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Divas WWE Pictures Top History and video online

Divas WWE Pictures  presents: Viva Las Divas Of The WWE


25. LITA

As the darling of the Hardy Boyz and the main chick of Team Xtreme, Lita was anything but your leather spanx-wearing Diva, which is what made her so appealing. Wiith her signature “edgy look” — complete with baggy pants and a very visible thong, Lita would dominate the ring and finish opponents with her signature “Lita-canrana” move, which is a head scissors take down that ends with you being pinned. We’re willing to consider masochism just for this experience.

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While Kaitlyn may not have the dance moves, losing a dance contest with sick moves like the robot and the running man, she’s still a woman not to be messed with. The new SmackDown wrestler won season 3 of NXT, a show dedicated to finding and mentoring the next big wresting stars.

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Lisa Mari Varon, better known as “Victoria” in the WWE, wasn’t planning entering the wrestling world until she had an encounter Joanie Laurer a.k.a. Chyna, who encouraged her to become a wrestler. Given that Victoria had an already strong background in body building, winning ESPN2’s Fitness America series in 1997, she gave the WWE a shot. The result? She became a wrestling sensation, winning the Women’s Championship title twice in her career. Now, it’d be interesting if she runs into Chyna again today to see what advice she gives her now, being that Chyna now does porn. Oh, the possibilities.



Debra, aka Debra Marshall, may have stepped in the wrestling spotlight first in the WCW as arm-candy for her former husband Steve “Mongo” McMichael, but it was in the WWE where her career earned a significant boost. She defeated Sable in an Evening Gown match in 1999, where she earned the Women’s Championship title. Coincidentally, since we do bother with the analytics here when it comes to women’s wrestling matches, that particular match still begs a replay to this day, particularly on how it turned to a lingerie match as it concluded. The slo-mo feature’s a beautiful thing.

Stephanie McMahon


When Stephanie McMahon made her WWF debut, she was the sweet and innocent WASP-y daughter of Vince McMahon whom we could never see being pinned. Yet, that image was quickly shattered when footage of Triple H’s wedding to an unconscious McMahon played during her in-the-ring wedding to Test, thus giving birth to the batshit crazy Stephanie we remember now.

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The WWE Diva made her SmackDown debut as part of the Hart Dynasty, a trio consisting of her, her boyfriend TJ Wilson, and David Hart Smith. After hopping around with the trio to other WWE brands including ECW and Raw, Natalya made her way back to SmackDown where she and Beth Phoenix formed the Divas of Doom, i.e. a duo of female wrestlers who wear small spiky shoulder pads on there already brolic shoulders.

Ashley Massaro


Winner of the 2005 WWE Diva Search, Ashley Massaro’s early career with the federation begain as a valet for the former tag team champs Paul London and Brian Kendrick. Though she may have lost to a title shot against Melina in Wrestlemania XXII, her career was still going on full speed, appearing in several magazine covers including the April 2007 issue of Playboy. Massaro was also a participant on Surivor: China where she also answered our proverbial “Who would you rather be stuck with on a deserted island?” question.

Ashley Massaro WWE Stats, Pictures, News, Videos, Biography

Krissy Vaine


Krissy Vaine, half of Team Blondage, was never in short supply of kicking moves or  appeal. Since her return to the independent circuit, Krissy starter her own wrestling blog at Diva Dirt and also hosts a podcast called “Kristen and Friends.” Yes, we are imagining a female version of Loveline.



While she was representing Deuce and Domino, Cherry had other views of getting into the ring herself. The hot slice of “Cherry Pie” would don poodle skirts and chew gum while roller skating through the rink, reminding fans of a simpler time, where guys still beat the crap out of each other, but with manners.



Trying to fulfill her dream of becoming a WWE Diva, the professional model, Maryse, made the cut for Diva Search. Instead of moving on when she was the second woman eliminated, she attending training at Ohio Valley Wrestling. You’ll probably know the underdog best as the 7-month title holder of WWE Divas Champion, or her signature finishing move “French Kiss”, which promises pain instead of pleasure.

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Gail Kim


Before TNA scooped her up, Kim had an unforgettable stint on the WWE. While her WWE Women’s Championship belt was impressive, it was the “Fatal Four-Way” on WWE’s Bad Blood special with Lita, Trish Stratus and Victoria that us Pay-Per-Viewers will remember. She may have been fired from from the company during their cost-cutting period, but she will always be part of the historical moment of four girls smashing each other in the ring.



We’re writing a few letters to the WWE about resigning Melina’s contract, and yes, there is a lot of tears from begging on those letters. Melina’s trademark entrance, doing splits on the ring’s apron, was enough to convince any guy to let her pin him any day.


Michelle McCool


Here’s a fun fact: Michelle McCool, whose onscreen persona is a teacher and managed K.C. James and Idol Stevens (known as Teacher’s Pets), was an actual middle school teacher before joining the WWE. This probably made the lives of poor guys going through puberty a lot harder.

