Similar to Vince McMahon in WWE, Dana White is a polarizing figure. Some fans love him while others critique his decision-making skills. The same goes for his employees, he’s very close to a few and quite distant with some of the others.

In this article, we’ll go through some of Dana’s sketchiest pics with the UFC females. His mother pointed out that he loves ring girls… maybe a little too much. For that reason, we have a lot of those sketchy photos – especially featuring Dana and Arianny. In addition, we’ll also take a look a sketchy photos featuring White alongside the likes of Ronda Rousey, Paige VanZant and Miesha Tate, just to name a few.

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Dana White Photos Women Of The UFC pictures and video online

15Arianny Holding The Money

As you’ll come to realize in this article, Dana appears to be rather close with some of the UFC ring girls – heck his mom would even further that statement, claiming he’s a lot more than close…

We might be led to believe the said statement, especially with Arianny being able to hold all the money! A little sketchy…

14Airport Walk

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Let’s get real folks, every boss has his favorites. Usually, the favorite is the person that brings in the most revenue. That holds true in the world of WWE and it is the same in UFC.

Dana tends to be closest with the popular stars and that’s especially true looking back at his relationship with Ronda Rousey. This is just one of the many sketchy photos of the two.

13Kissing Miesha

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This moment nearly broke the internet as Dana kissed his new champion, seemingly out of nowhere.

Tate was all smiles talking to reporters about her title victory, then out came Dana planting a big smooch on his new champion. That’s definitely something we don’t see too often – a sketchy moment to say the least.

12On The Plane With Arianny

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As we said earlier, White has his favorites and when it comes to his favorite ring girls, Arianny is number one (and untouched).

This is another sketchy moment of the two as they share an empty private plane together – certainly, fans made lots of assumptions seeing such a photo.

11Confrontation With Cyborg

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White is brutally honest when it comes to broken relationships. His relationship with Cris Cyborg is a sketchy one, to say the least.

As if this pic isn’t enough evidence, White would further his claims at a press conference stating that she was a nightmare to deal with since the very beginning… Yikes!

10More Ring Girls

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We have reason to believe that Dana’s mom might’ve had a point. She made several controversial statements attacking her son’s character.

This sketchy photo doesn’t help his cause, as Dana is seen posing alongside ring girls from RFA Fighting. Who knows, maybe they have a future in the UFC as ring girls.

9Keeping His Distance

One would think that Dana would’ve stepped in a little earlier as the two got far too close to one another. This was prior to the anticipated VanZant and Herrig bout.

Maybe Dana wanted to see some fireworks, especially given his sketchy and difficult relationship with Paige VanZant. The two aren’t on the best of terms.

8Dinner With Tate

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A fan took this sketchy candid photo and it had the UFC community buzzing. It was a secret dinner between Dana White and UFC star Miesha Tate.

We’re not quite sure what was said but based on Dana’s reaction in the photo, it seemed like a sketchy conversation and one he wasn’t very pleased with.

7Protecting Rousey

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This isn’t the greatest look for Dana White. Clearly, he seems to be playing favorites, grabbing and basically shielding his former top asset, Ronda Rousey.

He seems to be less concerned with Holly Holm, basically putting his back to her. It was a stunning outcome as Holm dethroned Rousey at the fight night.

6At The Steakhouse With Julianna Pena

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Another picture featuring Dana White and one of his UFC stars, Julianna Pena. White is all about that Vegas lifestyle – the two enjoyed a steak dinner in the area.

According to Dana’s mother, he also loves to gamble and it might even be considered an addiction. We do know that Dana loves a spot at the tables out in Vegas.

5Selfie Time

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A selfie with his two favorites, Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor. This sketchy photo might rub some of the other fighters the wrong way.

Seriously, how would you feel if your boss posed for a pic alongside two of the most popular employees? Probably not too great, especially considering that Dana doesn’t really take these types of pics with other fighters.

4Losing His Cool

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Dana had enough and he let everything spill most recently. Here’s what he had to say pertaining to Cyborg;

“We brought in her after she tested positive for steroids and we made her a clean athlete with the best drug testing policy in all of sports the entire time she was here,” he continued. “When she talks about her legacy and her brand, her legacy, and her brand, nothing’s better than knowing she’s a clean athlete after testing positive for steroids and all the negativity that surrounded her about being a dirty athlete. We bring her in here, we do all this stuff and she was just never happy.” (MMA Mania)

3More Selfies

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Lots of the UFC fighters don’t have the best relationship with Dana White. That’s why when he is close with someone, fans make sketchy connections as to why.

UFC fighter Joanna Jedrzejczyk not only takes a selfie with the boss but she also wished him a happy birthday via Twitter… a sketchy move according to skeptics.

2Conversing With The Ring Girls

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Here we have Dana White in conversation with his ring girls, Arianny and Logan Stanton.

Given all the assumptions and statements made by outsiders and his mom, we have reason to believe there is a bit of sketchiness involved anytime White talks to the ring girls.

1Questionable Selfie

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Okay, this picture is most definitely a little sketchy, featuring Rousey and White looking a little too close and heck, pretty much out of it after a long night of enjoying a drink or two.

Brendan Schaub, Rousey’s ex referred to White as his “Eskimo brother,” fueling even more speculation…

Dana White Photos Women Of The UFC pictures and video online

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