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Dave Bautista movie scenes Pictures video online WWE interview

Dave Bautista movie Pacific Rim Director Believes  Is The Best Actor To Play Kratos In God Of War Film

Bautista’s acting career is already quite a stellar one, and his most famous current performance is as Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy films and also the Avengers: Infinity War and other appearances of the character in various Marvel Cinematic Universe films. He has a tremendous fan following, and his fans would love to see Bautista wield the Blades of Chaos and take a trip to Ancient Greece, the Norse world or wherever the movie’s maker would take him.

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While there hasn’t been any announcement about a God of War film at any level, it would certainly have to deal with prevailing over the “video game curse” which has felled many a great game-to-movie adaptations. The God of War world is based on mythology and has a number of games as source material, and that’s why it is surprising why nobody has made a live-action film already. However, if someone does decide to make it, then Bautista would be an ideal actor to play Kratos and DeKnight might even be ready to helm the movie.

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The maker of Pacific Rim Uprising and the EP for the season one of Netflix’s Daredevil shared his opinion regarding who should play Kratos, on Twitter when a user asked him who he thinks would be the right guy to play God of War’s hero Kratos. A towering character, who is always on edge with anger and strong enough to beat Hercules, Zeus, and all others, DeKnight believes Bautista would be the ideal actor to play the character or any character for that matter.

Dave Bautista movie

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