Dominik Mysterio has opened up on the backstage reaction to his WWE debut following his fight with Seth Rollins at SummerSlam last weekend.

The younger Mysterio lost, as expected, but gave a great account of himself and appears to have a very bright future as a wrestler. He’s since spoken to talkSPORT, where he shared Vince McMahon’s feelings on his debut performance.

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“The reaction backstage was crazy. I got very emotional, hugged my mum, hugged my dad, hugged Jamie, Seth – the whole deal,” he said. “Everyone was very happy and clapping for me, so it was a surreal moment. I definitely gave the bossman [Vince McMahon] a hug afterwards and thanked him for the opportunity. It was just a crazy experience. From seeing other people and other wrestlers finish their matches and walk through gorilla and hug Vince and stuff like that, having that be my turn to do it… I’m forever grateful.”

Dominik added that he owes everything to Vince because he reckons he’s the one who made it happen as he did not ask for anything, nor did he have his father ask for an opportunity on his behalf.

“We’ve definitely gotten some of his feedback,” he continued. “At the end of the day, I don’t know what people think, but I wasn’t asking for things or begging my dad, so I think me being brought into this storyline and being put in the position I was put in was definitely coming from someone that has a lot of power and my guess is that would be Vince. I’m very grateful.”

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He Clearly Deserves It

We imagine it was a very happy moment for Dominik and his family and you can’t say he didn’t go through his fair share of ordeals. The youngster had to endure Brock Lesnar assaulting him and, on the night he signed his WWE contract, sustained over 30 kendo stick strikes from Rollins and Murphy.

Of course, there’s always going to be suggestions of nepotism – he is the son of a WWE great, after all. But it was clear to see that the 23-year-old’s talent was mostly responsible for this big step.

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