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12. EVE

It’s no wonder Eve can dominate in the ring. She’s trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which no doubt aided to her two time win of the WWE Divas Championship. With her blue belt skills, and Kelly Kelly backing her up, the two dominated numerous fights, including taking down The Bella Twins.


Kelly Kelly


Barbara Jean “Barbie” Blank, who is better known as Kelly Kelly, started off her wrestling career with a bang: she performed a striptease. With her gymnastic background, Kelly is one of the most versatile and exciting female wrestlers to watch. With her dancing background,Kelly is one of the most exciting female wrestlers to watch.

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Mickie James


Though her career in the WWE started out a stalker to superstar Trish Stratus in a storyline (and honestly, who wouldn’t be), Mickie James capitalized on her exposure and turned it into something spectacular. James eventually earned a championship title shot in Wrestlemania 22, where she won and held the title five times.



After a successful dancing career, like dancing for Kanye at the MTV Video Music Awards, Layla won the 2006 WWE Diva Search and earned herself a contract. She was also the first Diva Search winner to win the WWE Women’s Championship, and the final when the title was retired in 2010. She is currently attending couples therapy with her teammate, Michelle McCool after losing the WWE Divas Championship.

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Maria Kanellis


Not only does Maria Kanellis have the guns in wrestling but, believe or not, this girl also got the pipes as a singer-songwriter. Apart from her career in the WWE, where she began as a backstage interview and later on as a wrestler, Kanellis also released her debut album, Seven Sins, in April 2010. Among the many things we imagine her doing is a wrestling-themed musical of The Sound of Music, where she would play her own version of Maria, whooping ass and taking names as a badass matriarch.

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Some may say that the Vince McMahon/Stone Cold Steve Austin era was the pinnacle of wrestling, but we disagree. Wrestling was at its prime at the time not because of those two individuals, but because of Ms. Rena Mero, also known as “Sable”. Aside from the obvious, being that she is hotter than all the Summer Slam events combined, she can also kick your (and her husband Brock Lesnar will be watching). She was also in the cover of Playboy three times, enough to have her image pile driven into our cranium for the rest of our lives.

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Ms. Tessmacher


Along with Layla and Kelly, Kelly, Brooke Adams a.k.a. Ms. Tessmacher was part of the WWE dance group Extreme Expose on the WWE brand ECW. Yet on top of their gratuitous weekly dance segments, Adams acted as the personal assistant to General Manager Krissy Vaine, whom she had to physically protect from Angel Williams. Yet, it wasn’t until Vaine fired Adams that she got a chance to make her in-ring debut in the most appropriate of all battles: a memorial Day Beach Battle Royal, which included WWE divas from all brands.

Miss Brooke Tessmacher WWE TNA Stats, Pictures, News, Videos, Biography

Candice Michelle


Becoming the first former WWE Diva Search contestant to ever win the Women’s Championship title, Candice Michelle undoubtedly raised the bar for hot chicks in wrestling higher than a elbow flying from the tight rope. A former model and “Go Daddy” Girl, Michelle joined the WWE after participating in the diva search and conquered the scene, leading to her championship victory against Melina in 2007. So not only does Michelle intimidate us with her , fierce looks but with that shiny big championship belt as well. We feel very puny at the moment.

Torrie Wilson


Before Torrie Wilson stepped into the squared circle with the WWE, she was already sporting her goddess-like physique to the masses by winning the Miss Galaxy competition in 1998. Her career sky-rocketed in 2003, when she feuded with her rival back then, Dawn Marie. We were hoping this “feud” would have been settled in a final wrestling match, but instead of the ring with ropes, it would be in a kiddie pool filled with KY jelly and our immature fantasies.

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Ryan Shamrock


Alicia Webb, better known as the valet Ryan Shamrock, was introduced to the WWE as Ken Shamrock’s sister. Yeah, guys got a chance to view a hot chick in between fights but it also meant Ken Shamrock was going to kick your ass. We can all still feel the beating Val Venis took after “Saving Ryan’s Private” played on the jumbotron.

Stacy Keibler


George Clooney’s girlfriend is a former WWE wrestler. Saying that sentence makes us conjure up an image of a tiny Clooney with an oiled female wrestler with muscles for boobs. But of course, in true Clooney fashion, Keibler is actually a blond, leggy model/actress/former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader with a pretty stunning face that just happened to break into the entertainment business as “The Duchess of Dudleyville,” the manager of wrestling duo The Dudley Boyz.

Trish Stratus


There aren’t enough words to describe Trish Stratus’s significance to the WWE. She was a three-time “Babe of the Year” and was proclaimed by many as the “Diva of the Decade”. Not only did she dominate the industry with her beauty, but she took home seven WWE Women’s Championship belts, a record that still remains unbroken to this day, possibly ever. And of course, that amount of talent and charm doesn’t just stay within the wrestling world; she was also a spokesperson for the World Natural Sports Association as well as a television and movie actress.

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