him traveling the world in Japan and Mexico before getting a break in ECW for his biggest United States opportunity. WCW signed Jericho after seeing his work in ECW, and WWE signed him after his WCW success to see him progressing with every step forward.

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Jericho was an all-time great WWE superstar before deciding to work for New Japan and now AEW as the most important later step in his career. Many classic angles throughout wrestling history have involved Y2J. Find out the very best storylines that have defined Jericho’s career.

Chris Jericho WWE Top 10 Best Storylines Career (AEW) photos and video

10Trying To Destroy His Former Hero

The fandom of Shawn Michaels by Chris Jericho growing up was referenced in their storyline heading into WrestleMania XIX. Michaels had his first WrestleMania match in five years against Jericho to make the show an even bigger attraction.

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Jericho’s heel work was on point using a real-life fandom of a legend to turn into an obsession of trying to outdo him. Michaels and Jericho stole the show on the biggest night of the year. Jericho revealed he preferred his WM 19 match with Michaels over his WM 18 main event against Triple H.

9War With Orange Cassidy

Chris Jericho has a reputation for making new stars. Unlike many other legends that currently return, Jericho likes to work with the younger talent and wants to put them over if the storyline makes sense for both sides.

Orange Cassidy was targeted by Jericho and his Inner Circle faction. The build saw Orange showing more depth to his character while staying true to his gimmick by getting the better off Jericho. AEW created another new star with Cassidy getting a win over Jericho cleanly.

8Calling Out Goldberg

WCW never used Chris Jericho outside of the mid-card picture. Jericho was at his best playing a delusional heel character despite not working against bigger names. A few promo segments saw Jericho finally getting a chance by calling out Goldberg.

Jericho claimed Goldberg was ducking him whenever he made challenges knowing Goldberg was there. The storyline sadly never had a payoff since Goldberg refused to have a match with Jericho. It still played a huge role in Jericho getting over enough to spark WWE’s interest.

7Love Triangle With Christian & Trish

Chris Jericho entered a new side of wrestling storylines when having a love triangle with Christian and Trish Stratus. Christian turned on Jericho when Jericho became a face after falling in love with Trish.

Stratus ended up betraying Jericho as well at WrestleMania XX when revealing she romantically tied to Christian. Jericho received more fan support by rallying against the new heel couple and getting revenge at the end of the storyline.

6Trying To Take Rey Mysterio’s Mask

Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho had one of the best rivalries in WWE back in 2009 over the Intercontinental Championship. Jericho was on fire playing the serious heel character and targeted Mysterio for wearing a mask.

The PPV feud between the two were incredible, culminating in a title vs mask match at The Bash. Jericho was obsessed with unmasking Rey and put the title on the line against his mask. The superb story ended with Mysterio defending his legacy by dethroning Jericho and winning the title.

5Best Friends Turned Enemies With KO

Chris Jericho’s ability to reinvent himself has been his greatest asset in wrestling. The natural chemistry with Kevin Owens allowed both wrestlers to have the top spot on Raw in the first few months following the brand split.

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Owens and Jericho had the perfect comedy timing to play over the top heels until things ended in memorable fashion. Jericho was betrayed by Owens brutally attacking him to cause the friendship to turn into a bitter rivalry.

4Challenging Kenny Omega

New Japan reaching out to Chris Jericho changed his career trajectory forever. Jericho was fascinated with the pitched idea to work with his fellow Winnipeg product Kenny Omega. The idea was to create a real big fight feel since no one expected Jericho to ever wrestle outside of WWE again.

Jericho attacking Omega in Japan ahead of the match created a special atmosphere. The huge Wrestle Kingdom 12 match saw Omega defeating Jericho in a classic battle. Jericho loved the freedom outside of WWE, inspiring his return to NJPW and eventual signing with AEW.

3Rivalry With Triple H & Stephanie

Chris Jericho started to get over in 2000 as a top face when feuding with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. The promo battles saw Jericho as one of the few wrestlers to get the better of the top two heel personalities.

Triple H eventually was forced to stand up for Stephanie by having a few stellar matches against Jericho. The Last Man Standing match at Fully Loaded 2000 was an instant classic. Triple H won most of the big matches as the bigger star, but Jericho proved he belonged at the top.

2Dean Malenko’s Revenge

The best WCW storyline of Chris Jericho’s time there saw him getting a few huge victories over Dean Malenko. It led to Malenko leaving WCW for a few months out of embarrassment. Jericho continued to mock Dean and the rest of the Malenko family in promos each week.

The flawless payoff saw Malenko winning a battle royal under the mask and gear of luchador Ciclope for a title shot against Jericho. WCW fans erupted when Malenko unmasked and defeated Jericho to win the Cruiserweight Championship as the ultimate revenge.

1Blood Feud With Shawn Michaels

The greatest storyline in Chris Jericho’s career saw him feuding with Shawn Michaels in 2008. Jericho’s issues with Michaels started when he officiated a match where Michaels manipulated him by faking an injury to defeat Batista.

The anger regarding the fans still cheering Michaels for lying and cheating caused Jericho to snap and become the most ruthless heel in wrestling. Jericho accidentally hitting Michaels’ wife caused the angle to get to the next level with a few all-time great matches telling layered storylines.

Chris Jericho WWE Top 10 Best Storylines Career (AEW) photos and video

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