In his autobiography, A Lion’s Tale, Chris Jericho said he learned early on never to bury his opponents. Jericho revealed that he learned this when he was about to fight Davey Boy Smith, and buried him in a promo. Smith dressed Jericho down, saying that burying him before the match meant that if Jericho lost, he lost to someone below him, and if Jericho won, he didn’t gain anything because he beat someone he already buried.

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Ever since then, Jericho said he had worked hard to build up his opponents because the stronger they look, the stronger he looks in a win or a loss. With that in mind, there were also wrestlers that Jericho had no problem losing to put them over as big stars.

Chris Jericho WWE Top 10 Great Wrestlers That Has Put Over video online


One of the most entertaining angles of 2016-17 featured the partnership of Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens. At the time, Owens was the WWE Universal Champion, and later Jericho won the United States Championship.

However, as expected, the partnership did not end well. Owens turned on Jericho during the Festival of Friendship and beat him down. Owens then beat Jericho for the United States title at WrestleMania 33 and won the feud.


The most recent name that Chris Jericho has put over huge is Orange Cassidy. While many fans might not realize that Cassidy is a great wrestler, he is. Before arriving in AEW, Cassidy worked in Chikara as Fire Ant.

He is great, but fans just see him as a slacker. In the feud with Jericho, Cassidy has shown fire, and Jericho has sold for him like a million bucks. It is proof that Jericho can beat someone, and his opponent can still come out looking like a star.


When Jon Moxley showed up in AEW, he set his sights on Kenny Omega and then moved on to beat Chris Jericho for the AEW World Championship. However, Moxley was already a star.

In WWE, he worked in The Shield as Dean Ambrose, and when the faction broke up, Ambrose got a chance to work as a world champion. Around that time, Jericho challenged him and put over Ambrose better than most.


When AJ Styles showed up in WWE for the first time, it was at the Royal Rumble, and the fans were on-board from the start. However, Styles still had to work his way up. Styles needed to learn how to work the WWE style of wrestling. To do that, WWE booked him against Chris Jericho.

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This was the first feud for Styles, and it made him a star. They traded wins on television, and then Styles beat Jericho at Fastlane. At WrestleMania 32, Jericho beat Styles, but as with many wrestlers, it made Styles look fantastic, and he soon moved up and into the world title scene.


Bray Wyatt had so many ups and downs in his WWE career. It seemed that just as The Fiend was getting over huge with the fans, Goldberg came along and beat him. The same thing happened when fans bought into the Eater of Worlds, and then John Cena beat him.

However, after Cena bested Wyatt, Chris Jericho stepped up and feuded with the Wyatt Family. Jericho beat Wyatt at Battleground, but Wyatt defeated Jericho at SummerSlam and then won the feud in a steel cage match.


Chris Jericho was a massive star in WWE by 2013 and had won several world titles by that time. This meant that Jericho could put over someone by just losing to them. When this was a surprising clean victory, it should have made anyone a star.

Fandango’s first-ever match in WWE was at WrestleMania 29, and he pinned Chris Jericho. He should have been a made man, but WWE turned him into a joke. Now that he is back in NXT, Fandango is looking like a star again.


Dolph Ziggler is a wrestler who has been a star in the past, although recently he has dropped to nothing more than a role player in WWE. He got some big names to push him to the top, including John Cena, as Ziggler was one of the few wrestlers that he put over. Chris Jericho also put him over.

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This happened in 2012-13 when Ziggler and Jericho had a feud. Ziggler was the hot young star who claimed that Jericho had lost what made him special, and Jericho was out to prove he was still the best at what he does. Ziggler won the Money in the Bank briefcase and then beat Jericho in a match that terminated Jericho’s contract. This soon led to Ziggler winning the world title.


In 2012, CM Punk and Chris Jericho started a feud. It made sense because Punk called himself the Best in the World, and Jericho had always said he was the best in the world at what he does. This meant that it was the two guys who called themselves the best fighting to prove it.

The feud got dark, with Jericho mocking Punk’s straight-edge lifestyle, but it ended with Punk beating Jericho consistently and winning the title of the Best in the World.


The one wrestler that WWE fans blame for the burial of many exciting young wrestlers is John Cena. While Cena refused to put over many wrestlers during his time on top, several wrestlers put Cena over, and one of those was Chris Jericho.

When Cena arrived in 2002, Jericho had already been a world champion. In 2005, Cena won his first world title, and it was Chris Jericho who became one of his first challengers. Jericho put over Cena huge to the point where Jericho lost his job when Cena successfully defended his title against him.


Shelton Benjamin showed up in WWE at the same time as Brock Lesnar, the two men former roommates and collegiate wrestling training partners. While Lesnar was a massive singles star, Benjamin became a top-notch tag team wrestler with Charlie Haas.

However, in 2004, WWE tried to push Benjamin as a singles guy. He challenged Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental Championship and went over him for the title. It made Benjamin an instant star, and he ended up holding the title for 244 days.