Although she may have turned heel in late 2019, Dakota Kai is still one of the most likable human beings signed to WWE. She has tons of friends from her decade-plus in the industry, is an avid video game lover, and just comes across as a genuinely sweet person.

The 32-year-old star is enjoying the best year of her WWE career so far. She overcame a torn ACL to earn NXT’s Future Star Award. Dakota Kai has gained a chunk of her loyal fans thanks to her fantastic Instagram account (@dakotakai_wwe). Her 253,000 followers love when she shares bits from her personal life.

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10The Big Apple

Dakota Kai is from New Zealand. She spent time wrestling around the world but it took a long time to get to New York City. When that happened, it was clearly pretty special. Whoever took this photo did a tremendous job.

It shows Dakota in Times Square but it’s a lot more than that. Even though her face isn’t visible, you can tell that she is in awe of the location. You get the sense that she felt like she had finally made it.

9One More Show

Something that Dakota Kai is often known for is having a delightful sense of humor. Just because she’s portraying a villain these days doesn’t mean that has gone away. She showcased it with this upload from an NXT live event in Cleveland.

The caption reads “When you turn to leave but get told you have one more show to do.” It suggests that Dakota is ready to get back home and away from the fans but is being tasked with traveling once again.


Dakota Kai had a pretty lengthy career before signing on the dotted line with WWE. That spanned nearly a decade on the independent scene when she went by the name Evie. Here, you can see a photo from those days.

During her time as Evie, she competed all around the world. As pictured here, that included a SHIMMER Tag Team Title run with the future Ruby Riott. Evie also wrestled for PROGRESS, Stardom, and many other promotions.

7Mae Young Classic

The first real bit of shine that Dakota Kai got was in the Mae Young Classic. Up until that point, she had only made a few sporadic appearances for NXT and was often on the losing end. Here was the first image Dakota released from the tournament.

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It worked as a preview since the episodes hadn’t aired on the WWE Network yet. It was the biggest opportunity of her career and she had reason to celebrate. She bested Kavita Devi and Rhea Ripley before losing to eventual winner Kairi Sane in the quarterfinals.


Every wrestler’s dream seems to be to compete at WrestleMania. It’s the “Grandest Stage of Them All” for a reason. A lot of folks fully expected Dakota Kai to make it there one day but not as quickly as she did in 2018.

During the inaugural WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal, a group of NXT women were surprise entrants. Kai was among them along with Kairi Sane, Kavita Devi, Peyton Royce, Bianca Belair, and Taynara Conti. They worked as a unit and stood together to lead an “NXT” chant.


Anyone who closely follows Dakota Kai knows that she loves video games. She has a popular Twitch channel and has been known to stream Grand Theft Auto V and various other games with popular YouTube channel newLEGACYinc.

So, it should come as no surprise that Dakota was ecstatic to be included in her first WWE game. WWE 2K19 marked her debut as downloadable content before she appeared again in the much-maligned WWE 2K20.


Before Dakota ever turned to the dark side, she was one of the company’s purest babyface characters. The same could be said for Candice LeRae. That’s what makes this picture so fantastic.

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#TeamShinyCupKicks also includes Tegan Nox and you couldn’t find a more wholesome trio than them at the time. This image sees them busting out their best D-Generation X poses, showcasing their love of wrestling. There’s even a YouTube video covering their friendship.

3The Title Shot

Earning a championship opportunity is something special in WWE. Dakota Kai got hers against Shayna Baszler and documented it with this shot. The storyline coming in was a spectacular one.

Baszler had dominated the division but took extra joy in bullying Dakota. Since Baszler injured her arm, Dakota was terrified. It took months but Dakota finally stood up to her. She gave her a tough challenge on this night in a breakout performance but couldn’t win the title.

2The Turn

For most of Dakota Kai’s WWE career, she didn’t make much of an impact. Outside of an underdog rivalry against Shayna Baszler, Dakota was a woman who kind of just floated around. That all drastically changed at TakeOver: War Games in 2019.

Coming into the show, Rhea Ripley didn’t pick Dakota to be on her team. She instead went with Candice LeRae, Mia Yim, and Dakota’s best friend Tegan Nox. An injury to Yim forced Dakota into the match. When it came time for Dakota to enter, she instead turned and brutally beat down Tegan, ending their friendship and becoming a heel. This post perfectly captures that moment.

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